Tuesday, April 26, 2011

brunchy brunchy and my new raybans

Omw to another doctor appointment for my right arm, so I decided to share a few pics with you :). A set of girlfriends and I have brunch at least once a month. This past Saturday we went to one of my favorite places for breakfast, Original House of Pancakes in Rockville, MD. I ordered a Dutch Baby with fresh strawberries, yum. It's a super lightweight inflated pancake. You must try it if you haven't already!

The rest of my day was filled with errands, more than usual. Why? Because my car is acting like the Poltergeist all over again. I used the hubs car. No car for a few weeks, no bueno! It truly is a long story, so I'll spare you. long story short, its gonna cost a cool grand, *fabulous*.

On my face:
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer
MAC Sun & Moon Blush
L'Oréal lineur intense
Avon glimmerstick in brown (waterline)
MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lipgloss
Ray-Ban 3025 Aviators

Hope you all had a blessed Easter! I surely did, spent it with family and friends at church and home. <3 Xoxo

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday

as a huge makeup collector (that's all i really do, i don't wear makeup much) i need a place to store my makeup and since i live in a small apartment (1,050 sq ft) i need to utilize every foot as much as possible. fyi - my husband despises my clutter, he doesn't seem to mind his so much, LOL.  i currently have a very sad attempt at organization and quite ugly, i have a plastic 3 drawer organizer (15 inches wide, 15 inches tall, 18 inches deep). it's huge but since it's plastic with strange curves, all the space isn't utilized at it's maximum potential and since the drawers are so heavy when i open a drawer it wants to sag and fall out of the container, no bueno. i also have a spinning makeup organizer on my bathroom counter that i find ugly now. it's called the Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer, sold by QVC. that's where all my foundations, concealers, primers and favorite lipsticks go. but having that organizer and the big 3 drawer plastic one on my bathroom counter is just overwhelming and ugly.

since my injury i haven't been able to put away laundry, do dishes or clean very much. i was feeling pretty down b/c of that so i did some youtubin for about 30 minutes as i was at home sick yesterday and saw this and fell in love!! it looks like the answer to my dreams *sigh*

it's called the Acrylic Makeup Cube and it sells for $175, i would personally need to purchase two. for that reason i will have to hold off on making this sort of purchase until I get around to selling a lot! i have a lot of makeup that i bought and thought would work for me...and turns out is the wrong shade or formula for my skin. i also have designer handbags that just aren't getting any love, time to purge! i personally wished i had a bedroom large enough for a vanity and i wished i wasn't such a packrat so that if i ever did get a vanity it would look decent and not a hot mess. anyways, if you want to order, the link is below.

What do you use for makeup storage, do you have a considerable amount of makeup that would justify a storage piece this large? 


ask me questions anonymously:

email me: aPetiteDiva (at) gmail (dot) com

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Watch

On a very very rainy Saturday, with Tornadoes swirling around (same storm system that hit NC very hard), couple of my buddies and I headed over to First Watch cafe for breakfast. We were depleted from shopping that morning, and me from my Brazilian wax. The whole day my mind was in the clouds from that wax. We had some amazing food and I have proof of how amazing it was...just look at the before and after!

Service here was awesome, food arrived fast despite being a full house with a wait. Food is super fresh, cage free eggs, while wheat pancakes the size of your large plate, for example. They have amazing reviews too. Reminds me, I need to write a review on them...

My waffle melted in my mouth, the bacon was good, the eggs were just so delicious *salivating*.

We spent the rest of the day house rental shopping, shopping and eating at Five guys along with amazing boba. My girls fiance was snooping around my car in the back seat and found an old picture of an older couple dated 1978...the lady looked so mean and creepy and the guy looked like he had "checked out" of life...very creepy. We threw it away after showing my hubs...gave me chills. That photo has been in my car since I bought it 4 yrs ago, no one until now found it. I have a feeling its what has made my car crazy. Engine died at 39,000 miles, battery died 3 times, fuse box is in need of replacement now ($1k repair), and more. Anyways, let's forget about my previously haunted car...

Happy Tuesday!

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Monday, April 18, 2011


My girl was back in town and despite the exhaustion, I stepped out to see her and have a good ol time. We met up with a group of about 10 gals which I know through her.

