Monday, December 28, 2009

*Neutrogena Triple Renewal Volume Boosting* Line Review

 I will only be reviewing the Shampoo and Conditioner due to not trying the "Weekly Purifying Cleanser" (which I didn't know existed until I googled the product).
I can start off by saying I always end up using more shampoo than conditioner due my greasy locks and this case was no different.

Shampoo: **Pros** (1) Widely available at many stores. (2) It smells divine, kinda like a clean fresh scent. It leaves my hair very light and airy and it actually gets all the grease out, some shampoo's don't do that for me or they do it too much. This one feels like the right balance. **Cons** (1) A gripe I have with it is the delivery system, I have to squeeze for a good long 5 seconds to get it out of the squeeze tube. I think the hole is just too small, if they fix that this would be my go-to shampoo. If it weren't for that issue, I'd have finished it months ago, but on my lazy days I would reach for my TRESemme or Trader Joe's Tee Trea shampoo. (2) **Cost $5.99-6.99 for 8.5 fl oz** a bit expensive when compared to Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Shampoo which costs ~$4.99 for 12.6 oz.
Conditioner: **Pros** (1) Widely available at many stores. (2) I don't have a gripe with the delivery system with this one, I think it's because conditioner is much more slippery than shampoo so I have no problem getting it out, in fact, I have to be slightly cautious in order to prevent a mess! (3) Doesn't leave my hair a slimy mess and easy to wash out. I can't say this is a miracle conditioner, but it does do a decent job with conditioning. For deep conditioning I use something else (review coming up for that!). **Cons** (1) Same as shampoo, cost is a bit high.

Would I recommend or rebuy? Yes and yes, but not now, I love testing out new products.

**Disclosure** I purchased these items and all my reviewed items with my own hard earned money and I have no affiliation with any company related to any of my reviews.


Diane said...

Hi J-ezzy! Thanks for your comment! i will try to eat less red meat and dairy products. Im not big on dairy as my mother was lactose intolerant. I hate drinking milk and i'm like 1/2 lactose intolerant. haha. some days.. i will feel that it doesn't feel right after gulping it.. Thanks so much for the tips and I will try to read the book you recommended! Thanks! Have a Happy New Year!

Kate Gene said...

Ooh, good review! I didn't even know Neutrogena had shampoo and conditioner!

It's so annoying when a product container isn't user-friendly. Maybe you should have your siblings fix it, Home Depot Guy style. Ha ha ha! (I'm sorry... I'm still not over that story. LMBO!!!!) Do you have a deep conditioning product you can recommend?

I also have really greasy hair, and it drives me nuts. Have you ever tried a dry shampoo? I got some, but wasn't happy with the texture it left my hair. I have to wash it every day, but thought it'd be nice to have for when I'm working a 12 hour shift and need something to keep my bangs from looking gross.

BTW, I stopped by MAC and asked what color foundation I'd be. The girl didn't recommend liquid foundation for my skin, just the mineralize skinfinish natural in medium dark.

Iva said...

I love Neutrogena products! ;)

Pop Champagne said...

hmm I didn't know Neutrogena has their own hair care line! Yeah it's annoying when you squeeze things and nothing comes out. I get so impatient when there's only about 30% left in a bottle and I have to turn it upside down, wait 10 seconds, then sqeeze haha

J-ezzy said...

Diane - I feel the same way, 1/2 way too! You are most welcome! Happy New Year!

Kate Gene - I know my siblings can fix it, ROFL. I use Aussie's 3 minute miracle (it truly is a miracle) I also use an Oscar Blandi conditioner, it's way too expensive to use weekly :( so I use my $3 bottle of Aussie 3 minute miracle DEEEEEp conditioner from Target :)

Iva - I've never been one to buy their products, I think this was the first ever for me :)

Pop Champagne - Yes, me too! The most annoying part for this bottle is it's already upside down and it still won't come out! bleh, haha

Thanks ladies!!

J-ezzy said...

Kate Gene - It's 1:30 am...and I'm sleepy, I'm NOT reading really well, sowwy :(

No I haven't tried dry shampoo, but funny enough you ask, Saturday night I went to sephora and picked up Oscar Blandi's dry shampoo for the first time, I'll let you know how it turns out. I need to wash every day but I need to not wash it every day too! I get dandruff from washing too much or I break out all over my hairline for not washing every day, grrrrr

You mean the powder? That's interesting, why would they recommend that? hmmmm, idk I guess since I have MAJOR combination skin, I can't really do powders much "/

J-ezzy said...

I meant to say I bought Ojon's dry shampoo, womp womp!


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