Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baaaabies go goo and ahhh

Baby Showers have been around forever (IMO), think about it. It only seems natural to celebrate new life. Granted wheels may have not been around, but I'm pretty sure we'd celebrate a new life! 
It's said that gifts were typically handmade for the family and baby showers were held after the birth of the child which was the perfect opportunity to view the newborn. Baby showers gained popularity right after the baby boom, due to WWII ending. Throughout the years baby shower traditions have been molding with the times. 
As far back as I remember baby showers were for women only and for the first born only. Now, you'll find we're branching out by inviting men/children, having full blown dance parties with DJ's and even having more exciting baby shower games! If you're a newborn but not a first born, you may still have a shower (or baby sprinkles) thrown for you! 

My beloved friend Candi held a baby shower for her 3rd blessing. This time around she invited more than women and added a DJ and 80's theme to the mix! Since I suck at themes, you won't be able to tell I dressed for the 80's. (except for the leggings). 

As party favors, she passed out glass Coca-Cola bottles, pop rocks and Rubiks Cubes!

Her baby shower games involved 80's themed trivia and playing Charades!

2010-03-06 Candi's Baby Shower
Zaria is quite the little helper!
2010-03-06 Candi's Baby Shower
Momma's lookin gorgeous!
2010-03-06 Candi's Baby Shower
Zaria is full of so much energy!
2010-03-06 Candi's Baby Shower
Now Gavin, he will be one huge heartbreaker!
2010-03-06 Candi's Baby Shower
The cake was divine, I loooved it, just look at it!
2010-03-06 Candi's Baby Shower
2010-03-06 Candi's Baby Shower
2010-03-06 Candi's Baby Shower
Look at the cutie pie I got to carry to sleep!
2010-03-06 Candi's Baby Shower
Oh my, this part was too funny. They also had a raffle for mystery bags and if you bet $5, they'd say you actually bet $10! So in this shot you see Candi's mom laughing up a storm since her son in law had convinced her she bet a "certain amount" haha.
2010-03-06 Candi's Baby Shower
Shane was selling the raffle mystery bags hard!!
2010-03-06 Candi's Baby Shower
2010-03-06 Candi's Baby Shower
Now he's selling to his mom! No Shame! jaja
2010-03-06 Candi's Baby Shower
2010-03-06 Candi's Baby Shower
Some of the 80's themed decorations!
2010-03-06 Candi's Baby Shower
Ending the evening with a group shot of Candi, Zaria, and I.
2010-03-06 Candi's Baby Shower
Here's the beautiful family!
2010-03-06 Candi's Baby Shower

All in all, it was a wonderful baby shower, I can't wait to see him/her (intentional surprise)! Hope you enjoyed the shots!

Anything special you do for baby showers, any special traditions?  I love hearing what about other traditions!

Until next time!


TKOmulatta said...

Your friend has beautiful children! Good luck to her on her new one coming :) I had my baby shower a month before I was due. Baby winnie the pooh and friends was the theme. awwh this post makes me want to go look at the pictures from my baby shower :)

p.s. I love your new layout, your gorgeous!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

ooh la la I really like the homepage re-vamp and new banner : )

Your friend has adorable children...congrats to her on # 3! Great job paparazzing the shower - the cake looks amazing! I've never been to a baby shower...guess it's not that time yet for my friends1

Sara (The Makeup said...

omg! How fun! Look at all those gorgeous kiddos!!

Hollywood said...

Such a beautiful family =)the cake was so adorable...
Love the 80's theme!


J-Ezzy said...

TKOmulatta - Winnie the Pooh!! So cute!! Thanks, hun. I'll tell her! Also, I'm still undecided about the layout, =/, we shall see.

PetiteAsian Girl - hehe, thanks, hun!

Aren't they?! I took a million more shots, but spared my followers, haha!

Really? No worries, that time will come!

@ Sara (The Makeup - I know, they're sooo cute!!! Thanks!!

@ Hollywood - Thank you, they really are!!! The cake was DELISH too!

Imo said...

that cake is awesome! the kiddies are too cute! I attended my first baby shower last year when my nephew Joshua was still in the womb!

Theyre not very British but it was so much fun to do something different

ellinelle said... many little angels , but they can be naughty as well ..he he , My daughter is 3 years old now and she is angel with little horns : )
Love that cute cake , so adorable ..

You look wonderful in birthday post ,such a stunning girl you are ..

Hope Chella said...

I love the cabbage patch kid cake :) xx

bananas. said...

now that's a baby shower i'd go to!! how FUN!!!

the cabbage doll and cake cracks me up. your friend is awesome for this and lady you look HOTT!

Tammy said...

I love that cake!! 80s theme was an awesome idea. Your friend has a beautiful family!!

btw--what was in the mystery bags..?? I NEED to

Jo' said...

