Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Long lost OOTN/OOTD

You guys know how bad I've been this year in terms of posting photos, it really irritates me! I don't have the time or the energy. Work is beyond craziness, working 12 hour days, my commute has been extended by 2 hours every day since we moved our HQ to Washington, DC. Don't get me wrong, I like being in DC...but commuting there is redonkulous, no joke!! I hate the Metro system (i follow blogs specifically created to point out all the IDIOTS that ride and work at the Metro), I hate the traffic, I hate the $300-$500/month parking fee's, the stupid parking signs that contradict each other, I hate it all. My first few days in DC I was very confused, taxes felt inflated, so I asked several cashiers why the total was higher...only one was able to yell there's a 10% tax on all food. Then there's the 5 cent surcharge on every bag you get at a food establishment, that doesn't bother me, it's just less to go into a landfill. So my lunches are much more expensive now (not due to the tax though) and the customer service in DC compared to Bethesda, MD (couple miles out of DC) does not compare!! I hate people that have a job and make it very clear they hate & don't care about their job. Suck it up, be glad you have a job! I sure am, despite my complaints I put on a good face! I've had way too many fights with people in DC, way too many and for so many reasons. I need to just accept that people are mean in DC. smh --- wait a minute, wasn't this post on long lost ootn's? tangents...i am the queen of tangents

i think i'm venting b/c i lost a best friend to cancer Saturday @ 2 am (23 yo) and i'm trying to hold myself together. i will attend the wake tomorrow night and the funeral wednesday. i ask you pray for the family please.

on to the ootn/ootd

off to Bethesda for some music to make me dance!
2010-09-04 George's Bday, Clogs, ELF.Target Haul, Relic1
my husband takes the worst photos, since he makes me uncomfortable in full body shots (he hates cameras) I always end up sticking out my gut, lol
sidenote---got these clogs for either $15 or $25 at Ross --- Steve Madden's!
this was taken the next day, another night in Bethesda for more fun!
2010-09-04 George's Bday, Clogs, ELF.Target Haul, Relic
part I of my nephew's birthday, i already posted pics on part II here

that's what i call tough love! 
finally a pic of him and i
here i halfway did my ----- photo taken by G's HTC EVO phone, woohoo!
G and I were enjoying a Saturday lunch together (the ceviche was so good!) If anyone needs restaurant recommendations for Peruvian food in the DMV (DC, Maryland, VA) area, just email me! (btw - i'm not peruvian, hubs is)

October 1st -- La Limena Restaurant
here i had come back from a surprise bday party - H&M dress and animal print scark, Bakers "Victoria" pumps in Blush Suede


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siwing said...

loved all your outfits!!

i think your husband does a good job taking pics, regardless! =D

you look beautiful!

Leah ♥ said...

you look GORGEOUS as usual :)

and I looooovvvvve the clogs!

Jen said...

i always get so excited to see your new posts lady! do it more often! :)

i love the makeup u have on with the bright hot pink lips! :) u always look adorable!

Gigi said...

Love ur outfits! And those steve madden clogs are a total STEAL! I actually didn't like the clog trend till I saw this post. They look good with a skinny heal.

Sorry about ur friend who passed away. :( Lost my mum to cancer too so I know it sucks. Wishing u all the best 2mrw as well as her family.

NC17 said...

:) love ur style

Cheryl♥ said...

You look stunning, as per usual... love your clog heels!

Valerie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Valerie said...

Wow! I'm in love with all your outfits! Especially your SHOES!! Love them, the last ones I need in my life ASAP! :)

TKOmulatta said...

You look beautiful in all the photos! I especially love your shoes. And the lipstick you are wearing when you and G were having Saturday lunch together! Gorgeous!

Nicole said...

You are beautiful!!
I love both pairs of shoes - so hott!

April said...

You are GORGEOUS!!! Everything looks amazing! I soo want clogs now! LOL!

xoxo Elizabeth Gomez said...

First I am sorry about your friend. You will be in my prayers girly. Also, I also feel that way about my job. Your not the only one. I hate it sometimes, but I am also grateful that I DO HAVE A JOB. I get paid and my son eats and gets toys... lol... N-E way you look beautiful as always in all your pics. We need to go out to dinner and dancing out in DC. Let me know girly. We can do a BLOG meetup...

stilettolover91 said...

You look incredible!!!! Beautiful photos!!! I have those same shoes from Bakers, but I'm selling them because they're too big for me :(

Andee Layne said...

what a beautiful family,,,and honey you are shutting it down in that black dress and nude pumps! love it!

Hollywood said...

I missed you so much my beautiful Janine (French s'il vous plait)
You should blog MOre you are so pretty =)

Nikosmommy said...

Great pics, but the last 3 are gorgeous! Love your makeup and those nude suede pumps are amazing!

ohyouprettythings said...

you are so pretty!! :]

Miss C i n d i a * said...

So, I HAVE to know, what is the name of that purplish/pink lipstick? And omg those clogs for $15? LOVE!

bananas. said...

first of all i'm so sorry about your friend...cancer is the devil and i hate it :(

but i adore you in pink lipstick. and what gut?! don't make me shake you.

Ebru said...

I'm very sorry about your friend :( I will keep their family in my prayers. My family just few months ago had bit of a 'heart attack' since we found out my grandma had breast cancer. She already had surgery, radiation etc. and is back to her healthy self again but boy were we scared! So I cannot even imagine what it must feel like to lose a family member or a close friend :/

Your pix are always amazing girl, I think your hubby is doing a pretty good job taking pix or could it be because the model is gorgeous?? :))) I think you should do more of that red-ish lipstick you're rockin it for sure! :) I also love all of your shoes and want a pair of each for myself now! And your entire last outfit as well, gorgeous!!! :) How is Rocky doing by the way? xoxo

YASMINE said...

Girl those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's when i regrett being tall (5.8), i wish i could wear these they are STUNNING!!!
love ur blog
im now a follower

Kara Marie said...

your so prettyy!! sorry to hear about the commute and your friend :( love the outift with the green cargos and white top!! so cute!!!

check out my new blog, just started it and could use some more petite followers :)

Laura said...

Wow love the outfit!! Great combination with the scarf. The shoes are to die for, i love the colour of them!!

Laura xx

Roxy Te said...

Hi Janine aka J-ezzy! haha! Love your style- you're so pretty! Thanks for stopping by My Cup of Te ;) Off to check out your blog!! xoxo!

Runway Rundown said...

I am absolutely adoring the black dress with the animal print scarf look....Definitely something I would want to try :)

kellyyes said...

i love the bakers platforms! sexy! :)

wintergurl said...

u looks beautiful on ur no11 photo . Love the way u make up .


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