I was mixed up as another gal at least two times (in the first two pics w me)! I don't mind bc she's totally gorge and smart as heck! People say it was the hair, you be the judge.

had a great time despite the massive amounts of drunk college students, several that spilled beer and red drinks on me 3 times...and students that don't know how to use the word "excuse me". At least I had a great group and free cokes, guess the bartenders were disappointed I wasn't drinking, haha.

Location: Cornerstone Bar, College Park, MD

Update: My tendonitis is better but not 100%, still laying off from using my laptop since I'm already on the computer all day at work. Thanks to everyone who wished me a speedy recovery!

this is at the end of the night...where my hair fell flat and nasty---these cell phone flashes truly make me look like casper!
getting home
and my cutie patootie L.A.M.B. Clutch

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

just my luck

I'm hit with tendonitis (wrist) and I can't do any real blog posts :( no fun. I've had the pain for over a week and decided to see a doctor Saturday and was given a hard splint.

I can however read blogs! I have 1000+ unread favorite blog posts...I need to get crackin! Hubs and I were sharing my laptop for a month...not easy to work around so I thought it best to not use it at all until he bought a new one, but now that he got one, the brace doesn't let me work effectively, LOL. I should be better in two weeks...if not I'm going back to physical therapy again.


BTW - attached some recent shots, the flower shots were taken a week apart, so gorgeous now that they've bloomed. Thank you baby for sending them! Also attached the nail color I'm rockin, Buried Treasure by Orly.
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hustlin' and waxing my legs

i hustle on a daily basis, yup, daily everyone, i work hardcore for my paycheck...i kid i kid haha - for reals though, guess who'll be at the Lil' Wayne concert tonight at the Verizon center in Chinatown, DC? yup, you guessed it, me, tehehe. i got two tickets to our companies suite box and was planning on taking my hubs but he's not available :( so i got my girl M from work to go with me, we are super excited! i've been fortunate enough to have received a few box tickets in the past, just two weeks ago took my whole family to the Ringling Bros Circus!

Lil Wayne's Still Music Tour will feature Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Travis Barker and MixMaster Mike! *jumping for joy*

random fact, have you noticed i use a lot of exclamation marks and "haha's" and "LOL's"?? it's because in real life i obnoxiously laugh out loud chuckle and express everything with big eyes and much excitement, that's just how i am, loca. anyways - i am super excited and can't wait to put together an outfit (last second as always since i never plan ish). onto more domestic topics...

i waxed my legs on my own for the first time with non-microwavable wax! OH MY GOSH, it did not hurt as much as i thought it would and took me an hour to do both legs (just half). with time i'll be more efficient and i'm sure i can get the time down to 30-40 min. so yesterday i had the smart idea of buying a wax system since i couldn't justify paying for both a brazilian wax and leg wax and i know for a fact i could never give myself a brazilian wax (i doubt anyone can do that whole thing on their own, LOL). then i further justified buying a wax system by reminding myself i could wax my arms, underarms, lip, chin, errrrythang! granted i was petrified with the idea of home waxing after reading so many horror stories...wax that doesn't come off for days, bruises, peeled off skin, etc.

i walked into sally's completely unaware of what they sell in terms of waxing systems, and of course i was more excited about going shopping than reading reviews and doing research...oi vey! 
it was always the section i would skip =/ so of course i bought the most expensive system they had (you be safe) ($64.99 with your Sally's Card) Gigi Mini Pro Kit (cheaper on since i was on the road the rest of the day i didn't get a chance to go home and try it, that means i had a chance to google reviews on the mini pro kit while sitting at red lights...that's where i realized everyone was complaining about the wax that the kit supplies and how worthless all the lotions and creams were. apparently the GiGi creme wax is crap, like super sticky and messy, when i say messy, i mean it doesn't adhere to the strips and stays on your skin, no bueno! so when i got a chance to go back to sally's last night i decided to immediately exchange it for the Suddenly Smooth Waxing System that was on sale BIG TIME, you get the wax (of your choice, i chose the Suddenly Smooth organic honey wax with argan oil), warmer, 5 collars (comes with the warmer), and 50 applicator sticks all for $29.99 (in store only -- online you get the warmer for $29.99, down from $43). i separately bought some Jilbere Euro Waxing System Non-Woven Waxing strips for $3 and GiGi's Wax Off for $10.
for some reason, all the items marked as suddenly smooth, are marked as Jilbere Euro on the website (they're the exact same items).  granted the items I got did say Jilbere Euro on the bottom of the packaging. so who knows.

