Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lunch out with the girls

Monika, Jessica and I ventured out to Don Pollo around where we work together. Every time I am with these girls, things go too far, lol. I love them, here's a short story on our lunch outing via photos (since I'm a camera whore...).
Here Moni wasn't ready, LOL

Here's the DIVA of the year straight cheesin!!

 Here I caught Jessica off guard!

Moni, AGAIN! lol

We may be small, but we can sure put it away!

 Here it looks like I picked up a crackhead from the corner and bought them lunch, lol
I will never ever forget this photo, ROFL
Then she assumed we'd get her plates since she did ours last time!!

Now you're just going to see random pics, lol...I love taking pics of everything and most of all, myself!

I hope you liked taking a trip down one of our exciting lunch journeys!

BTW - Monika just picked herself up some boots I have been lemming forever now! Take a look!

Can we say HOT!!!!


Also, Project Danielle is hosting a giveaway! Click here to sign up!!
(Ends 12/31/09)


Danielle said...

Thanks for mentioning my giveaway. Those boots are AWESOME!!

DaBeautiful said...

Thanks Janine for featuring our fun time out. For those of you who don't know Janine is my personal stylist. She has an eye for style like no other. The boots are comfy ladies. xoxoxo

Love you

Miss P said...

Those boots are hot!! I love them! Where did she get them from? And yes, you and me both are camera whores! My man says he always feels like he's with the paparazzi when he's with me! LOL

Janine said...

@Danielle No prob!
@DaBeautiful I can't wait to borrow the boots! You're the best :)
@Miss P Bakers! They're called the Farah :) George gets so annoyed when I hand him the camera, that's how against it he is! LOL. Paps!! That's cute!!

Fashion By He said...

love the pictures...great site

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

Daituf said...

Heyyyy! You won my giveaway! The 2nd prize!
I have sent u an email already, hopefully you got it. Anyway, please let me know ur address.


Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

You girls look like you had an awesome time!
Don't worry, taking pics of myself is my guilty pleasure as well.

cLaRa711 said...

Can't Wait to see your Haul. =)

I am testing out my product, so Watch out for the reviews soon...

J-ezzy said...

@Fashion By He I'm officially following you now! You'll be seeing my comments soon :)

@Daituf I'm emailing you my addy now, Have fun in NY!!! Thank you hun!!!!!!!

@Jordy's Beauty Spot Thank you :) The camera is my friend (most of the time...) lol

@cLaRa711 Yay, reviews soon, thanks!!

Daituf said...

Hey Janine!
I haven't received any emails from you. Can you send me your address to So I can mail it out soon :D

Nice blog btw :)


J-ezzy said...

@ Daituf - Oh my gosh, you're so awesome!!! I got the items you sent and I just took pics of them yesterday to post soon :)


Kate Gene said...

You gals are so pretty! BTW, you don't need lip plumpers - you've got nice lips, woman! LOL!

Those boots are FIERCE! I'd think I was hot stuff if I had those on. LOL!

J-ezzy said...

@ Kate Gene - 10Q so much!

Yeah, Monika is a hot mama with them boots!!


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