Friday, March 5, 2010

I heart DC, my lovely bloggers & shopping

Upon hearing of possible snow accumulation again last week, a lovely blogger, Miss P, contacted me to find out if it was just hype or the accumulation was for real. I told her nothing in DC is for sure, it could be rain, it could be a blizzard, as Friday crept closer, it looked less and less likely that any accumulation would occur in the DMV (DC, Maryland, VA). She purchased her tickets at a bargain! I need to find me some Miami tickets with her agent! I was so very excited she'd be coming up here and I couldn't wait to meet her! She called me Saturday and she was up early! I had just rolled out of bed when she called me, I rushed my butt to get out the door and meet her! If anyone know's DC, you never know how long it takes to get anywhere, traffic an be as clear as a whistle or as congested as Manhattan (and worse)! I arrived @ Tysons and there was no parking! I'm the kinda gal that never finds parking, I always find the 3/4 sized parking spot with vomit on the drivers side of the spot, haha. I arrived @ Neisha Thai and immediately recognized her (by the back of her pretty head of hair) and before I got too nervous, ran to her table to introduce myself to her and her two gf's! Miss P is a tall glass of sunshine, I loved every moment hanging with the girls, we roamed the mall walking in and out of stores, our favorite trip (at least mines) was to Lush, I was helped by the manager, Evan, she's quite helpful, so see her inside Tyson's (not Galleria)  on the 2nd floor by Macy's.

. Miss P was kind enough to post a couple pics of the Lush and me paying for my Lush goodies! Please check her blog out, I was deeply inspired by her and just a couple other bloggers to continue blogging (when I thought my blog would only be a couple posts long, ever, lol). So let me get to the pictures, that's what you all want to see!
Here you'll find me super nervous and taking shots while people were staring, so I only took a couple, haha.
2010-02-27 Tyson's Corner
Here we are!
2010-02-27 Tyson's Corner2010-02-27 Tyson's Corner
We shopped at F21, Charlotte Russe, Sprint, H & M, Starbucks & LUSH. After all this, we went for eyebrow threading, at least Mel & I. 
Here are the results to our adventure @ the threading kiosk (I will be coming back much more often)!
2010-02-27 Tyson's Corner
2010-02-27 Tyson's Corner

2010-02-27 Tyson's Corner
Mel was very shy and didn't want to take the shots, hehe
2010-02-27 Tyson's Corner
Here we are with our goodies!! Umm, please do not judge me, my hair was so stat-icky and uncooperative!
2010-02-27 Tyson's Corner
I wanted to take a shot of Miss P before I had to say farewell :( Isn't she just a tall glass of sunshine?!
2010-02-27 Tyson's Corner

You guys get a second view of my eyebrows, I think they looked fabulous!!
2010-02-27 Tyson's Corner

All in All, I had a fabulous weekend and I can't wait to see Miss P again!

Oh yeah, almost forgot, I uploaded a Haul on youtube, please check it out and subscribe, rate and comment!



Beautygirl24 said...

I love those Bakers shoes! And what the heck, where have I been? I didn't know you make videos! I'm going to have to subscribe ;) I'm addicted to YouTube Gurus.

Miss P said...

I love you Janine!!! You are so sweet! I'm so ready to come back to DC. I tell you, that camera of yours is great! I need one of those!! You were nervous?! Lol...that's too funny bc you were so bubbly! I definitely couldn't tell. I am rolling on the floor laughing at the pics of Mel...I forgot you took those! She is so camera shy! Aaaah times!!

P.S. Your eyebrows look fab!!!!

TKOmulatta said...

you both look beautiful!!! Looks like it was a fun weekend!! Great haul video, your a natural on camera~

Hollywood said...

You girls look GORGEOUS like almost unfair ahaha!
If one of you find tickets for paris at a Bargain lol let me know you will be more than welcomed =)

Super sexy eyebrows !


PetiteAsianGirl said...

Great video review of the TJ haul! And I saw some of those pics on Miss P's blog - you two ladies are so gorgeous and could pass as sisters : )

PetiteAsianGirl said...

...and the "leggings that look like denim but aren't really denim?" you mean jeggings lol? I love the jegging, esp when I predict large amounts of eating! My boyfriend hates them and I don't care - muahaha.

xLovelyMakeupx said...

omg ur cute, static or no static you look great girl

glitteryeyesxx said...

Aww, I NEVER ever find any parking at Tyson's either. That's why I end up just going to Fair Oaks Mall (their F21 is soooo MUCH BETTER in comparison to Tyson's!!). But you guys looked so lovely and I bet y'all had lotsa fun! :)

Jo' said...

am I the only one that thinks you two look alike? :)

Ya' look great!

thanks for sharing this with us btw.

Danielle87 said...

I agree u guys do favor each other a lil. I love Tyson's mall I went there for the first time last month. That is def a place where u could spend ur whole paycheck

bananas. said...

sounds like tons of fun! you both look GOR-GE-OUS!!! love the leopard. my favorite print :)

have a killer weekend darling!

J-Ezzy said...

