Friday, January 22, 2010

NOTW - Flashy Fuchsia - Oh yeah baby, that's me, Flashy!

I really love nail polish, but I hate applying it =/ I own tons of polish (about 25 bottles...I think that's a lot, lol).  The main array of colors I own are pale/bright pinks, reds, navy blues, blacks, purples, white, clear, etc. I have yet to buy a forest green, yellow, orange, neon blue, silver, gold, etc etc, basically colors you don't expect to see at the job place. 
Let's talk about this week's polish, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Flashy Fuchsia.
**Disclaimer: I'm not so good with words or descriptions of colors, I'll do my best.**
Without flash, the polish looks like it's a hot pink with blue undertones and you don't see ANY sparkles from the micro glitter in the polish. I bet if you're out in the sun, it'll definitely look like a pure hot pink with sparkles (This is my first time using this color...). Sadly I leave to work when it's dark and leave work when it's dark so I don't have a shot in the sun :( 
So here's a few shots with flash and without.
With Flash Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Flashy Fuchsia
Without Flash Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Flashy Fuchsia
With Flash Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Flashy Fuchsia
Without Flash Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Flashy Fuchsia
With Flash Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Flashy Fuchsia Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Flashy Fuchsia Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Flashy Fuchsia
Let's discuss the brush, it feels like it was made for men (big fingers), the brush is super wide and quite stiff, to be honest, I don't have a big problem with that, I have very shaky hands so it helps me! I love how fast the polish dries and for an insta dry-kinda polish, it last pretty long. So ladies, always, always, always use a base and top coat and always do more than one coat, don't expect salon quality if you're not willing to do it right. I'm brutal with my nails so I'm not a good judge of how long these should last. I wash tons of dishes (don't use my's new too, lol) and I am... "brusca" is the word in spanish, in English, rough. If I remember correctly, these last about 5-7 days. One other recommendation, ladies, if your polish is more than 15% chipped off, please, I beg you, remove it! I'd rather see bare buffed nails than severely chipped polish. Anyways, that's all for today, I hope you enjoyed the pics, hasta luego!


Kate Gene said...

Your wedding set is stunning, missy!

I really, really like this color. I'm all about pink polish! I love that you're wearing a bright, summery color in the winter. You rock!

I am 150% with you on the chipped nail thing! I think chipped polish is gross. I seriously won't wear sandals if I don't have a clean looking pedicure!

Great post!


Kate Gene said...

P. S. I saw that you have a BB in your sidebar. I love mine! I did an upgrade and got the BB Curve 8530. I like it so much better than my old one! (Bonus: It's a steely purple! How cute is that?)

kavukz said...

darl,kinda new in ur blog thou.. :)
LOL at ur statement bout ladies that still dare to show off their chipped-off-nail-polish. smtimes i'll hide mine, if i forget to remove it or it was chipped off during some event or look gross!

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

for a drugstore product this is a pretty nice colour :D i totally have problems with chipped nails too. it's hard getting my nails to last more than a week! thanks for the review :) xx

bowensma said...

This is a beautiful color. I have a few of this brand and I actually love the brush. It helps me to control not making a mess everywhere lol.

Miss P said...

You did a good job with your nails! have a few Sally Hansen Instant Dri Nail colors...they're pretty good for a drugstore brand. Good coverage and cute colors.

I noticed your Blackberry on your side bar too!! I love bbming!! LOL. I've been wanting to switch my Curve to the new Tour...maybe I'll do it sometime this week.

Gaby said...

What an amazing color!

J-ezzy said...

@ Kate Gene - Thanks, ma!!! Just yesterday George and I were at his company party (Dave & Busters) and George said he saw a girl just grill me down (from head to toe!) and he said she noticed my wedding rings, lol. I saw her outside again and she gave me the stink eye (I was smiling due to a funny from the hubby), it was weird, so weird, but the rings somehow make people change around me =/

I wear whatever color I wear whenever (really, no joke) plus my hubby hates my dark polishes, he always says "do red or something bright but classy". So to entertain him, I'm doing brights right now (he's the only one allowed to dictate my nail color, hehe). I hope you're wearing a bright color missy :D

Oh yes, I would def hide my little piggies if they're not up to par, haha.

Steely purple?!?! I'm such a hater right now!! I loved my curve, she was good to me, but sadly not long enough, I had to trade her in 15 mo later :( I looooooove my bbm, tho!!! I am gonna write a review on the Hero and compare it to the BB Tour (not a techy kinda review, just an overall usage kinda review).

