Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Assembling a Christmas Tree

The box

Fully assembled and totally bare

 With a couple garlands (is that even the word...idk) & tree skirt (made by hand by my mother in law)

Here she is fully decorated! (I used the nighttime setting on my new Nikon D3000)

Here she is with no flash and no nighttime setting.

I did everything on my own except for the final decorations, there my hubby and I did it together and I think we did a spendid job!


Hollywood said...

Gorgeous Christmas three <3

~Lisa said...

It's beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

its pretty !!

Kate Gene said...

I love your tree and your floor to ceiling windows! We can't have a tree because of our cat. :( He eats ornaments and knocks the tree over!

I LOL'd at "garlands". It sounds good to me! Strands of garland would have worked too, I believe.

Happy New Year, J! :D

yvonne said...

adorable tree!!!

J-ezzy said...

@ All - you all are so sweet, thanks! I think I did well considering I didn't grow up with one! I just hope this time around I remember to take it down before April!

Strands of Garland sounds MUCH better, LOL! Sorry about the tree situation :( I suppose it's too late to train him ;-)

Kate Gene said...

Ha ha! I still like "garlands". I think the word should be added to the dictionary! :D

J-ezzy said...

How do I write a letter to the Dictionary? ;-) j/k!


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