Monday, June 28, 2010

Give me a little piece of Cuba & a Slice of Lime

Let me start off with a tidbit about me. I randomly go through nesting periods and when I do, nothing makes me happier than turning my house upside down and reorganizing it all over again. I decided to do this after a great BBQ/Pool party (mind you my commute to and coming back was 2.5 hours at least). While organizing, I try to hide the high chance I'm a class 2 hoarder (5 being the highest) by purging and purging. 

Anyways, getting back to my Saturday night. I get a call from my cousin-in-law at 11 pm to go out and didn't end up leaving my house until 12:30 am. Did I mention I continued to clean until almost midnight?! That means I got ready in 30 minutes and this shot is totally bleh b/c it was the one and only shot I took until after we left our first stop for the night. The lighting is all off and out of focus :(

can someone tell me why I stick my stomach out in every picture i'm in!!?? i remember why, b/c I like to think i have a butt, lol
btw - this is the only shot taken with my beloved Nikon, the rest were taken by a crappy Fuji point and shoot :(

We checked out Lima Lounge (below) and it was wackkk! Trance on level 1 and 3 and international on level 2. I love trance, but this trance was painful and the international level was so crowded. I do not appreciate walking through a crowd with dry arms and leaving with wet arms, and it's NOT from me, icky icky! We downed our Red Bull and Vodka's and left, but before leaving I wanted to remember my first time there with a picture!
2010-06-26 Lima Lounge
aren't I mad dark?! loooove my cancun tan!
2010-06-26 Lima Lounge

Then we headed off to Habana Village in Adams Morgan, Washington DC. If you've ever been in Adams Morgan, you'll know parking is nonexistent. Police are constantly closing 18th street (which is where the majority of all the bars/lounge's are) and that's precisely what happened to us last night, took 45 minutes to find parking. I've actually gone back home a few times when trying to go to Adams Morgan, yeah, it's that bad. I posted a few pics of Adams Morgan here

We arrived and missed the live salsa band, be sure I'll be back to catch them playing live. I can't say no to a live Cuban Salsa band! Took a few shots, enjoy lookin at my cheesy shots!
2010-06-26 Havana Village
2010-06-26 Havana Village
2010-06-26 Havana Village
2010-06-26 Havana Village
yup, that's me sippin on happy juice
2010-06-26 Havana Village
btw/fyi/p.s. I didn't realize how ill fitting this dress looks on me, I bought it a year ago and haven't used it until now =/ (stock photo).

If you care to know, here are my outfit deets:
F21 dress & necklace
Nine West heels
L.A.M.B. clutch


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ready to drool?

Hey everybodyz, um, I'm super duper busy at work (quarter end) and Rocky is still being potty trained. So yeah, I've been a bad blogger :P Take a look at how I gained 5 actual pounds in Cancun/Playa Mujeres, actually 8, but 3 of which were from water retention..

Umm, no, that's not all our luggage, we had two carry on's, one large luggage and one duffel bag which was empty until we arrived in Cancun.
We ate lunch here everyday except for twice where we ordered fabulous room service
The view from the Grill, imagine looking at this everyday for lunch?!
As usual, felt like the Resort was just for us, tehehe
First day's lunch, I looove all the bell peppers!!!
Yummy sides
G's lunch!
I think this is C's lunch, fish tacos?
Why did I leave again?!
Wanna go back :( insert pouty face here!
Daily walk from lunch/pool/beach back to our casita
Our first dinner
amazing dessert made with bell peppers?! didn't i tell you these are my kinda peeps?! the whole thing was silky, not slimy and tasted of bell peppers...I still drool over it
Yumm delish!
It was tamarindo night and they gave out tamarindo mojito's, drink was beyond strong!
These sweet little things made with pure tamarind and brown sugar were DIVINE!!! I ate one only and ate it for 20 minutes, or else I would have eaten 10 of them and they're a natural thanks!

three total pools at this place, two of them right in front of us, I rolled in and out as I pleased :) and the servers are always walking by bringing ice cold hand towels and taking orders for food/drinks.
One of the pools out front at night, ahhh, so comforting

Believe it or not folks, that's all for day one, haha, took me two posts to pack in one day. I promise I took a lot less pics afterwards, I got so comfortable and I wasn't in the mood to pick up the camera =/ lol

I'll leave you with a pic of last years trip to Vegas, I wanna go back and play roulette and lay by the pool all day :D
2009.06.30 Vegas Breakfast @ Ceasar's Palace


Monday, June 14, 2010

Where has J-sizzle been?! Soakin up the sun is where!