@ kavukz - Glad to hear that! :)

@ Anita (*swtexcape*) - For a drugstore, heck yeah! I;ve tried high end brands, some are worse than drugstore, it's all about what works best for you :)

@ bowensma - Me too! The brush helps me so much (and I can do my nails a bit faster than usual)

@ Miss P - Thank you, doll!! I agree wholeheartedly! Do the switch honey, the Tour is much better than the old Curve (if that's what you have), the new curve is so cute too. The sales guy said he could get fired for showing me the new curve before it came out, I was like, who am I gonna tell that specifically you showed me the phone?! Hilarious. But yes, BBing is my thing, if it were up to me, everyone would be on BBM!

@ Gaby - Thanks, hun!


*Holley* said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this nail color!!!! Such an amazing summery shade!!

Kate Gene said...

What the eff is wrong with girls?! LOL! I don't understand why some of them hate so much. She was clearly jealous of you, your George, and your rings!

Sean doesn't really like my dark polish either! Sometimes, when I'm being extra indecisive, I'll ask him to choose a color for me. He usually chooses the pink, red, or nude shades. Ha ha! Oh, those men of ours... Right now I'm rockin' a black/purple-y color, but I'm thinking a bright pink is in order! :D

LMBO @ your hating on me! I really do love my phone. The pink one was cute, but this one is a lot better. It's faster and I don't have to deal with a roller ball anymore. Whoo hoo! I thought about getting the Tour, actually! I signed a two year contract (to get the phone for free), so I'm stuck for awhile. LOL!

That is SO funny that the sales guy said he could get fired for showing you the Curve early! Did he think you were going to write to the local newspapers and contact the evening news? Ha ha ha! That's too funny! You should definitely do a review... I'd love to see how the Tour stacks up to the Curve!

BBM is where it's at! Unfortunately, I can't always use it (because of my accident my hands get kind of wacky sometimes -- LOL), but when I can, I am a BBMing madwoman!

J-ezzy said...

@ Kate Gene - Oh Kate Gene, if you only knew the grief I get from women, at bars, stores, anywhere, especially if I'm with George, women will completely ignore me! I had the worst experience with the apt mgmt we had yearssss ago. They two chicks would never call me back, I got to the point where every word out of my mouth was a curse word (of course only on voicemail...I'm such a chicken). I hate getting to that point, but those women really hated me, no matter how nice I was from day one, they wouldn't treat me with respect...Girls have issues sometimes, I will admit, I will admire women, but I don't hate!

black/purple-y, ooooo, I like!! I have like 6 black polishes, lol. Do pink!!

You got a deal!!! I'm glad you like your new toy :)

I think he just wanted to show off, ROFL!!!

I"m so sorry, I know what you mean (not exactly), I have hypermobile joint syndrome and carpal tunnel so I get it =/ I'm supposed to do daily exercises but I slacked off and the pain is back, shame on me! I'll get back into my routine soon enough. I bet you're taking good care of yourself :)

Kate Gene said...

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! That is the weirdest thing ever! These other girls are just hating on you because you're pretty and have a big rock on your hand. Kudos to you for putting your foot down with the apartment complex losers! LOL!

I am wearing a sheer pink right now and it's just not cuttin' it. I want Mod About You or another cream color bright pink! I just threw out a darker pink shade I had... It was old. :( R. I. P. LOL!

I love my new toy! I definitely don't miss having a roller ball!

That sales guy was definitely showing off! What did he think would happen? You'd give him your digits because he was breaking the rules for you? LOL!

Ugh... No, you've got some serious stuff going on with your joints. Are you doing exercises with like, silly putty or squishy balls? I'm waiting to start physical therapy again. I'm getting antsy! I do walk and stretch though!

Kate Gene said...

I just typed up the BIGGEST response ever and somehow it got lost in Cyber Space. Dang it! Here's the shorter version:

- Good for you for standing up to those bimbos! They're just mad that you're a hot chick with a big rock!

- I want Mod About You and a deep pink cream polish!

- I love my BB! Roller balls are so 2009! ;)

- Wow, that sales guy was such a bad boy. How did you walk away without giving him your number? XD

- No, you've got some serious joint stuff goin' on. I'm walking and stretching lots, but that's it for now. I can't wait to get back into PT! We'll exercise together from a distance. LOL!


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