Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beauty Blogger Award :)

Thank you NattyYvonne & My Shopping Bag for giving me the Beauty Blogger Award!!!!!

1.Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Paste the award on your blog
3. Link the person who nominated you for the award
4. Tell 7 interesting things about yourself
5. Nominate 7 bloggers or less
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominated
Okay, so 7 interesting things about myself. These are probably not interesting...
1) I love eating but hate it too (I've read Skinny Bitch...).
2) A talk a crap more than I write on my blog.
3) I'm a mix between an old soul and modern diva!
4)  I hated my wedding hair.
5) I had my wedding dress made bigger (it was made smaller for the girl who sold it to me, so there was no material on the inside to stretch the dress to a size 0), by the time the wedding day came around, the dress was falling off (I went down to 94 lbs and I was eating like crazy, there went $600 down the drain and I ruined the dress by adding material under the'll be hard to resell now)
6) I love dancing, since I'm so out of shape atm, it's embarrassing trying to dance at a club and pulling your calf muscles in the middle of the first song!
7) I'm a really nice person until I sense the slightest lack of consideration, then I go crazy on you. Like the people on the train who intentionally leave their leg 1/4 into he next seat, they see you sit down and don't move! I just get irritated by people who have no common courtesy and respect. I mean REALLY irritated!!!

Extra: My grandmother alone had 16 children and I have 3 brothers and 1 step sister (I have more, but I only keep close contact to one step-sibling).
Now, I tag:
 Miss PKate Gene, Amber, April, Jen, Liparazzi, Alyssa, Cheryl   
(You don't have to do this tag if you don't want to) :)
btw, I have so many tags.. I will do them all when I have extra time!

Good night loves!


Beautygirl24 said...

Hey girl, thanks for your comments! I will def review the MUFE foundation soon. So far, so good! And I am going to return the polish for sure ;)

Amber said...

Thanks so much for the award. :) 94 pounds? Oh my goodness - that's so small! I'm super jealous!! You looked beautiful in your pictures!

Kate Gene said...

Thanks so much, J! (You know I'm going to turn around and give this right back because I heart ya so! LOL!)

I talk a lot more in person than I do on Blogger, if you can believe it. Can you imagine what we'd be like if we hung out? LOL!

OMG... I had wedding dress issues, too! The top was gaping wide open and my undergarment kept finding its way out! Argh! You look stunning in your wedding pictures; you definitely showed that dress who was boss! Ha ha!

Your family is huge! That's awesome! Are you guys all close?


Cheryl♥ said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll add it to my "to do" list. I hear you on #7. People with no common courteous make me go crazy. I tend to mumble under my breath and think of really nasty things to say to the person, but never actually do because I'm too nice sometimes. haha. One of these days I'm going to let someone hear what's on my mind and it won't be pretty! haha

Miss P said...

Thanks for the award pretty lady (again)! LOL. I also tagged you for this award on my blog (shocker!) I <3 your blog!!

Miss P said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
April said...

Thanks so much Girly!! You are too sweet and I heart your blog!!! xoxo

J-ezzy said...

@ BeautyGirl24 - Thank you!
@ Amber - I am no longer 94 lbs...that was simply unhealthy, I fluctuate between 105 and 113 (I weigh myself everyday and morning and night...I don't know why the fluctuation is so high)
@ Kate Gene - We would be trouble! Thank you, all I could think of was my hair and dress, lol. I wished more of us were close :( But I really do love them with all my might!
@ Cheryl - It's hard (for me esp!), but you're doing the right thing! Just forgive em and move on :)
@ Miss P - Thank you so much :) & Yes, #7 seems to be quite popular :x
@ April - You are most welcome!! and Thank You!


You all are AWESOME!!!


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