Thursday, January 21, 2010

My DVR is always 99% full

That means I love t.v. and watch a million and one shows, I have so many, my Dual DVR can't handle all my requests, I have to move recordings to 1 and 2 am b/c I'll have 5 shows on Weds and Thurs night go on at the same time. I've been addicted to t.v. since I was a young child. I loved reading, playing Nintendo, and watching lots of t.v. So all of this leads to me proudly announce G bought me a new t.v. for no apparent reason. Lay your eyes on this bad boy! 50 inch LG PlasmaDSC_0203
I can't sing her praises enough, she is what I am laying my eyes on when I am trying to read blogs, lol. Is anyone else as addicted as I am to t.v.?Signature4


Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

omg i am too i can watch tv ALL day

The Beauty In Me said...

I agree.. my DVR is always full, I fell like i need a second one!!

Miss P said...

Yes maam! There's not enough hours in the day for me to catch up on all my shows......especially reality tv! Your new tv looks almost like the one the huney and I have in our living room!

Alyssa said...

Tv is an addiction
we had to turn our power off while we were getting some switches fixed
I nearly had an attack.

Hollywood said...

I am so addicted to TV !! lol it's even a little bit embarrassing sometimes cause the shows I watch arn't the smartest ones (Hello Jersey Shore !!!! lol) I need the TV on in my house so I don't feel alone lol

J-ezzy said...

@ Cristina BarbieLuvsMac - Esp with the millions of channels you get nowadays...and I have movie channels, it's hard to stop watching, lol
@ The Beauty In Me - Amen! How do I sign up for a quadruple DVR?! I bet they're making one as I type :)
@ Miss P - Never ever ever enough hours, haha. I have an older tv in the living room (3 yrs I think) and it's a 72 inch DLP, but I still prefer to watch the smaller one in my bedroom where I can get super comfy, haha. I think we've officially declared the living room one his and the bedroom one mines, haha.
@ Alyssa - haha, try moving to a new place and the cable people saying your addy doesn't exist!!! No cable for weeks and the ONLY reason we ended up getting it was b/c my hubby saw a cable tech guy in the neighborhood and asked him why the company said they didn't service this area yet, the guy gave my hubby a really confused face and said he'd schedule the appt for us and install it asap...then at another apt it took 2 wks for an appt then when he got there 6 hours late and installed everything, he tried calling the cable co to activate it...he realized they were closed, so it's 12:30 am and we have to UNWIRE the whole place (2 floors) and call back on Monday to schedule another appt for another 2 weeks later...boy oh boy, these are just 2 SMALL examples of how much I hate the cable company (it's a huge monopoly here). I tell everyone they're the DEVIL, lol.
@ Hollywood - Hello, I learned the Fist Pump from em!!! I was always the type to always and always need to have the tv on, it's comforting, so I understand you :)

xoxo (off to go watch some tv!!)

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

I am more addicted to the internet! I totally get it thought. I would watch tv if I had cable.

Kate Gene said...

Oh em gee. I am totally coming over to watch Family Guy, The Office, 30 Rock, and Glee on your TV! LOL!

What a nice surprise! We have a plasma TV and I love it! I can't imagine life without a TV; a life without the Internet...

I love that you love Nintendo! I hated playing Mario Bros. with two players. My sister was really good, so I had to wait forever for my turn. I'd sometimes "cheat" by hitting pause when she (Luigi) was jumping over a pit... Then I'd hit start and Luigi would fall down! Does that make sense? I am having a hard time explaining it! LMBO!

Great post! :)

J-ezzy said...

@ Post Grad Hair Cut - I blame cable for my tv addiction!

@ Kate Gene - You are more than welcome to! TV + Internet = the air I breathe.

For a sec I thought you actually hated the game, haha. Yeah, I was really good, beat the entire game more times than I can remember and broke a few due to over playing them =/

HAHAHAHAHA! You did that to your sis!! You were so mean (reminds me of! My bro always had me beat with games, he still does :)


Kate Gene said...

Amen to that! When I lost our Internet connection for ten minutes, I about dookied in my pants. Pwhahaha! Sean was messing with the modem, and I thought I was going to cry. LOL!

Oh my gosh... I loved the game! I can't believe you actually broke some of your games from playing them so much! LOL! I just joined a funny group/fan page on FB called "When I was your age, I had to blow on my games to get them to work". I totally remember doing that!

Darn that brother of yours! Guys are always better at video games! Sean kicks my behind every time we play. My sister eventually stopped playing with me because I was such a cheater! Ha!ai

J-ezzy said...

omg...I thought I replied! I'm telling you! I'm so sorry, I haven't been this busy in forever and I haven't been able to workout to relieve the stress, haha.

I miss blowing on my games :(

I used secret codes with my remote, is that cheating? lol


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