Thursday, December 24, 2009

Puff, puff, pass...I said PASS (just kidding, sorta...)

I know, it's bad for me but it's one of my few guilty pleasures...hookah! Nat and I ventured out to Gazuza in DC after watching "The Blindside" with Sandra Bullock on 12/4 (awesome movie btw, you must watch it!). You'll find a few pics from our fun night!

Such a pretty hookah (of course my shoes had to be in the picture, LOL, still haven't posted the Black Friday haul from which I got these shoes from...I LOVE) We chose the Mango Shisha and it was so yummy!

Every pic I took I was made into a ghost! At least I have a glass of wine in my hands!!

I was really tired this day so I look like crappppp. What was I wearing?
Express Jeans and Shirt
Nine West Mazi suede stilettos in Nude
Coat from Peru
L.A.M.B. clutch
Erin Fetherston for Target Velvet Blazer
Aldo Hoop Earrings
LOFT Large Chain Bracelet (another black Friday Haul unposted...the thing is huge, it's like 3 or 4 inches wide!)

Here I am getting home @ 3 am
 ( I love all the mirrors @ our bldg! )
I won't even allow myself to do some closeups for you, my eyebrows haven't been threaded in over a month! I'm looking a hot mess, Christmas season and many other things have taken all my attention away :(

Anyways, I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, I hope and pray we never forget the true meaning of Christmas and how different this world would be had it not occurred. I hope you spend it with loved ones and I hope you receive all you wished for this year! I know personally that I am blessed enough, I have an adorable amazing husband, loving mother and tons of family and fabulous friends. Had this Christmas been without gifts, I'd still be ecstatic!!

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Kate Gene said...

With or without Christmas gifts, I too feel blessed! As much as I heart make-up and fashion, all that I really care about at the end of the day are my loved ones.

I've used a hookah before! People were shocked when I smoked... I'm like, the biggest square ever! Ha ha ha! (I'm also the biggest germ phobe ever. I felt like Lysol-ing the piece you stick in your mouth. LOL!)

Happy Holidays!


J-ezzy said...

Glad to hear we share that! :D

Hahaha, a square, huh? Yeah, we each had our own little plastic mouth cover, that's as far as I go in terms of protecting myself from germs, lol.

Happy Holidays too!!!!!!


Kate Gene said...

Oooh, you guys are smart! I didn't know you could get your own hookah mouth cover! I'm such a rookie. Ha ha ha!

P. S. I seriously want a Home Depot guy now. LMBO!

J-ezzy said...

No, you don't want the Home Depot guy, b/c I'll just throw him in the dumpster in your presence! *bruhahaha* (sound out evil laugh here) I don't want to hurt you! Back to being serious, haha. Did you look for the doll on ebay? People sell it for $50! wowsers

Oh yes, I have a hookah at my house with all the supplies, my girlfriend bought it in Turkey and I store it for her (since we always use it at my place). She taught me everything I know! It's soooo much cheaper to just buy the stuff yourself! Only thing missing would be a belly dancer and I suck at that so I scratch that off my agenda every time I have hookah, ROFL!

Lorien BeautyLove said...

TOKE TOKE TOKE TOKE! haha :) Omg Ive never done one of those!!! They look fun lol I cant smoke bongs so I doubt I could do that lol Shisha is like flavoured tobacco right? :S You look amazing! x

Sarah said...

Gorgeous photos- you look so stunning!!!!
Merry Christmas to you and yours!!! :) xx

Kasia_B said...

looks like you had fun ;) you're gorgeous!
happy holidays

Couture Carrie said...

So fun, gorgeous!

Merry Christmas, darling!


Danielle said...

You look great! Love the shoes! Hope you and yours have a fabulous holiday!

Miss P said...

It looks like you had a fab time! I miss DC! It's only a few hours away from where I am so I need to plan another trip there. You looked great and I loooove your L.A.M.B. clutch.

Hope you and the family have a wonderful Christmas hun!!

glam i am said...

I love going to the hookah bar! Have a merry christmas :)

yvonne said...

well first of all i wanna wish you a merry x-mas!!!! but also i wanna say yeah! for the hookah lol we have a gold & crystal hookah my love bought when he was in Iraq & just seeing this make me wanna break it out lol also love love love the outfit & those heals are to die for!

Noble Beeyotch said...

