Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Small MAC Haul & Reviews

Hello my lovelies!! For the first time I was evaluated by a MAC MUA to tell me what color foundation I am. Drum roll please....I'm a NW30!!! I certainly expected something darker, but I guess not! Here are the items I walked out with on November 15th. 
Click on the pics to enlarge :)
MAC Haul MAC Haul MAC Haul MAC SE Makeup Brush Set
I have a few words on some of these items
I love the Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NW30
I am returning the Select SPF15 Foundation in NW30, my face was a butterball after 4 hours...
I love MAC's Satin l/s in Snob, I think it dries out my lips, but I doubt it, I just need to drink more water
MAC's Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Springsheen, I truly like this blush, it doesn't show up on me very well with one stroke, it does take a little more work than my Nars Orgasm blush does for it to show up.
The MAC Do-The-Trick Buff & Line Brush Set is a no go for me, the only thing worth keeping is the 209SE (eye liner brush). Complaints? Let me start by saying I've never been a brush snob, I've always just used brushes from all the GWP's I would receive every few years or I'd use whatever the specific product would provide for me, the only brushes I can say that have NEVER failed me to date, are Smashbox, I only knew of Smashbox through QVC and wrongly assumed it wasn't a huge that I compare it to these brushes, I can see Smashbox is bigger than I thought! I will have to do a post on my brushes...anyways, I always get off on a tangent...back to the compaints...
The 187SE (duo fibre face brush) is what I was most excited about, sadly it was a huge disappointment. It sheds at least 10 fibers in just applying foundation, I washed this brush everyday per the MAC MUA and I would lose fibers as I'd wash it too (about 5-6). So I spoke to the MAC counter manager and she explained it really shouldn't do that unless you never wash it, she advised me to exchange it, I think I'll just return it. =/ 
Now let's talk about the 168SE (angled contour brush), I can't say this is a bad brush per se, it's pretty full but it's not so soft, it's kind of rough, too rough to be called MAC IMHO. Maybe that's the point? I've felt soft stiff brushes, stiff shouldn't equate rough. 
The 252SE (shader brush) is a strange size for me, I just can't seem to find a purpose for it, I have really small eye I need really small e/s brushes. On top of it being useless to me, it's very scratchy and stiff. By the posts I've read on spektra, it seems like it's b/c it's SE. So if you're interested in a large shader brush, go to your closest MAC counter or order it online (the standard sized brush, not the SE) and let me know how it turns out!

Sadly this turned out to be much longer than I thanks for listening to me ramble on and on!
Much love and let me know if you too think these SE brushes are worthless simply b/c MAC skimps on quality on SE's.
SE Makeup Brushes Bag
Oh, forgot to mention, the bag is cute, but it wrinkled on me within a day or two...not so fond of that! I guess it's the cheap manmade material =/

BTW - my car engine died and Lexus is replacing it (since they don't know what happened...), I've been driving around this beauty for almost 2 weeks and I don't want to give it back tomorrow (I pick it up tomorrow)


Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

I agree that MAC bags and not very good :( I would expect more from MAC but anyway.
We are the same MAC colour but you look a lot darker than me in your photos.
Good job picking that one up, it's an amazing nude pink without making your lips look too nude and dry.

Jbreezybaby said...

I really wanted to try SNOB but i dont know if it will look good on me. We dont have MAC in my town (Boo!...i know) since we live in a small city...but i guess thats a good thing right? haha. How I wish I can drive a Lexus! I wanted one 1 day :)

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Too bad bout the foundation!! try studiofix :) thats an impressive haul! x

Cheryl♥ said...

SNOB is one of my fave lipsticks ever and I can see it looking beautiful with your skin tone. I've never tried MAC SE brushes, I've always bought the full size ones because I always hear they aren't as good quality...etc...etc. I was debating getting this brush set just for travel, but I think I'll just invest in a brush roll or something and carry my full size brushes with me

Rai said...

I've always heard and read to NEVER buy the Holiday Set of MAC Brushes. They are horrible quality and cheaply made. And shed like crazy.

J-ezzy said...

@ Jordy's Beauty Spot - Yeah, overpriced bags for nada! You're a NW30, too? Do you have any posts on other foundations you use? I too love Snob, I seriously need to drink more water, no lippies currently work for me, lol

@ JBreezyBaby Thanks!! Living in a small city has many advantages!! If I were you, I'd totally take advantage of the free shipping no minimums MAC promotions, especially since they have a great return policy, I once ordered like 15 lippies (with a 20% discount) and returned em all minus 2, I just paid a few dollars for shipping :) My Lex is kinda old...but I'm happy with it, I've had my share of road car have no idea how many issues I've had, lol

@ Lorien BeautyLove Thanks! I did get the StudioFix a week later when I went back to MAC (sadly I forgot to bring the Select, so now I have to go back and return it, lol). I am loving it so far, review on that shall come soon enough. Thanks for the recommendation!

