Thursday, December 29, 2011

Burberry fun

yes, so i've been away again, seriously guys, i don't enjoy blogging just once a month! i was in the hospital and then the hubs was too a day after me so trying to take care of him while i was still recuperating was not easy on me. add the holidays and end of the year @ work which is just plain insanity. yeah, blogging unfortunately didn't fit into my list :(
thank goodness for my 4 weeks of vacation a year, i guess it's worth having tenure! 

so anyways, i leave you with a little collage from my early morning trip to burberry (same day Versace for H and M release). when i say early, i mean mad early, i was there before they opened, since Versace was an utter failure burberry was the only way to make me feel better! we were about 10 people too far back in the H and M line to get a bracelet and the mens section was empty. funny story though, when i was looking out for restocked mens versace items from the dressing room, my sister in law witnessed a tiny middle aged asian women take down 3 men to get the clothing before them! she was held down by 4 security guards and dragged out stating she had no idea why they were kicking her out, smh! the things you will see at these sales...

before i forget, i'm selling my shoes on ebay now, check it here

back to the photos, enjoy!

at Burberry having way too much fun (despite my bleeding feet from standing so long!) don't judge how sleepy i look, few hours of sleep here!

soooo, i wasn't going to post more photos since i need to sleep for work tomorrow...but i hate a bare post, so here you go!

the start of our Versace for H and M day!

this is what i pulled up to! took me forever to find parking...dc always has to stick it to you, paid about $4 in parking for 2 hours at 7 am...who charges parking at 7 am?!?! DC! bleh

people wonder why i have no faith in society, can someone, anyone, compact the trash into  the bin! how are people raised?!

see the girl smiling? she's smiling b/c she's got first dibs on the items!!

starbucks much?

freeeezing my butt off!

the whole reason i got up early and stood in line freezing!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blog Sale!

While I've been away from the blogging world, I've been trying to clear out all my clutter (makeup, clothing, shoes, etc), hence this post. I am a pack rat and I've been slowing learning to "let go" of things. Those things today will be some shoes, I would have more to post but my dog, Rocky, has eaten countless pairs of shoes, or I have given them away. Depending if buys my handbags, I may be posting those for sale here too (Coach, L.A.M.B., Dooney & Burke, Linea Pelle). Also, I have a ton of makeup to sell, most importantly the new stuff never opened, you'll be seeing that soon. --- For now, check out my shoes!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Surprise Birthday

for me! The hubs can't seem to stop surprising me, I truly had to hold back the tears. I walked into the party two days after my actual birthday expecting to meet up with the hubs' cousins before heading out to dinner with my bro and his family. It was small and intimate, which I loved. I had people that mattered to me (and vice versa). There were a couple friends that couldn't make it and I was so sad to not see them, but life happens, right?! one was expecting a baby, sees life happens! Congrats, E!! 

Enough babbling, I could seriously go on and on and on...for example, I'm testing out new contacts and they suck! HD my butt...(purevision2) and I'm afraid nothing will really work for me, contacts aren't made in my prescription. When you get to a certain level of nearsightedness, they stop making the prescriptions in quarters (.25) so I'm wearing a -10 on my right eye versus the -9.75 I need and -9.5 I've been wearing previously. Glasses are much higher than -10, but they can make those stronger and more precisely than contacts. I h.a.t.e. glasses, been wearing them since 2nd grade and before I was diagnosed nearsighted, I was failed from 2nd grade (the first year) b/c I couldn't read...they thought I was unable to learn until I was given a mandatory eye exam my second year of 2nd grade and the nurse was astounded I was able to function at all 0_0. Ugh -- see, I can babble...smh (did I mention I was placed in ESOL too and my only language was English...I didn't learn Spanish until I was 14 years old!)

So here are the (few) shots of the amazing get together my hubs and ah-mazing and supportive friend, Rachel (not to mention so incredibly gorgeous and fashionable) planned for me!

I can't forget about my brother and his wife that took me out this day and kept this a secret so well! Thanks for the shopping spree at Sephora, those are always welcome ;-)

{and no the 3 candles don't mean I turned 30, haha, seriously though, I'm not 30!}
today is your burfday, T. Happy Birthday!!


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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Out & About: DC

Hey beautiful people! I am back with a new post ( so sad ). I haven't been posting b/c my injury took much longer to heal to a point where I could type outside of work.

feel free to take a look at the pictures from the Procession for the Lord of Miracles (Jesus) of Washington, DC & my FOTD! By the way, for those who know I'm not catholic; I attend this every year for my husband (he is Catholic) and it means a great deal to him and I respect that.

