Thursday, May 19, 2011

NYX $1.20 sale

Hey folks, yes, I've been MIA again, life is just going at a million miles per hour now, I can't keep up! I move in 15 days, have to buy a new car by next Wednesday, started physical therapy on Monday and I've lost way too many hours at work and I stand to lose more for the next couple weeks for more dr appts. I'm most scared about two things, my work load and packing with tendinitis. Just fabulous...

I want to touch a controversial topic, the NYX $1.20 sale that apparently never happened, haha. I must say, I'm slightly amused at how outraged people are. I understand they screwed up and all, but dang, some people have reported them to the BBB and reported them as a fraud...quite the accusation! I don't want to discuss this at great length, just wanted to say, b r e a t h e. I get it...but seriously, some people watched the sale for 24 hours or more, I give up after 10 min and move on bc other things are more important. To each their own, right?


I'll leave you with the view I've been having every night for a few weeks. So nice to go home while it's still bright out!

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