Thursday, July 29, 2010

two different coffee presses

I told you I'd have more Cancun photo's and I wasn't joking, take a look see if you care to join me!

2010-06-03 Cancun Breakfast @ the Aroma Restaurant
Breakfast never disappointed!
I must have eaten 30 of these in total
Never a bad day in paradise
what kinda mexican would i be that i didn't have jalapenos in mexico?!
That's my cuddly teddy bear!!! <3

Half of the breakfast buffet, and you can barely see our AMAZING server in the background - he would bring us two different coffee presses every morning since he knew I liked weaker coffee and G liked stronger coffee!
Walking back from breakfast, extremely full
This is where I would hang out if I didn't feel like going to the pool - having a private drop pool is the best!
I still can't get over the view from the 2nd level, drool...
I'd do anything to go back
DSC_0286 - Me enjoying the Plunge Pool on level two of our 2 flr Casita
no six packs here, haha - all you get are turkey thighs! ROFLDSC_0300
wouldn't you jump in here every chance you got, too???
IMG_6538 - In the Pool with the Swim Up Bar
IMG_6537 - In the Pool with the Swim Up Bar
At the infinity pool with two amazing young ladies
IMG_6526 - Iguana was in the shower besides the beach and pool
these critters were everywhere
I had more of these than I can count!
This guy just sat there and waited for me to take 30 shots of him, it's like he was posing
just for your gazing pleasure
DSC_0343 - Freshly baked bread, yummm
DSC_0344 - Yumm, Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar with my freshly baked bread!

i loved the blasamic vinegar with olive oil for our freshly baked breadsDSC_0346
this be rissotoDSC_0350
best fish ever, i had the fish of the day almost everyday at least once and a few times, twice! their freshly caught (hour at most at lunch) grouper was soooo delish and the dish i ordered for dinner came with banana liquor, yummmy
you all have no idea how obsessed i am with onions...
kiddos dessert
here's my little black bean, hehe
kiddos having fun
super cool lamp
gawdd, the sky was so beautiful at night! yes, that's the north start :)
they came by to clean up twice a day, this is from nighttime's turn down
i was negra by day two, lol
DSC_0435 - La Amada Hotel - View from a Casita (Bonita 3)
nighttime view & perfect weather
nighttime dip
add some wine and it's a perfect evening

okay, i think that's enough for tonight, hope you enjoyed the pics!

don't forget to vote for me to be the next DSK Model!! please *bats eyes*


Friday, July 23, 2010

I'd take PG County over Baltimore any day!

If there's anything G & I love, it's comedy, especially stand-up, the raunchier, the better. We always say we're gonna go to the DC Improv, but never get around to it. G was kind enough to just buy tickets for all of us (including my bro and sis-in-law). Tonight we get to see John Witherspoon, we saw him the last time we went. He was a riot, but to be honest, I had a lot more fun watching Matt Kazam who went before John. Why you ask...well, he was able to make fun of the local area and it was quite impressive, he hit all the right spots. Listen up and maybe you can relate to this too in your local area! I'm in Bethesda/Rockville, MD (Montgomery County), so it was nice to be represented. PG County is not far off, it's just miles away, lol. Also, we grew up in Wheaton, MD, if not Wheaton, just a few miles away...

btw - i was at this performance live

Here's a clip on Southwestern - same night I was there

"Better put some water on that ****" I so remember doing that when we didn't have milk, lol


btw - i'm excited to announce I hit 500 followers! I remember when I was ecstatic having more than 2 followers, LOL - thank you all for reading my random blog! maybe i can host that giveaway i've been meaning to do for like

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Modeling DSK Jewelry

Steph was hosting her 2010 DSK Model Search through last night and I took shots to enter, here's what I came up with!

btw - I won the necklace just recently and I received so many compliments today!!

Choice #4 
Choice #3
Choice #2
Choice #1

DSK is a well known brand for beautiful handmade jewelry, I've always wanted to buy a piece and just as I was deciding on a piece I find out I won a necklace (and she threw in earrings too)! 

Please check out her site if you haven't already (which I highly doubt), trust me, you won't be disappointed with her work!

Can you believe I ate pizza after I put on my makeup, I thought I had really messed up my makeup, looks like I succeeded in not doing so, chicka chicka!

Steph - Thank you so much for hosting the giveaway and I think I'm quite fortunate to have a chance to try out two stunning pieces!!

If you want to vote for the next DSK Model, go here NOW!!!!


BTW - I did enter another awesome contest here and made it on time (by 15 minutes probably), check it out and vote for your favorites!! (I'm #11 *wink wink*)


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