Monday, December 7, 2009

Bring out your shovels! Plus a TJ Maxx Haul

First some pictures from Saturday's snow! I took the pics coming back from breakfast with Roxanna @ Panera Bread.

Here's some of my TJ Maxx Haul

So far I love the Blush, not so much the gloss, way too bright to wear alone and I'm not too fond of the super thick consistency, I'll most likely be using it to tone down lip colors. (But it was a total bargain!!!) 
I don't remember the exact prices of the facial creams, but I think it was $10 each. The Elizabeth Arden Peel was $17 and let me say I LOVE this product. I want to do a full review later. 
Then comes the handbag, I hadn't bought one in a few months (that's a long time for me), I saw a hot pink bag and I had to grab it to brighten up the cold we're bracing now, it was a bargain too, $20.
Anyone else find NARS at a discount store (i.e. Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx)?


blkprincess87 said...

I see a lot of people have picked up that same NARS set from TJMaxx. Is that the only set they have?

J-ezzy said...

@blkprincess87 Sadly it was the only NARS item :( What's funny is I went to TJ Maxx, saw it, didn't have time to wait in line and left. It was on my mind for 2.5 weeks, I finally had a chance to go back (finally got a car...long story) and it was still there!! When I went back they had placed it in a security box thingy, but it was still there. I was in shock that no one had picked it up!

Thanks for letting me know, I have hope to find more :)

kimber doll said...

Cute purse hon. I wish I could find discount Nars!!

Jo-Ezzy said...

Great haul!! crazy SNOW!! that pink purse is soo nice i would it as a laptop bag hahaha. Great blog by the way

J-ezzy said...
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J-ezzy said...

@kimber doll Thanks sweety!! Sorry about you not finding discounted NARS :( (I know there's a NARS set on sale, Orgasm and Laguna Beach Bronzer set @!) let me know if you need the link :)

@Jo-Ezzy Thanks so much!! Very sweet! :) Funny you say that b/c it is perfect for my mac lappie :)

Rai said...

@ blkprincess87 It's either Deep Throat/Striptease Set or Orgasm Set, Lip Duo Set(5 or 3), or.

I love Deep Throat(hate the name lol) it looks gorgeous on my complexion. That Strip Tease is sticky, they obviously changed the gloss formula because I have a sample of Strip Tease now and it applies more smooth. :)

Tammy said...

I never have the patience to dig around at my local discount stores...knowing that they might have NARS has changed my mind

Jbreezybaby said...

Ohhh I better get to TJMAXXX and check dem NARS deals! I hate driving on the snow!!!

resham said...

my store had that NARS set, but only the box!1 some great people flicked the products....SICK11

J-ezzy said...

@ Rai - Thanks!! I wish mines wasn't sooo sticky (it won't even spread) Oh well!

@ Tammy - I hope you don't need to dig around too much!

@ Jbreezybaby - I hope you find some NARS :)

@ resham - EEEEKKKKK, SO not cool :( Sowwwy


Kate Gene said...

I saw MakeupByRenRen's video on this set! I'm so jealous you got it! Deep Throat looks like the perfect shade to me. Bummer about the gloss. :(

BTW, I answered your signature question on my blog, but thought I'd leave it here as well. I know it can be a pain to have to hunt down a response on someone's blog! :)

I made my signature on The thing I'm trying to figure out is how to set it up so that there isn't a border around it. K. Lo ( has one similar to mine, but without the border. I might have to ask her how she did it! (Her blog is amazing, BTW!)

After you create your signature, I'm sure that if you use the link that is created when you're done, it will show up sans border. I just right clicked, saved, and edited it using my own program. I didn't like that the site makes you use at least two photos in addition to text; I just added a random 2nd picture and then cropped it out. I also changed the color of the kiss.

MY GOODNESS! This is turning into a short novel! LOL! Let me know if you need more info. :)


J-ezzy said...

Thanks again on helping me figure out how to make a signature!!!! You're THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!


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