@ BeautyGirl24 - I love the shoes, too! They're not priced too badly :) I work a lot, so finding time to take videos at an idea time (sunlight) is very hard! I do however want to do a lot more videos! I too am addicted to the Gurus :)

@ Miss P - Honey, I love you too!! Yes, I am always nervous, I think it's the Libra in me, I always want to please, haha. She is camera shy but she's so pretty!! I can't forget our trip! Thank you :) I had more threading done at lunch time today, lip and chin, OUCH! Felt nothing like my eyebrow threading :(

@ TKOmulatta - Thanks! It was an awesome weekend! I had a good time making the video, honestly, I love making them!

@ Hollywood - haha, you joke!! You are much too sweet, I want to go to Paris sooooo bad! My best friend lived there for a few years (La Sarbonne) and she loved it, besides being homesick though. I may just take you up on the offer someday! Thank you!!

@ PetiteAsianGirl - I take that as a total compliment!!! THANK YOU!
The leggings are smooth like 80's shiny leggings but have a printed design on them to look like jeans, it's weird, for the sake of giving them a name, jeggings is right on! haha, my husband has his preferences too! He doesn't make them public very often, sometimes years later I learn he loves/hates something...I'm like, why didn't you tell me before?! hehe. You're too cute for wearing them anyways ;-)

@ xLovelyMakeupx - Geez, you are too nice! Seriously, I was so mad at my hair that day! I had washed it and I looked like I hadn't washed it in days! Thank you :D

@ glitteryeyesxx - you too?! I only meet people that find parking, I feel all alone, not anymore :) - Fair Oaks is where Miss P had been shopping earlier that day, I am DEF going there next month, this month my budget goes towards the MAC releases and all the Sigma makeup brushes I bought, haha. Yeah, I didn't like the F21 @ Tyson's, the line was RIDICULOUSLY long. Thank you! We had a blast!!!

@ Jo' - Apparently not! You're the 3rd person to mention it to me, again, it's a total compliment, Miss P is the really naturally pretty sister :) Thank you!!!!! You are most welcome :)

@ Danielle87 - Thank you!!!!! Tysons is a great mall, I think it's best to go on a weekday, it's way packed on a weekend! Yeah, you have to go in with a budget :)

@ bananas. - Thanks, love!! You are too kind, and yes, it was tons of fun :) I love shopping with the gals! Leopard is your favorite? Yay! I am def loving it! Thank you, it's definitely a packed weekend for me, 2 birthdays and a baby shower/party...not really a baby shower, it's a full blown party, YAY *giggles* and it's 80's themed!

Thank you all for such lovely comments, You all really and truly inspire me!!


Kate Gene said...

All of you girls are hot, hot, hot! I love the pictures of Mel covering her face. LOL!

I have never had my brows threaded, but want to try it. (I've actually never had them waxed either!) I think we talked about this before... But yeah, threading sounds interesting!

If we're ever on the east coast, I want to hit up Tyson's with you, too! :D I'm glad you pretty ladies had fun. How awesome did your pictures turn out?

I will be online more next week now that I am feeling better. Are you still fighting off a cold? :(

Captcha of the day: runcod.


xbbkay said...

Hi babe!

thanks for dropping by earlier, and sorry for the late reply. I am definitely excited about using the pigments!

I think your eyebrows look great! threading is awesome, but it does hurt at first. BUT it's always worth it in the end.

You girls look like you had a lot of fun! and you all look gorgeous!Shopping with the girlies is always the best. btw, i like your coat, where did you get it from?

Anywas, i hope you take care, and stay beautiful <3


Couture Carrie said...

You look so gorgeous, darling!
Love the brows!


Diane said...

You ladies are beautiful! Blogger girl meet-ups can be so fun, glad you guys had a great time!

Did the Threading hurt? I've gotten it done before but it didn't hurt and people tell me it's supposed to hurt, maybe I'm just crazy. =P

J-ezzy said...

@ Kate Gene - Awww, you're so sweet, I know the girls appreciate the comment :D

Hey, if it aint broke, don't fix it!! Whatever works for you, do it, especially if it doesn't mean spending more more money!

Girl, you have to come down here, ever been to DC?

I think I'll be better after this weekend, I'm always fighting something (I am a sicky person, always sick), lol.

captcha of the day: faced

I am so busy at work, I can hardly gchat anyways, so catch me when you're better and maybe I'll get a chance to breathe too! :)

@ Couture Carrie - Thank you!BTW - Lovedddd the romper post today!!

@ Diane - Thank you!!!! It was my first blogger meetup, I look forward to more too! We really did have a blast!!

No, the threading didn't hurt, it did hurt however on my lips and chin, eyebrows I hardly felt it! I guess it's b/c it's pulling thicker hairs and there are less of them, when doing a lip there's a million little teeny hairs that are getting pulled, OUCH!! You're not crazy ;-)

XOXO to all of you, <3!

Get Gawjus! said...

wow you have a gorgeous complexion gurl :)

Pipiola said...

i like the video

ashlina said...

i think if we lived in the same city we would be BFF...and i would always ask you to make more videos...
thanks for stopping by my blog...i am now following you too!!!!


J-Ezzy said...

@ Get Gawjus - Bahhh, thank you gorgeous!

@ Pipiola - Thank you hun!

@ ashlina - haha, you are most definitely toooooo sweet! I would have you at my house to decorate every weekend, I'm soooo design challenged, LOL. xo, new bff

ciao bellas! <3


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