@ Cheryl♥ Thanks, linda!! Do yourself a favor and just get the brush roll, I will have to seriously look into that someday.

@ Rai Thanks, hun! Now I know for myself, sadly I read a review from a highly reputable blogger who said they loved the brushes...grrr, this is why it's just best to try things yourself.

Kasia_B said...

Great blog!! I'm a new follower!! :)

OverTheMoon said...

aww too bad that happened! I wish I had talked to you before you went there!
Here are some suggestions:
Studio Fix Liquid Foundation is the best!
Studio Fix Powder foundation is a great substitute for a pressed powder. It comes with a pad, but i use a powder brush on it.
Springsheen is awesome, but when I do people's makeup I use that color on fair skin. Try Margin!
Also, I swear by Sephoras Makeup brushes...theyre amazing!
Happy Makeup!

J-ezzy said...

@ Kasia_B Thank you for coming by a commenting too :)

@ OverTheMoon I know, I should've known to go to my MAC expert! I picked up the Studio Fix a week later and I've been using it almost on a daily :) (I haven't posted the review/haul yet). I will try the Studio Fix powder when I return the other items this weekend. I will definitely try Margin!
I will def look into Sephora brushes, I may do an order tonight (they have the $15 coupon going on now!) yay for makeup. Thanks, hun!! <3

Mary007 said...

Hey girl!! I found your blog a couple of days ago and I've really enjoyed reading about you! I like your style and I think you're gorgeous...I need to take you shopping with me!! I have no sense for style...para nada!! Anyways, your blog really motivated me to start my own, so I created one today...actually like five minutes ago!! I look forward to reading new posts. Take Care!!

Glamour Diaries said...

Nice temp wheels!! I wouldn't want to give it away either!! Eeek! What kind of lexus do you drive?

Great haul btw! Lots of pretty goodies :D

And thanks for the comments hun! I'm glad they decided to come back with Hot Couture too, I hadn't even know they'd discontinued it!! :s I was only introduced to the scent a couple years ago so..

Great blog! I'm following.


J-ezzy said...

@ Mary007 - You are too kind!!!! Thank you, sweety!! This blog is my outlet, I may not make very much sense but it sure is fun! Girl please, todas tenemos estilo! (Mines takes a lot of brain power, it does not come naturally, lol)

I look forward to reading your posts and seeing your progression!! Ciao nena!

@ Glamour Diaries - Yes, I still think about the temp car :( I have an old RX 330, womp womp, lol

Thanks, sweety, you're the best for following! (I too am following!)

xoxo ladies!!

Anonymous said...

hey gorgeous!! smirnoff is the only thing i don't get sick of that's why i like it so much...i can never ever take hard liquour! wine/champagne is definitely my second choice!
i have the msf natural/shimmer so i only use the shimmer side as a hightlight, and i use mac blot powder to set my foundation!
you should so try it and show me, i would looove to see it on you!!

The Beauty In Me said...

Thank You hun!
I will do review soon!

The Beauty In Me said...

BTW, lovely Blog

Caby said...

Oh wow, great haul! the SE brush set looks fab! :)

Following you now. :)


Kate Gene said...

Bummer about your Lexus! On a positive note, it's really nice to look at, working engine or not. :)

It was so funny... Within two weeks of buying our H3, the brakes went out. My husband called Hummer and they said, "Okay! You're pretty close. Drive it on over!" We were like, um... The BRAKES don't work. Ha ha!

J-ezzy said...

@ Crystal - Niiiice! Thanks, linda! I will have to pick up those items, and I'll show you!!!

@ The Beauty in Me - Oh my gosh, muchas gracias, many thanks!!!! Blogging is my creative (or non-creative) outlet, lol. I love hearing feedback, it means a lot to me!

@ Caby - Thanks!!!

@ Kate Gene - My actual lexus is old...they loan you a new one to motivate you to buy a new one, LOL. I'm waiting at least a few more years to buy a new car! Are you kidding me?!!? Brakes when out totally?!? Eeek, I'm so glad you all came out of it SAFELY!!

XOXO gorgeous ladies!


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