Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trying out MAC's Show Orchid and MAC's Studio Fix Fluid NW30

Okay, I just completed 30 minutes of yoga and 15 min of Bootylicious Buns, I am exhausted, have acid reflux (due to turning head upside down) and smelly, so I'll make this quick. 
This is from way back in Nov when I decided to buy a different foundation b/c MAC Select SPF 15 made me a grease ball in less than two hours. I also decided to play around with Show Orchid (and I got my xmas gift I wanted to play with my camera) 

I also picked up Select Moisturecover Concealer in NW25 (Swatched)



Anonymous said...

oooh how's moisturecover concealer? ive been wanting to switch to liquid as oppose to cream, i find cream cakes too easily...
i pull off color? LOL i really try HARD! haha, but after i put it on and go out i alwayyyys regret it and wished i did just a black/brown smokey look because it's so out there and NONE of my friends wear anything like what i wear as far as makeup goes. but whatever! i rock it ;)

Celly said...

the color is bright, powerful but suits you well. its pretty.
wear it out - i bet you get heads turning. lol.

ellinelle said...

..thank you for visiting my blog : ))) the lipstick looks so addorable ..its your shade for sure ..have a nice day : )))

Mara said...

YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS!!!! :) the color really matches you. It really helps emphasizes the lip color more <3

Miss P said...

You already know how I feel about the Studio Fix...I LOVE IT!! And it looks flawless on you! The pic of you with the bright pink lips is stunning!

kimber doll said...

You look absolutely amazing in this post .. beautiful without makeup too!

*Holley* said...

I LOVE that Show Orchid color!! It looks so good on you!!

xLovelyMakeupx said...

that lippie looks super bright and super gorgeous on you, it fits you well hun. and thanks for the compliment hun u made my day =]

Kate Gene said...

That lippie color looks awesome on you! I have had my eye on Show Orchid for awhile, but wasn't sure that I'd be able to pull it off. After seeing your photos, I really, really want it! It's so pretty!

That sucks that that foundation made you greasy after two hours. Ugh... I can't use products that make me shiny -- I'm shiny enough! LOL!

I love your camera! Your photos are so high quality! Now that I'm blogging, I really want to get a better camera. Our Nikon Cool Pix just ain't cuttin' it! Shoot dang... LOL!

Iva said...

totally beautiful!!

Twinn said...

This was great.
The concealer seems like it works wonders.
&& the lip color looks amazing

Zanah said...

Lovely pics :) Mon Mode Blog

J-ezzy said...

@ Crystal - I will be doing a review on the concealer now that I have a proper setting powder, I was using MAC's Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NW30 but it was still creasing on me within 2 minutes!
Cream does cake easily, that's why I think I'm returning boi-ing concealer.
I know how you feel about color, I tend to not touch it too much, it's very neglected! Rock it girl!

@ Celly - Thank you! Yes, you very much get lots of heads turning, sometimes it feels like they're saying with their eyes "geez, what carnival is she coming from?!" LOL

@ ellinelle - Thank you :)

@ Mara - Oh my, thank you so much!!

@ Miss P - <3 Studio FIx :) Thank you, babe!!

@ Kimber doll - Thank you, doll!!

@ *Holley* - Who'd have thunk I could pull it off?! Thank you, hun!

@ xLovelyMakeupx - Thank you!!!! No need ;-) I"m glad it made your day!

@ Kate Gene - Show Orchid is that scary color that I've owned forever and have only worn it a handful amount of times, but as of recent I'm going rogue!

Shiny = NO NO

My husband really outdid himself! I told him no big gifts in 2010, I received more than I can handle in 2009 (still haven't used my Wii enough...). I saw your Nikon pics, they're great! Learning how to use the lighting and Macro and tv settings are essential. I really need to take photog classes again...I think I'll just buy one of those "for Dummies" books, lol

@ Iva - Thank you!!

@ Twinn - Thank you!! I will hopefully get around to a full blown review on the concealer.

@ Zanah - Thank you!!


Thanks to all of you for coming by and commenting on my little blog!! I love you all :)

Kate Gene said...

I love that you're busting out the Show Orchid now! Or as you put it, "going rogue". LOL!

G sounds very sweet! How come you don't use your Wii much? We sold ours because it was collecting dust. It was so much fun when we did use it though! I was the bowling champion! (In real life, I can't bowl to save my life!)

My pictures were actually just taken with my camera phone. I still don't know how to use my Nikon settings! LOL! I need a tutorial! Every time I change the setting to take up close photographs, they come out blurry. This dummy needs a Dummies book. Ha ha ha!


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