Thursday, December 29, 2011

Burberry fun

yes, so i've been away again, seriously guys, i don't enjoy blogging just once a month! i was in the hospital and then the hubs was too a day after me so trying to take care of him while i was still recuperating was not easy on me. add the holidays and end of the year @ work which is just plain insanity. yeah, blogging unfortunately didn't fit into my list :(
thank goodness for my 4 weeks of vacation a year, i guess it's worth having tenure! 

so anyways, i leave you with a little collage from my early morning trip to burberry (same day Versace for H and M release). when i say early, i mean mad early, i was there before they opened, since Versace was an utter failure burberry was the only way to make me feel better! we were about 10 people too far back in the H and M line to get a bracelet and the mens section was empty. funny story though, when i was looking out for restocked mens versace items from the dressing room, my sister in law witnessed a tiny middle aged asian women take down 3 men to get the clothing before them! she was held down by 4 security guards and dragged out stating she had no idea why they were kicking her out, smh! the things you will see at these sales...

before i forget, i'm selling my shoes on ebay now, check it here

back to the photos, enjoy!

at Burberry having way too much fun (despite my bleeding feet from standing so long!) don't judge how sleepy i look, few hours of sleep here!

soooo, i wasn't going to post more photos since i need to sleep for work tomorrow...but i hate a bare post, so here you go!

the start of our Versace for H and M day!

this is what i pulled up to! took me forever to find parking...dc always has to stick it to you, paid about $4 in parking for 2 hours at 7 am...who charges parking at 7 am?!?! DC! bleh

people wonder why i have no faith in society, can someone, anyone, compact the trash into  the bin! how are people raised?!

see the girl smiling? she's smiling b/c she's got first dibs on the items!!

starbucks much?

freeeezing my butt off!

the whole reason i got up early and stood in line freezing!

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