Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Watch out, here I come Cafe Citron, Ole!! FOTN + OOTN

I don't know if I should even label this post as "FOTN + OOTN", oh well, I wanna show you what I did, whether or not I remember every item, that's a different story, LOL. This was a last second look, I got home from the mall last Saturday (the 26th) and ended up deciding to go to Park with my bff Nat in DC. I couldn't do my hair or really find an I went with comfort! We ended up @ Cafe Citron (which now has an was wayyy too packed before) and to be honest, the music was awesome, reggaeton, Latin, trance remixed into the reggaeton and Latin, <3 <3 <3.
What did I use? 

 Face: MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW30
MAC Select Sheet Pressed powder in NW30
MAC Margin blush
MAC Comfort MSF (for contour) (from the new Warm & Cozy Collection)
MAC By Candlelight (as highlight) (from the new Warm & Cozy Collection)

Eyes: MAC Paint in Untitled (all over)

MAC e/s in Shroom (all over)
Stila e/s in Tone (half outer portion) + Casis (Crease) and yes, I need to work on my defense I was in a rush!
Loreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Liner in carbon black for top lid
Loreal HIP color chrome eyeliner in black shock for bottom and waterline
MAC Zoom lash mascara
Lips: MAC Lovelorn Lustre l/s
MAC Hue Glaze l/s
MAC Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks

What did I wear?

Burberry inspired Scarf
F21 Shirt
Target by Erin Fetherson Velvet Blazer
LOFT Chain Bracelet
Joe's Jeans (a size too large...womp womp)
Jessica Simpson booties

and yes, I need hold it in a bit better when taking pics! rofl


Daituf said...

I love your smile!!! It's so bright and sunny looking :)
I always get so self conscious when posing for photos and end up smiling like an axe murderer -__-
I guess I'm just not a smiley person. I laugh... but i don't smile much...
Sigh, i need to work on my smile more...

Anonymous said...

pretty !!

Kate Gene said...

You look so good here, missy! I love your eyeshadow. I don't know how to do anything other than a smokey eye!

And puh-lease... Hold what in? You look great!

P. S. Where did you get your scarf?

Diane said...

you are so gorgeous and am loving your style!

yvonne said...

i love this look!!!! you always look amazing! and i love your style! & where did you get your scarf if you dont mind me askin...

Miss P said...

You look great! Gorgeous as always! I like the black blazer...may have to run to Target and get it.

Miss P said...

Btw, I forgot to mention how much I loooove the Park!! Such a great place to go for dinner and then party afterwards!! I hate that you ended up not going there!

Aleksis said...

You look so cute! I love the outfit and your hair is sooo pretty!

Hollywood said...

Gorgeous ! I love what you did on your eyes and your tan is so pretty (jealous! lol)


The Beautifier said...

Hey! you look veryclassy & stylish in the pics hun! long hair rocks girl! xoxo

Fifi said...

You look pretty! I like that top you're wearing ;)

and thanks for the lovely comment. :)

Cheryl♥ said...

You are so stunning! I love the lip combo.

April said...

Girl, you are so gorgeous!! I am a MAC girl, too ... and I heart your scarf!! So fab!!!

AudreyAllure said...

great scarf!

love your blog :)
- Audrey Allure

J-ezzy said...

@ Daituf - Thanks! It's my weakness, I can't stop smiling, I'm paying for it now, the wrinkles are realllly settled now, oh well. And yes, work on the smile, it's totally worth it!
@ MW - Thanks!
@ Kate Gene - Thanks! Yeah, I'm not so good at applying e/s, it's something I really need to work on! Scarf was an xmas gift this year :( I know amazon has a similar one for $30.
@ Diane - Thanks!!
@ yvonne - Thanks!! I got it as an xmas gift, amazon has a similar one for $30.
@ Miss P - Thanks!! I must apologize, I bought the blazer at least 2 years ago and it's my go to blazer out of my large collection of them :( Sadly Park has gone down hill, that's a DC thing (or maybe everywhere?) but you know when a club is hoppin and next thing you know, it's whack and the crowd and music changes? That's what happened to Park, womp womp!
@ Aleksis - Thanks!!
@ Hollywood - Thanks!! The tan is due to MAC, it's all MAC, lol.
@ The Beautifier - Thanks!! I grew up with short hair all the way up to 8th grade when I started letting it grow out. I don't know if I'll do short ever again (unless I get old and lazy or become a frazzled new mom, lol)
@ Fifi - Thanks! I use the top allll the time!
@ Thanks Cheryl♥!! I was just being random with the lippie colors, didn't really plan it "/, but then again, when do I really plan anything?!
@ April - Thanks!!! ♥ MAC!!!
@ AudreyAllure - Thanks!!

I will say this over and over again, I can't do this whole blog thing without my followers, love you guys and thanks for the support!!!


Kate Gene said...

I really like your eyeshadow! Please fly over here and do mine. LOL!

I'm definitely on the hunt for a scarf like yours. My husband gets free shipping on Amazon, so whoo hoo for that! Thanks for the heads up!

J-ezzy said...

@ Kate Gene - Awww schucks, Thanks!!! Did my mom slip you a twenty? ;-) just kidding, doll! Thanks :) I was always the one color eye shadow kinda girl and sometimes I'd use e/s trios, but I'm really trying to venture out and I want to buy a MAC palette really soon :)

You're most welcome!!

Kate Gene said...

J - ROTFL!!!! You are a riot and definitely my type of people! I actually felt bad after posting the "yo momma" joke... I once said "your mom" to a guy whose mom had passed away. :X (I didn't know; I had just met him.) I felt SO bad! But yeah, yo momma did pay me. Ha ha ha! Tell her that her next payment is due 1/15. LOL!

I'm like you... Until recently, I didn't use a whole lot of eyeshadows... I used the same three shadows every day. I always wear a smokey eye, regardless of what I'm doing. I'm trying to expand my make-up collection and learn how to do things like cutting the crease. I love my smokey eye look, but I really want to learn how to do something that's more appropriate for the daytime!

Oooh... Post pictures when you get a palette! Pretty please?


Sara said...

You are sooo beautiful!!!

LOVING that Comfort shade!


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