Suddenly Smooth, Jilbere de Paris Wax Warmer --- 4/2/11 - IMAG0692

the instructions for the warmer are pretty good, considering i didn't burn down the house, haha! you set the warmer to power 10 after sliding the wax container and wax collar onto the warmer, let it warm up for 30 minutes for a full 14 oz container, every 10 minutes i took an applicator stick and stirred it just a bit to make sure the container warmed up evenly. after 30 minutes it was all warm and i turned it down to power 3 so it can just keep the wax warm and let it sit for 10 minutes just so the wax doesn't burn me. during those extra 10 minutes i washed my legs with african black soap (super cleanser), dried my legs completely, added baby powder with a cotton ball all over my legs, and laid down newspaper all over my bathroom floor. the baby powder helps in preventing the wax to stick to your skin and just to the hair and it helps guide you since it shows where you've already waxed (you don't want to double wax the same area...bad idea!). 

i started the waxing process by applying thin layers at a 45 degree angle, going "SCHWAPPPP" and just sucking it up, honestly the wax did not hurt that much, certain areas with a lot of hair stung a bit but the rest was a breeze, the pain is the least of your worries, making sure you're very tidy with the wax to prevent making a mess should be your big worry, oh yeah, and burning yourself, just test the blasted wax ladies, don't be lazy ;-) -- also, make sure you buy a wax off to make sure that you get any wax you missed with the strips, the GiGi wax off is AH-MAYY-ZING and smells divine! you take the wax off and just rub on your legs then you take it all off with a tissue (per the instructions), i used a towel.

side note: if you want to experience pain, get a full on brazilian wax, the results are the freakin best, but dang, the pain had me joke, the technician was obviously used to it, haha.

how much product did i use? i used about a 1/4 of the 14 oz wax container and 10 non-woven strips for each half leg.

how long did it take? from the moment i sat down to start waxing to when i completed clean up was a total hour, which imo is not so bad for a noobs. i will be waxing my lip, chin, legs, underarms, arms and my bikini when i can't go in for a brazilian at home from now on.

hows the cleanup? it was a breeze, i sealed the wax back up (left it in the warmer), put away all my supplies, and trashed all the newpaper, a couple sheets of newpaper had a couple gloops of wax.

in the long run this will save me bookah bucks and i can't wait to go buy another wax container (tomorrow night most likely, i got a $5 coupon from yesterdays receipt) and maybe a whole other set too. i'm so very glad i decided to go with the cheaper option, despite the sales associates saying the product was new in the store and they didn't have an opinion on the brand/system and despite the lack of reviews on the specific wax i picked (it's new). i will no longer use my epilator which hurts like a motha and no longer will i purchase the pre-glued sally hansen strips for my lip and chin (so far that's the plan since i haven't tried it yet). i will no longer purchase the surgi microwavable non-strips wax and i will no longer shave! freedom at last, ladies! shaving for me has always been a challenge, i have the worst reactions, no matter how good of a blade and cream i use, i always bleed (especially if i shave more than once a week...and i need it daily) and always get the biggest ingrown hairs, i'm talking about half an inch scars, it's horrible. With waxing I just have to use my clearasil cleaning pads daily to prevent ingrown hairs for both legs and where i've had my brazilian wax (my brazilian waxer gave me the tip, the few times i've had leg waxes i've been given no advice).

so, here are my questions, have you done home waxing and what kind have you used? 

also, how do you feel about double dipping if you're only doing your legs (no bikini or lip) with that wax container? 

any other waxes to recommend to me, so far i'm loving the organic honey wax with argan oil? 

have you tried this system (could go under the name Satin Smooth or Jubilere Euro...imo they're the same)?

please ask me any questions that you may have, i know i wrote a lot and writing is not my forte, so forgive me if i don't make sense sometimes, haha.

4.2.11 a
here i am after a long saturday and going to sally's twice, haha - this was a lazy makeup day, no eyebrows or mascara =/ just a bit of foundation, spf 50 light bronzer, e/s and e/l

i'll leave you will some lil wayne and nicki minaj! (snuck in an enrique iglesias/lil wayne video that is oh-so racy...since when did enrique change his image! how is it i just heard this song for the first time today!? where the heck have i been?!?!?!)



ask me questions anonymously:

email me: aPetiteDiva (at) gmail (dot) com


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