Friday, February 25, 2011

my life through EVO photos

ignore the super stumpy middle finger nail, it's my weak nail and I had to cut it wayyy down...I 'll be writing a post on my gel manicure (I've had 3 since my last post).

2/23/11 - NOTD - Orly White Out (IMAG0462)
Orly in "White Out"

2/23/11 - Chicken Ceasar Salad from Juice Joint (IMAG0468)
My amazing Chicken Caesar Salad (dressing was all sorts of goodness...garlic, garlic and mustard)

2/23/11 - O'Berry from Juice JointIMAG0467
I've had this juice twice in a row so far --- freshly squeezed orange, pineapple, and strawberry juice --- yummy :)

2/22/11 - Urban Decay Naked Palette
I was finally able to get my hands on the ever so popular urban Decay Naked Palette *jumping for joy*

2/22/11 - View from the Elevator (IMAG0460)
So where else other than DC do you get an ice and snow storm 3 days after a 70+ degree weather! I really shouldn't complain, we only had one day of warm weather and boy oh boy, it was a cruel cruel joke by mother nature!

2/18/11 - Reserve Lounge (IMAG0457)
Door knocker to Reserve Lounge, Washington, DC

2/18/11 - Reserve Lounge (IMAG0455)
The door to to door knocker

2/17/11 - IMAG0447
Here I am after a long day of work with smeared mascara, bleh

2/16/11 - IMAG0444
Here we find another NOTD. I used Revlon's Top Speed in Siren. Pro's: stunning shade. Cons: streaky, uneven application, 2 coats is insufficient, rubbed off the tips of my nails within a couple days (with a base and top coat).

2/15/11 - IMAG0431
my valentine's day gift (amongst many others), I'm completely spoiled.

2/13/11 - IMAG0424
Just an amazing chocolate chip bread pudding...I ate the whole thing (hubs helped with a bite) --- I have a major addiction to eating out, had this at Matchbox (vintage pizza bistro). I wrote a review in them on yelp. Check it check it at

2/12/11 - IMAG0417
I am totally feeling my new BCBG Maxazria hat!

2/12/11 - IMAG0415
My shopping outfit, express trench coat, Stuart Weitzman 50/50 OTN boots, BCBG Maxazria hat.

FOTD 2/12/11 - IMAG0413
Using ELF's foundation for the first time, I'm quite happy with it!

2/12/11 - IMAG0406
I'm just posting this bc I loved how the shot turned out!

2/7/11 - IMAG0368
An amazing pasta at Vapiano's in Chinatown -- Washington, DC ... Btw, this night my family and I almost shat our pants, it's a really long story but we barely got away from being robbed by at least 6 dudes in SE DC with no cops in sight (they never are in SE DC). *shivers*
Dave Chapelle's video is about the outskirts of DC (PG County) and for reference purposes we were by the border of DC & PG his video can kind of apply.

2/7/11 - IMAG0363
Vapiano's - loved the fresh smell of herbs at the self seating tables.

2/7/11 - IMAG0364
Better view of the self seating tables, it's a totally awesome place to eat, everything can be custom made and always made right in front of you --- L O V E

2/4/11 - IMAG0353
Random shot of a MAC haul, my new Stella & Dot bracelet and my sephora mirror gift card holder.

1/26/11 - IMAG0347
Shot of my husband (G) offering gas to people in the madness we were stuck in for over 6 hours (total of less than 8 miles)

1/26/11 - IMAG0343
Here's just a piece of what that very memorable night looked like - if I recall, this was the biggest traffic mess ever in the DC area, people were in their cars for up to 13 hours, it was freaking Armageddon, no order on the roads and random cars left and right were abandoned or broke down...I'm just thankful we were able to get my father in law safely home.

I hope you enjoyed the shots! And believe it or not I did this entire post from my iPad, ( HTML editor)


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