Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hello everyone, it's been an interesting Saturday, I was supposed to be at the mall but I've been trying to read blogs and it took all my time (plus I put up the Xmas tree, lol). Like I've said a million times, I have too may hauls and swatches to post but time doesn't permit (I also blame being hypermobile and having carpal tunnel). So here's a small haul

L.A.M.B. Signature Zip Satchel in Lamb Leopard from

I also gave a run by a Big Lots for the first time ever (it's 5 miles from my church so I figured I should go while I was in the neighborhood). Here's what I picked up!

 The haul is so much bigger but this is most of it! I am so happy to have finally found the Epielle Makeup removers, seriously, these are it for me! Never will I go back to any other facial makeup remover! Packaging says comparable to Ponds, I haven't tried Ponds, but I bet this throws Ponds out the water.

The Filing Block and Nail buffer were both $1 a piece.

The 3 curve manicure boards totalled $1.50.

The Ms Manicure Just in Case is my second favorite purchase, it includes a Cuticle Clipper (which I've paid $20 for at CVS...several times!), Nail Glue to mend any broken tips, Nail Brush to clean under your nails with warm water, Nail Clipper, Sapphire Metal File, 3 way buffer, and a Nail Polish Corrector Pen and all for $6 whole dollars!
The comes the cotton pads for $1, those things cost at least $3 at CVS!

 Then here we find a Turbie Twist towel for $2 and a Calgon fragrance set for $3 (all day moisture body lotion in lavender, body mist in lavende, white tea & passion rose)! I have become a believer of Big Lots!

Picked up this dual finish brush from Target a while back after Miss P recommended it to me after my MAC SE was just mad shedding. I can say I love this brush, I don't have a single complaint! I forgot how much I paid, I'm guessing $7.
(MAC Heatherette LE "Melrose Mood" & MAC Dame Edna LE "Gladiola")
I don't think I posted the purchase I made from K. Lo. Well, here is a pic of what I received from her :) (I've already posted a pic of these lippies here.

 That's the NARS blush in Deep Throat



Miss P said...

I'm glad you don't have any complaints about the Studio Tools dual fiber brush. I love it so much I went back and got 2 more as backups. Great haul hun!

PiinkCupcakez said...

that L.A.M.B. bag is soo cute!! i want ittt! lol

J-ezzy said...

@ Miss P - Thanks, hun! The beauty section at Big Lots was sooo small, I didn't think I'd find a thing!

@ PiinkCupcakez - Thanks!! It's on sale at Nordstrom now :)

Glendy said...

I love your L.A.M.B handbag I own a rasta ombre satchel they came out 2 years ago I think, I hadn't seen this print before it looks amazing :)

Mary007 said...

What a haul!! I haven't been to a Big Lots or TJ Max in years!!! I think it's time to pay em a visit! Gracias!!

Helena said...

that back really rocks!

Kate Gene said...

I've been drooling over Deep Throat for weeks! It's so pretty!

J-ezzy said...

@ Glendy - Thanks! OHHH EMEE GEEEE!! I heart the rasta ombre! I have several L.A.M.B. items and one of them is a rasta ombre, it's my absolute favorite! I should post my collection someday ...

@ Mary007 - Thanks! Please pay them a visit and post your findings!!!

@ Helena - Thanks!!! (L.A.M.B. quality is top notch)

@ Kate Gene - Deep throat really is very pretty, thanks, hun!!

xoxo to everyone!!!!!

Kate Gene said...

How in the world did I miss the wipes shown in this post? I was blinded by the Deep Throat. LOL!

J-ezzy said...

@ Kate Gene - pahahahahahaha


Seriously, I love love love these wipes :D


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