Sunday, January 23, 2011

i am so lucky

to have friends, i'll be honest, i used to think quantity over quality in terms of friends and i've come to realize that i was so wrong. took me a while to understand that b/c growing up i didn't have many friends. i was quite the ugly duckling and according to some blog trolls i still am. i only recall two good friends growing up but one stopped talking to me to hang with a cool group and another moved and lost contact with me. saying that i will have a few posts coming up with four of my best friends, Nat, Car, Laura, and Lily. Then I don't know how I could forget, an amazing bday weekend for my girl, R, it was my first trip to Ocean City since I was a kid, so it was a very memorable trip. Can't wait to share!

here you'll find Car's Bday celebration! it was a luau themed party and my butt had two other events earlier that day and just couldn't get a luah outfit together...womp womp --- and my makeup was a hot mess by this time, bahhh


the birthday party was so fun and believe it or not i had another birthday party afterwards, i was pooped for weeks from that one day!
as of now my emails are overloaded and i owe a couple amazing blogger friends some replies, i like to put all my energy into an email for people that take the time to listen to me, i'll get to you ladies, i promise!! this is probably why i can never get blog posts done, i want to make posts too long and detailed, i eventually convince myself the post doesn't have to be perfect and to just post it, argh, also, i just got over (almost) a major sinus infection, i was in bed for 5 days, didn't leave my bedroom, i only woke up to use the bathroom and eat, i am very lucky to have an amazing husband that tended to me every moment he was home. i am also grateful my job was so understanding (they probably think i love skipping work... au contraire, i take much pride in my work).

so there you go ladies and gents, i am back up and running and i can't wait to catch up on my google reader! i miss reading all my fav bloggers' posts


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