Hey gang, so yeah, I've been MIA again. I don't feel like ranting too much today (yeah right!!), so I'll get to showing you my Cancun pics from (which I highly recommend).

Condominio Playa Mujeres
City Center, Cancun, México
Read Reviews Here
Arrived in Cancun --- This is 32 hours since the last time I had slept =/ not really sure why I'm posting this...

The drive to the resort was quite relaxing
Finally, 45 min later, we've arrived
DSC_0058 - La Amada Marina
The Marina located at the resort
DSC_0059 - La Amada Marina

Went through two of these secured gates to get there
The location is oh so beautiful!




The Lobby (like everywhere at this place, smells HEAVENLY!!!!!)

Champagne upon arrival! These are my kinda people...wait a minute, we are the same people! (I'm Mexican & Salvadorean in case you didn't know)
Walkway to the best spa, EVER!!!
DSC_0082 - Aroma @ La Amada
Had breakfast and dinner here EVERYDAY :)
That's our casita and having our luggage delivered to our room
First Floor to our 2 Floor Casita
Our view = sick
Everyone checking out the 2nd floor - the plunge pool was amazing and the lounge bed was a great place to dry off in private.
Room Service twice a day, it was great service!
Yes, that's an iPod Alarm Clock and no, I did not bring mines along with me, it's the Resorts!
The bathroom is right behind the headboard, strangely placed, but it was beautiful.
Such a comfy sofa (it's also a pull out bed)!
Lots of cable channels to watch when I wanna cool off inside and unwind a bit.
The 1st floor balcony
Stairs to the 2nd floor
Very scary to go down the stairs, nothing to hold onto when you're going halfway down and 99% of the time you're still a bit wet from the plunge pool =/
The day bed was so comfy!
Shower on the 2nd floor
Another look at the room
Sadly I only used the jacuzzi once (it was kinda too hot...)
The bathroom counters
All the toiletries were L'occitane

That's all for today - Sadly I took over 700 pictures, eeek - I will do probably one or two more posts to show you the rest!

BTW - the weather was absolutely fabulous, no rain whatsoever and I laid by the pool after every breakfast until lunch time, after every lunch until dinner time and after dinner hit up the Plunge Pool upstairs, lol. So I got my share of pool time, tehehe, loves it! After several of our dinners and a quick dip in the plunge pool, G and I would stroll on over to our friends Casita (our friends and their two little girls booked at the same time as we did) and play Spades until 11 pm out on the balcony/patio, it was amazing, playing spades and seeing gazillions of stars and hearing the ocean beside you, ahhh, it was so precious. So, why 11 pm and not later? Well...all the lights automatically go out at 11 pm (on the balcony/patio), you can turn the lights on inside your place but since the kiddos were asleep, we all went to bed and thank goodness we did, I'd be passing out at 9 pm everynight...I tell ya, being served hand a foot all day is hard work! I kid, I kid, but seriously, I was actually tired.

If you're looking for a place to book, please go to this Resort, and don't be cheap guys, tips the workers well (only if they do a good job of course), some aren't paid at all and just live off of tips and work insane hours, or else they're fired. We gave our room service a tip everyday and a big tip at the end of the trip plus four bottles of wine!

I can't wait to show you all the divine food I had on a daily and the yummy drinks!

What's so scary is I can't stop thinking of this place, I mean, every few hours I remember the place and I want to go back, desperately!


I'll leave you with a jam I've been listening to for the last few hours :D can you blame me? all I wanna do is bust a dance move at work, lol...seriously


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