Sunday, January 3, 2010

Body Shop, Body Shop, oh lali lali lali, Body Shop, budoomdoomdoomdoom

So I received a million emails from The Body Shop basically begging me to pay them a visit during their after Christmas sale and since I think they're way over priced, I wouldn't miss a chance at picking up some items at a bargain. Here's what I picked up:

The only item that wasn't $5 was the tea tree toner ($11), I didn't pick up the $5 tea tree toner b/c I was advised by the SA that the formula has been revamped by adding cornstarch to it which in turn doesn't dry out your skin as much as the previous formula. I took her advice and I really love the new toner, it's refreshing and not drying :)

So far the cleanser is okay, nothing special (very tingly too), the palette blush is well pigmented, the e/s not so much (I didn't use them with a base, that could be the issue, I'll try to post swatches), the e/s trio on the other hand is well pigmented, I really like it, I hope to post swatches of this too.


Anonymous said...

i love the tea tree oil wash...!!

Meya said...

great haul, the tea tree oil wash sounds convincing

Daituf said...

$5 for the palette?!?! Holy...
I need to pay them a visit!

Couture Carrie said...

Nice purchy's, darling! Loving that palette!


Kate Gene said...

I am loving the colors in that palette! I always wondered about The Body Shop's face products... I use Proactiv's toner and am afraid to try anything else.

Good review! Even better post title! LOL!!!!


Kate Gene said...

P. S. I can't remember if I already told you that I nominated you for another award... It's late and I'm delirious. LOL!

J-ezzy said...

I like the wash, I just feel it's just a tad too drying and runs out so quick, if I use it daily it feels like it'll be gone in less than 1 month, I guess it's b/c I always buy large cleansers, LOL

I'll try to do a look with the palette :x let's see how that goes, most likely a FAIL, haha

@ MW - Glad to hear that!
@ Meya - Thanks!!!! I love feedback :)
@ Daituf - If you buy something, post it!
@ Couture Carrie - Thanks!!!!!!! Surprisingly the colors work together, lots of palette's don't do that!
@ Kate Gene - Thanks!!! I have heard great things about The Body Shop, I just don't know if it's worth it at the regular prices...I WILL wait for a sale.
pahaha, I know about being delirious very well! I'm addicted to this laptop and the new tv :) Yay for awards! Thanks!


Kate Gene said...

I'm all about sales! I was a Body Shop At Home consultant for like, a month (LOL) and got a 30% discount on all products. I should have taken advantage of it!

Whoo hoo for laptops and new TVs! I still don't have a charger for my laptop. :( The temporary laptop I've been using is killin' me!

J-Ezzy said...

30%, that's all? :( For margin's being so high, you'd expect a better discount, better than nothing I suppose!

Can you consult me???? lol

Yeah, I'm addicted to tv's and laptops...I may need therapy!


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