Saturday, December 12, 2009

I gave in :( are evil!

They went on sale and I couldn't say no :*(



Is it me, or are they reminiscent of the ysl tributes???


Miss P said...

I love these pumps! So chic and versatile. Which ones did you get? The nude ones or the black ones?

Daituf said...

Very hot! How much is it on sale? And where? :D

Miss P said...

Oh btw, I forgot to mention on my first comment that I nominated you for another award! Check it out at

audrey said...

these shoes are absolutely gorgeous!! i understand you^^, but too high for me lol^^

yvonne said...

o wow i love these pumps!!!

Kasia_B said...

Gorgeous! Especially those beige ones!

April said...

These are so hot! Lucky girl!!

J-ezzy said...

@ Miss P - Thanks!! Both "/ I know...I'm bad, I may have to return one, I have too many shoes right now, lol.

@ Daituf - Thanks!! Both are on sale on, diff prices for each color. $44.98 for the Taupe, $64.98 for the black and free shipping!

@ Audrey - Thanks!! Yes, they are quite high, I'm super short so I need all the height I can get!

@ yvonne - Thanks!! I can't wait to get them and stretch them in the front! (Yes, I have to stretch most shoes...I have fat toes, eww)

@ Kasia_B - Thanks!! I am still unsure if I'm keeping the black ones, I have way too many black pumps, lol.

@ April - Thanks!! :)


Bombchell said...

i like the black

tres tippy said...

love them! they def remind me of the ysl tributes :)i wish i could walk in heels without tripping over myself bc these are amazing!

my Shopping bag said...

wow, very hot! How high is the heel?

Couture Carrie said...

Great find, darling!
Very YSL-inspired; love the hidden platform!


Mary007 said...

They're gorgeous! What color did you buy them in? Too bad I can't wear shoes like that, first I can't walk in them and second I'm a little tall :-(

Msz Trin. ♥ said...

those are sexy girl!

- Hey I gave you a blog award! -
check it out:


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

good decision!

Fashion By He said...

they are copying a little bit!! love the site!!

link exchange?


Sarah said...

Ohhh these shoes are just gorgeous!!! I love them so much I think I would have to buy 2 pairs- one in each colour :)
Defin. HOT!!!!

Kate Gene said...

Very cute! I love platform pumps. (Strangely enough, I just blogged about them myself! LOL!)

P. S. I love your header. You pretty much described me! :)

Liparazzi said...

the beige ones...hubba hubba!

J-ezzy said...

@ Bombshell - Thanks! I think I'm returning the taupe, it doesn't look like the picture!!! grrr

@ tres tippy - Thanks! I was always like a foot shorter than my whole class in middle and high school, can you believe I wore heels all the time?! Plus I walked everywhere in heels, ran in heels, everything in heels (it is catching up with me tho!)

@ My Shopping Bag - Thanks! I think my measurement was 5.5 inches with a 1 inch platform, totally high =/

@ Couture Carrie - Thanks so much!

@ Mary 007 - Thanks! I bought both, but I think I'm returning the Taupe, the real thing doesn't match the online color :(

@ Msz Trin. ♥ - Oh my friggin goodness, thanks!!!! I need to post my blog award too!

@ Jade "Purple" Brown - Thanks!

@ Fashion By He - Thanks!!! I placed your site on my blogroll!

@ Kate Gene - Thanks, hun! I heart platforms, I've donated all my non platform shoes (minus 2 pairs for my lazy workdays, lol) I'll be checkin ur blog!

@ Liparazzi - Thanks! I know right, the taupe looks awesome! Sadly I will keep the black and return the taupe, colors online and in real life don't match at all! :(


Anonymous said...

I LOVE these especially the nude colour! I hope they do these in London xoxox

Tiffany said...

soo hot! and they are totally similar to the Tribs. I love them!

J-ezzy said...

@ Cherish - Thanks, hun! I really hope they do do these in London!

@ Tiffany - Thank you, hun! I love them too, sadly the color for the nude one is off, so I'll return them this weekend (the picture is MUCH lighter than the actual color)



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