Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve NOTD with Gel Nail Polish

i should call it the notw (week)! 
i must have been hiding under a rock, i just had my first gel manicure, no, not gel nails, gel nail polish, applied to natural nails. they're supposed to last about 3 weeks and are super glossy, the best part is as soon as the mani is done, you can go about as if your nails have been drying for an hour! it's most likely due to the fact you have to set the nail polish with a uv light. OPI and everyone says you're supposed to soak off the polish when you want to remove it (15 min process) but my girlfriends at work have been peeling theirs off for months with no issues (i can thank them for introducing me, you know who you are!). the gel manicure's won't break the bank too which is awesome! for a polish that'll last up to 3 times longer than a standard mani, i think the average price is worth it. my gel mani was $25 and a normal mani is $10 (at the standard nail salon here), i imagine the prices are higher at spa's. 

so, ladies, any experience with gel nail polish? i have read a lot of bad reviews and they typically come from people having their nails done at a salon that doesn't really know how to use the nail polish or they're trying to do it at home without reading up on it first!

new years plans? g and i have not made up our minds yet as to where to go! bleh

2010/12/24 NOTD

on my nails - opi axxium Lincoln Park after Dark <3


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Monday, December 13, 2010

Gotta love football games

and beer! in combination (or sometimes alone) they truly brings out peoples true personalities. i won't go into detail the craziness that went on this day but oh my was i embarrassed! check out the shots of us all having much too much fun and excuse the pictures, they were taken with my new sony bloggie video's not meant to take pictures.

Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01591
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01589
my hubby <3
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01586
i cheer for the bills since that's my hubby's team...i truly don't cheer for anyone...sadly i don't care that much for the sport (or many sports in fact)
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01577
we were pretty much pretty drunk at this point (her more than i, i only had two beers)...still not sure why we took pics in the bathroom
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01575
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01573
the sky was so beautiful
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01572
the bff and i <3
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01567
my brother...obviously a redskins fan (boooo) and in case you were wondering, my hubs was not the only bills fan there!
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01566
the cousin-in-law and i
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01564
bff and i again <3
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01563
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01562
i don't even want to discuss the ending score to this game, it was so sad
what's truly sad was the shooting and fatal accident that occurred right after due to a robbery...several guys tried to rob a guy at an apartment complex and they were attacked by the owner with his gun and they tried to leave so fast in their car that they crashed head on with another car in front of the do i know? i passed by the apartment to drop off my brother, 2 minutes later i drove out the complex and i couldn't leave due to the accident. oi vey...when will people learn
a couple more shots from the pole dancing class
here's a preview of my weekend trip to Ocean City, MD for my gf's bday!
is everyone all set for christmas? i haven't wrapped a single gift, just had the tree put up last week and no xmas decorations in the house...i guess deep down inside i don't want to put up xmas decorations. i grew up without xmas so having xmas decorations in my house just feels tacky (i can get into that another day). i love it in everyone else's home, but in mines...ehhhh. i think i'll gradually get into the decorating spirit, give me a few more years!
in case you like entering giveaways, here's one i'd like to mention
Makeup and beauty blogger Expensive Pink is hosting a great holiday giveaway for MAC/Sephora gift cards! There will be 3 winners: 1st place winner will receive a $50 gift card to their choice of Mac or Sephora, and 2nd and 3rd place winners will each receive a $25 gift card to MAC/Sephora. Giveaway ends December 23th. Enter here.


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Saturday, November 20, 2010

pop it and lock it!

that's what i was learning recently at a private pole dancing event. strippers deserve some credit ladies, okay, they may not be saving for college but they work hard! the quiet girls did the best job and i'm so not a quiet chick, so i struggled (the fact i have hyper-mobile joint syndrome & I was sick didn't help haha)! take a look at how much fun we had!

everyone started out with heels on and took them off as soon the class started
we had tons of booze, champagne, mike's lemonade, etc (being tipsy and learning the moves was not easy, lol)
i was the only one to wear heels the whole time!
ewww, sweaty pits, lol
towards the end C put on her heels (it's actually easier with heels on)
also, the instructor was so awesome, she was holding herself up there for a good minute, we had user issues when someone tried to use my camera, we were so scared she'd fall on us (hence the awkward stance) LOL!

and for all the haters that have come across a beauty blogger i love (she knows who she is b/c she is sad i'm switching from a blackberry to the htc evo! no more bbm'ing for us, *sad*)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Long lost OOTN/OOTD