Hey! Not a huge fan of hukkah myself, but looks like you had fun with it! Nice post....By the way, I totally adore the aldo pumps you mentioned in your last post...they are like one of the awesomest shoes at such an awesome bargain prize...I have been contemplating buying these for myself, but since I live in India I will have to buy it online and am really not sure how their sizes it true to size? I'd love to hear your experience with this pump!

Have a great christmas!

J-ezzy said...

@ Lorien BeautyLove - Thanks!! Yes, shisha is flavored tobacco. I hope you get to try it someday.

@ Sarah - Thanks so much! Same to you, chica!!

@ Kasia_B - You are too sweet, thanks so much!! Same to you :)

@ Couture Carrie - Thank you so much!! Same to you, enjoy your holiday, hun!

@ Danielle - Thanks so much! Same to you and your loved ones :)

@ Miss P - I loved it, chica! I truly love being in DC, so make sure you pay us "politicians" a visit soon! Thanks so much nena! Same to you, enjoy Christmas with your loved ones to the max!

@ glam i am - Thank you!!! I too love it :)

@ yvonne - Thank so much! I need to buy a hookah for myself, I can't use my friends forever, LOL

@ Noble Beeyotch - Thanks! If you're gonna order from Aldo, always go up a little, they're not exactly true to size (they use Euro measurements). I'll let you know how I feel about em :)


The Beauty In Me said...

You look so Fabulous My darling!
Love the outfit!
I love HOOKAH, I soo want to go already and smoke some

The Beautifier said...

Hey girlie! Merry Christmas to you too! you look absolutely stunning in all photos! Hope you had a wonderful time! love xoxo

Princesa Livia said...

Oohh you look gorgeous! xx

The Beauty In Me said...

I so want to see your Christmas pictures! I will be posting my pictures soon, the post will be picture heavy!

Kym said...

you are one gorgeous chickkka! belated merry christmas! :)

Jbreezybaby said...

you look stunning woooooot!!! my bf got me a baby hoookah and he even decorated it with hello kitty stickers lool. hope u had a merry christmas!

Kata Wagner Berg said...

Looks fun! I never tried.
Maybe at the New Years Eve Party!

Have a wonderful last weekend in 2009!

Kate Gene said...

I suck! I didn't hit "e-mail follow-up comments" and just saw your response!

I can't believe that Home Depot guy is selling for $50.00 on eBay! I wonder if your siblings' old one is floating around somewhere... You guys could probably sell it for more than $50.00 because yours is more, a-hem, "realistic" due to his backside. Ha ha ha! I still laugh when I think about it!

Isn't it required that you belly dance while using a hookah? I'm reporting you to the Hookah Police! LOL! I can't dance, so I just do the running man when I use one. LMAO!

You look fabulous in your photos, BTW!

P. S. You are listed under my favorite blogger list, woman!

J-ezzy said...

@ The Beauty in Me - Thank you so much!! Have fun! Oh my, I haven't gotten around to posting mines yet, I was running on 3 hours of sleep yesterday and went shopping, then passed out at 8 pm, that's UNHEARD for me, lol. Mines too will be pic heavy, WARNING to everyone, haha. Can't wait to see your post :D

@ The Beautifier - Thank you so much!! Every year I get more and more into the Christmas spirit :)

@ Princess Livia - Thank you so much! :D

@ Kym - Thank you so much!!

@ Jbreezybaby - You got one from your man with stickers and all?! You're sooo lucky! Thanks, chica!

@ Kata Wagner Berg - Thanks so much! Let me know if you try it!

@ Kate Gene - pahahahaha, ROFL, the running man! Thanks so much!!! You've been on my blogroll for a lil while now ;-) Thanks so much for adding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All you ladies are the reason I blog (and to vent...haha) Thanks so much for all the lovely comments, I hope everyone's Xmas was lovely and blessed. Hasta luego my lovelies!!


Kate Gene said...

I expect you to do the running man or the Carlton the next time you use your hookah! And you must take pictures! LOL!!!!

Aww! Thank you so much for putting me in your blogroll! (I didn't even know that's what it was called. I am so un-cool when it comes to Blogging!) Yeah, I HAD to add you to my list. You're a freakin' riot!

J-ezzy said...

@ Kate Gene - I don't think I know how to do either! You'll have to post pics to show me ;-)

I think there are other names, I was totally lost as to what it was at first, lol. You're welcome!


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