That is too cute!

Makes me want to have children, haha.

Btw you look fab Janine

Kate Gene said...

Your new page looks fantastic! I meant to tell you that the last time we chatted, but I forgot. LOL!

It looks like y'all had a great time! Aww! I can't wait to have a baby! Tomorrow we're supposed to go to a shower... I've been feeling pretty crummy; I hope I can go!

You look so pretty in these pictures. Your make-up looks awesome, too!


Kate Gene said...

P. S. How did you get a three column layout?

Nati said...

Hola soy Nati, paso a saludarte y ha ver tu blog que como siempre está tan interesante y especial como siempre. Es cierto que no vengo con frecuencia como me gustaria pero tengo mucho lio y graqcias a Dios son muchos los segidores-as para poder hacerlo tan a menudo como yo quisiera, pero quiero que sepas que no me olvido de tí y que te llevo en mi corazón.
Un beso y todo mi cariño Nati.

* Leslie * said...

Oh my god, Iiscovr your blog and what such a surprise! i realy like it and you're sooooo beautiful!!

I follow your blog RIGHT NOW!!

Lot of kisses and I wish you a lot of happiness with your husband

stilettolover91 said...

You look incredible!!! I love your dress & shoes!! Bakers ROCKS!!! Great blog!!!

Eden said...

i love ur style girl..keep up the good style

Dylana Suarez said...

So cute!

Just came across your blog!

It is lovely!

Jen said...

omg! it looked like loads of fun!! :) u look sooo pretty with the purple eyeshadow! i love purple, my fave color ever!!

the cake is soo cute too!


Couture Carrie said...

So fun, darling!
What a beautiful family!
And I love that cake!


Anonymous said...

You Look Amazing:) And Love your family.

Factory Girl

kimber doll said...

OMG I LOVE that cabbage patch kids cake!! haha!! So cute! I haven't seen those dolls in years but I love them!!!
On another note, love your new header/banner too. The pictures are greatt!!
Also, since you told me that Kim K's face has changed, I've totally noticed it as well!! It's weird, it looks like she's had a lot of botox, and also maybe even her nose done/! Really strange, she was beautiful before ... Oh well!!
Hope you are having a fab week =)

priincess said...

awwww so CUTEEE! i love the little kids! so adorablee!

J-Ezzy said...

@ Imo - Thank you!!! Awww, I bet you had a great time @ Joshua's baby shower!! Apparently it's growing popularity in Europe!

@ ellinelle - I know, I've seen both sides of kiddos, the evil and innocent! Thank you!!!! You're too sweet :)

@ Hope Chella - The cake was awesome, thanks!! You have a cute blog!

@ bananas. - I love that girl, she's freakin awesome!! I loved her ideas for the baby shower! in fact, she should be giving birth like any moment...seriously. Thank you, sipota!! (err, j/k?)

@ Tammy - The cake was a HUGE hit :) Thanks!! Oh, I don't remember, but it was stuff like floss, or toothpaste, it was hilarious!!! I didn't expect an auction so I didn't have cash, I couldn't participate :(

@ Jo' - I know, every time I'm with kids, I want them, haha. Gracias nena!!!

@ Kate Gene - Awww, thank you babes :)

I know, someday it'll be time for kids, can't wait :)

Oooo -- emmmee --- geee - coming from the smokey eye Queen!!! Thank you!!!

@ Nati- Gracias por el comentario tan lindo! Dios te bendiga!

@ *Leslie* - Awww, you're so sweet, thank you for following!! I appreciate the well wishes from you :D

@ stilettolover91 - OMG, thank you!!!! I appreciate the comment :D

@ Eden - Thank you!! I'm blushing :)

@ Dylana Suarez - Oh my, you are toooo sweet, again, I'm blushing!! I'm gonna check your blog!

@ Jen - It surely was, babes :) Thank you!!!! Purple is my absolute fav too!!

@ Couture Carrie - Thank you so much for the lovely comment!!!

@ msskeide - Awww, thank you :)

@ kimber doll - It was awesome, glad you like it too :) Thanks! I felt quite narcissistic posting it, haha.

Yes, I'm glad I'm not going insane, I am soooo not a hater, I don't like to think people change themselves and that that's why they're pretty, but pictures don't lie!

Thanks, you too!!

@ priincess - Thanks!!

Thank you all for such lovely comments, I am sincerely happy you all enjoyed the pics :)

Have a blessed week!!!

deliciousinpink said...

Awww, looks like you all had a blast....And you look so gorgeous....Love your look and blog..So glad that I stumbled upon it:)

J-Ezzy said...

@ deliciousinpink - We certainly did, I visited her yesterday b/c her son was born yesterday!! WooHoo!!

Thank you so much!!!! I'm glad you did too :D



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