You guys know how bad I've been this year in terms of posting photos, it really irritates me! I don't have the time or the energy. Work is beyond craziness, working 12 hour days, my commute has been extended by 2 hours every day since we moved our HQ to Washington, DC. Don't get me wrong, I like being in DC...but commuting there is redonkulous, no joke!! I hate the Metro system (i follow blogs specifically created to point out all the IDIOTS that ride and work at the Metro), I hate the traffic, I hate the $300-$500/month parking fee's, the stupid parking signs that contradict each other, I hate it all. My first few days in DC I was very confused, taxes felt inflated, so I asked several cashiers why the total was higher...only one was able to yell there's a 10% tax on all food. Then there's the 5 cent surcharge on every bag you get at a food establishment, that doesn't bother me, it's just less to go into a landfill. So my lunches are much more expensive now (not due to the tax though) and the customer service in DC compared to Bethesda, MD (couple miles out of DC) does not compare!! I hate people that have a job and make it very clear they hate & don't care about their job. Suck it up, be glad you have a job! I sure am, despite my complaints I put on a good face! I've had way too many fights with people in DC, way too many and for so many reasons. I need to just accept that people are mean in DC. smh --- wait a minute, wasn't this post on long lost ootn's? tangents...i am the queen of tangents

i think i'm venting b/c i lost a best friend to cancer Saturday @ 2 am (23 yo) and i'm trying to hold myself together. i will attend the wake tomorrow night and the funeral wednesday. i ask you pray for the family please.

on to the ootn/ootd

off to Bethesda for some music to make me dance!
2010-09-04 George's Bday, Clogs, ELF.Target Haul, Relic1
my husband takes the worst photos, since he makes me uncomfortable in full body shots (he hates cameras) I always end up sticking out my gut, lol
sidenote---got these clogs for either $15 or $25 at Ross --- Steve Madden's!
this was taken the next day, another night in Bethesda for more fun!
2010-09-04 George's Bday, Clogs, ELF.Target Haul, Relic
part I of my nephew's birthday, i already posted pics on part II here

that's what i call tough love! 
finally a pic of him and i
here i halfway did my ----- photo taken by G's HTC EVO phone, woohoo!
G and I were enjoying a Saturday lunch together (the ceviche was so good!) If anyone needs restaurant recommendations for Peruvian food in the DMV (DC, Maryland, VA) area, just email me! (btw - i'm not peruvian, hubs is)

October 1st -- La Limena Restaurant
here i had come back from a surprise bday party - H&M dress and animal print scark, Bakers "Victoria" pumps in Blush Suede


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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Stella & Dot

hi ladies and gents, today i bring you a post on a jewlery company i was made aware of recently through a really great friend of mines (she was my makeup artist for my wedding). back in july she held a trunk show for stella & dot jewelry, unfortunately i ran really late to the show due to the fact we had a tornado warning in effect that day! as i was about to leave the house, this showed up...
7/25/10 Rockville, MD
things were flying around and let me say it was scary! the stylist (also named Janine and married to a George, lol) had to pull over to an empty parking lot to wait for the storm to calm down.
7/25/10 Rockville, MD
this lasted for about, i dunno, an hour or so and then guess what?
7/25/10 after the
Rockville, MD Tornado - OMW to the Stella & Dot Jewelry Party
the sun came out!
7/25/10 after the
Rockville, MD Tornado - OMW to the Stella & Dot Jewelry Party
omw to the show i came across this!
7/25/10 after the
Rockville, MD Tornado - OMW to the Stella & Dot Jewelry Party
and this!

in the end it was all worth it, i picked up a beautiful necklace that i use at least once a week now!
Stella & Dot
Stella & Dot
Stella & Dot
Stella & Dot Jewelry
Stella & Dot
Stella & Dot
Stella & Dot
Stella & Dot
the show was so much fun, despite the fact power was out, it was house and the sun was going down! i loved the jewelry so much i was finding windows to stand in to see the jewelry on me! i ordered the necklace and it arrived at my house very fast in perfect condition, i love how they come packaged, so much care!

i am planning on selling this jewelry because i really believe in this company and the jewelry is just plain gorgeous, there were so many pieces i didn't expect to like but the stylist asked me to try it on and wham i fell in love! ladies, be ready to start placing orders, i promise you won't regret adding some stella to your wardrobe! did i mention stella items were mentioned in six of the last twelve issues of InStyle? their jewelry is worn by many celebrities.

here's jennifer love hewitt sporting the "natasha bib necklace" so cute! the necklace is perfect to wear with a white tee or with a black cocktail dress!
and here i am on my way to work with the necklace i purchased and a ring gifted to me for my birthday a couple weeks ago. i'm wearing an express shirt and helmut lang wool tuxedo blazer
Helmut Lang Wool Tuxedo Jacket 3
Helmut Lang Wool Tuxedo Jacket 2
Helmut Lang Wool Tuxedo Jacket 1
can i just say i love this blazer! i have it in size 0 and fits like perfection! i bought it at loehmann's in rockville, md

have you ever heard of stella & dot or am i just really slow!?

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