FOTD & my "little" brother being plain gooft
with the hubs and my "little" brother
the cutie patootie of my nephew on our way to another 4 yo's birthday party with a superhero theme, Jr was Captain America and won the costume contest...but then cried when he misunderstood the prize, he thought the cupcakes were the prize...and then we showed him the jump rope. kid had a meltdown and threw the rope and ran back to the cupcakes, kids, gotta love him!
the interior of the church that holds the Peruvian Food that is sold to help pay for the costs of the Procession
random shot of a DC condo/apartment building
the entrance to the church
part of the ceremony is to release ballons, they're given out to people to release at the same time
the ratablo weighs 8,500 pounds (~2 tons) and is carried by 32 men that must rock side to side, take breaks and switch out men to prevent an accident. it is considered an honor to carry it.
they're heading to Adams Morgan, crossing Connecticut Ave. NW. from noon to 8 pm they walk 12 miles.


G & I were caught on video while watching the horsies (or the back of our heads, lol)

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

*cough cough* ---- our wedding anniversary

hi ladies and gents, yes, i'm still mia, i still have tendinitis, going through physical therapy and a bump in the road with that (why does it take 11 weeks to approve ONE physical therapy session?!?!) the pain is as severe as the beginning and i need to start all over again...ughh

anyways, came back from vegas last week and G (hubby) came back sick and i caught whatever plague he caught in the poker i'm barely conscious. as i write this i am coughing up a storm. i called out of work today (didn't call out at all last week). so back to work tomorrow, can't miss more work, vegas and a wedding from two weeks ago has me backed up already, argh. anyways, through sun or rain tomorrow night G & i will be having dinner at one of our favorite restaurants for our religious wedding anniversary (we're weird, we celebrate both civil and religious dates, haha). here's a few shots from our wedding 3 years ago :)






my mommy!

for our anniversary he bought me a camcorder (canon vixia hf r20) and i love it already, i had tested quite a few and narrowed it down to the canon, it had the most bang for my buck. and for my early bday gift, he got me my long time coveted michael kors hamilton! i already had the outlet version but i always wanted the north south version and while we were in vegas he got it for me, don't laugh, i cried (i blame pms). thank you so much love :) i ordered the zippered long jet set wallet to go with it last week, should have by tomorrow! yay!!

east west michael kors hamilton bag in brown and gold hardware (outlet) along with the jet set zipper wallet

north south michael kors hamilton bag in luggage and gold hardware (michael kors store)

here's a preview to our las vegas trip!


i still have bday photos, new york photos, 10 year high school reunion and clubbing pics to upload and post, oy vey!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

NYX $1.20 sale

Hey folks, yes, I've been MIA again, life is just going at a million miles per hour now, I can't keep up! I move in 15 days, have to buy a new car by next Wednesday, started physical therapy on Monday and I've lost way too many hours at work and I stand to lose more for the next couple weeks for more dr appts. I'm most scared about two things, my work load and packing with tendinitis. Just fabulous...

I want to touch a controversial topic, the NYX $1.20 sale that apparently never happened, haha. I must say, I'm slightly amused at how outraged people are. I understand they screwed up and all, but dang, some people have reported them to the BBB and reported them as a fraud...quite the accusation! I don't want to discuss this at great length, just wanted to say, b r e a t h e. I get it...but seriously, some people watched the sale for 24 hours or more, I give up after 10 min and move on bc other things are more important. To each their own, right?


I'll leave you with the view I've been having every night for a few weeks. So nice to go home while it's still bright out!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

brunchy brunchy and my new raybans

Omw to another doctor appointment for my right arm, so I decided to share a few pics with you :). A set of girlfriends and I have brunch at least once a month. This past Saturday we went to one of my favorite places for breakfast, Original House of Pancakes in Rockville, MD. I ordered a Dutch Baby with fresh strawberries, yum. It's a super lightweight inflated pancake. You must try it if you haven't already!

The rest of my day was filled with errands, more than usual. Why? Because my car is acting like the Poltergeist all over again. I used the hubs car. No car for a few weeks, no bueno! It truly is a long story, so I'll spare you. long story short, its gonna cost a cool grand, *fabulous*.

On my face:
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer
MAC Sun & Moon Blush
L'Oréal lineur intense
Avon glimmerstick in brown (waterline)
MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lipgloss
Ray-Ban 3025 Aviators

Hope you all had a blessed Easter! I surely did, spent it with family and friends at church and home. <3 Xoxo

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