Friday, January 22, 2010

Madam's Organ & My daily commute for many many years

Does anyone else love to reminisce on the past? I know I know, I should be looking to the future, but I don't think there's anything wrong with remembering your more innocent times or in some cases the times where we learn something. This is why I love to take photos, 30 years from now, God willing, I want to be able to look back and see what my life consisted of and where I made mistakes and how I loved my life too and many more things that my memory won't hold.
We must live life day by day and the day I took all these shots, I had found out my mom's boss's wife passed away. I felt so guilty b/c I meant to visit her during the short time she was sick in the hospital and I heard she was doing better, then she took a dive for the worst and I missed seeing her one more time by a few hours. She was such a sweet woman, she was a devoted stay at home mom and a wonderful wife. She is missed dearly and will forever be remembered.
Here you'll find a shot of Adam's Morgan on bustling Sunday afternoon. 

 2009-09-13 Day with mom, GW Hosp Dona Silvia Garzon
I was waiting for my mom to pick up some tacos for herself (which to be honest were not that great and the "postre" was disastrous, it was exchanged for something equally bad). In waiting, I decided to take some shots of the road and this is a road I grew up on (Columbia Road NW, Wash DC). It has changed so much, it changes every day, it's such a diverse area that is thankfully being developed (DC needs the tax money...but we wouldn't need it if it weren't all so corrupt and run by idiots...I won't get into that now). Since my mom worked nearby for over 22 years, I was here constantly (especially on the weekends). I will never forget my mom holding my hand walking down Columbia Road, it was so thrilling for me, when I would see a fashion store I would want to run and and never leave! Unfortunately it has taken decades for half way decent fashion stores to finally open up. If you ever plan to visit Adams Morgan at night, I highly recommend a cab, trust me, you won't find a parking spot at least 10-20 blocks away, I kid not, the bar scene in Adams Morgan is pretty sick (one of which is called Madam's Organ). I don't really frequent it much despite the large variety of places to go (hookah, bars, clubs, all night NY pizza), I just can't stand the millions of cops that are there and all the loud, rude, high, drunk, idiots on the road there. I was never into it and never will be. Plus, I refuse to pay for a cab form my place...I'd may as well hire a limo and I refuse to walk that far to go anywhere.
Here you'll find pics of my middle school and the road I walked to get there, this road has ben renovated and for good reason, I lost my best friend on this road to a drunk driver swerving off the road (14 years ago), I miss you Brooke.
The last and final collage is of where I grew up he longest (we moved alot) and it's where I played and behind the first pic on the top was my Elementary school the 2nd half of 3rd grade. 

2009-09-13 Day with mom, GW Hosp Dona Silvia Garzon2
I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me, even though there was and is a lot of pain in it, it's what keeps me appreciative of all I have and can give.


ellinelle said...

..this is really emotional post ..I think its nice that these places are special in your heart ..I love my childhood places .. haave a nice day : )

Krasey Beauty said...

Wonderful post. I love your idea to take photos of places we grew up. I might steal that one. ;)

J-ezzy said...

ellinelle - thank you, it was, I didn't intend on it being emotional, but as I was looking at them all the memories just came flooding in!

Krasey Beauty - Thank you, hun. I hope to see a post on this from you someday ;-)

Have a great day bellas!!!


Miss P said...

Wonderful post hun! Thank you for letting us in on a little part of your world! It's so heartfelt. I'm the same exact way with pictures...I randomly go thru my albums sometimes and reminisce. The first set of pictures makes me miss DC so much! I gotta plan another trip to DC soon...

Meg said...

i do reminisce about the past, maybe more than i should. it's harder than i ever thought to accept the things that have happened and move past them, and work towards making new memories in the now. but i'm working at it!

J-ezzy said...

@ Miss P - You are most welcome and thank you! Please plan a DC trip! DC always welcomes visitors with arms wide open :)

@ Meg - I'm glad to hear that, and it's true, it's hard to accept the painful parts of our past.


Kate Gene said...

I love to reminisce. There's nothing like listening to an old song that reminds you of something, someone, and/or someplace. I could sit and look at photos for hours. And isn't it funny how even a scent can take you back?

Thank you for letting us get a glimpse into your life. As much as I love beauty blogs, it's nice to see posts like this.

I am so sorry to hear about your friend's passing. Don't beat yourself up... The fact you had her in your thoughts was very kind. May she rest in peace!


J-ezzy said...

@ Kate Gene - oh yes, music! I refuse to delete songs from the 80's and 90's, haha. Yes, I have plenty of places that bring back memories, some of those places are for your mind only, :)
Scents really take me back since I remember scents more than anything (my memory sucks, but I remember smells so if you've got kicken breathe or don't shower or use deo, I will never forget
She was about 80 years old, she lived long and very happy :) My girlfriend Brooke however was just 14, the most popular girl in school, the sweetest too! Thank you, hun!

Kate Gene said...

Oh my gosh... 80's and 90's music is the best! There is a station here in Seattle that plays music that only people are age can really appreciate! They play a lot of songs from when you and I were in junior high and high school. Boyz II Men songs still make me melt! Ha ha ha!

It's funny how just driving past a place can stir up so many memories. I don't live in my hometown, so every time we go back to visit, I just reminisce!

LMAO @ the bad breath and body odor comment! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I will always remember that kind of stuff, too! OMG... One day at Sean's office, everyone was complaining about a horrible odor. Maintenance came in and tore up the place, trying to figure out where the smell was coming from. Turns out, it was one of Sean's co-workers! AHH!!!! LOL! Poor guy!

I'd be very happy to live to be 80. I'm glad she lived a happy life. :) I cannot believe your friend Brooke was only 14 when she passed. How horrible! I am truly sorry! My friend committed suicide right after high school, and it knocked the wind out of all of us. It's very easy to beat yourself up and feel guilty when these kinds of things happen! Lots of prayers from me for both of them! :)

J-ezzy said...

@ Kate Gene - We used to have a station like that, then they turned into fat boy frat music (if that even

Errr, I had a coworked train me on something for a couple hours and they smelled like dookie...

I would be too! Thanks, hun! Life is life, we have to learn to embrace death as much as we do birth.



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