Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poppin bottles @ Jojo's + Paintball Success

A couple weekends ago I started my morning bright and early with my Caramel Macchiato in hand and a Starbucks pastry to an invigorating private game of paintball with coworkers and friends. The drive up to Leesburg, VA was slightly uncomfortable, why do you ask? Well, I can explain...

See, when you go paintballing you must prepare for the hits (aka battlewounds) you will take for your team! So, for bottoms, I wore a pair of leggings, jeans, and work slacks (that are 4 sizes too large, hence why they fit over jeans and leggings). For my top I should've been more creative, I wore 3 black long sleeve cotton shirts and 1 short sleeve pink shirt (in between the black ones so I'm not running around in pink, that makes me an easy target!). I wore some old Nike sneakers and I regret not taking a bottle of water or my phone to take pictures! I suppose it was a good idea I didn't carry around anything extra, the paintball gun alone made my right arm sore for days from carrying it!

As you'll see below, I should've worn layers! But don't you dare think I took a full body shot!

Here you'll find tons of shots that I took (without really looking, I took blind shots) driving to Leesburg, VA. It was a beautiful ride up (a full hour of driving). Enjoy!

2010-03-27 Paintball in Leesburg, VA
I thought this was a funny shot b/c you can see my caramel macchiato in the reflection!
2010-03-27 Paintball in Leesburg, VA
Ever been to Front Royal, VA??
2010-03-27 Paintball in Leesburg, VA
2010-03-27 Paintball in Leesburg, VA
2010-03-27 Paintball in Leesburg, VA
2010-03-27 Paintball in Leesburg, VA
2010-03-27 Paintball in Leesburg, VA
2010-03-27 Paintball in Leesburg, VA
Excuse the ashieness (sp) and dirty nails, I don't know what got on my nail polish b/c I wasn't able to take it off my nails for days! 
and for some weird reason I have a tanned torso....but the rest of me aint! grr
So here's the shot so many of my friends have asked me to post, haha. Sadly this became much larger and swollen for the next 3 days. (This is above my left hip)
I had many more bruises, none as big as this one though. Now I have a weird scratchy circle in the shape of the paintball =/
2010-03-27 Paintball in Leesburg, VA
I left paintball a couple hours early (I played from 10 am-3 pm), I couldn't take the pain any longer! The shot was taken from a few feet away from me and it hurt like a mutha!!!!!! By 2 pm my bladder was full from a coke and an entire bottle of water (and there were no outhouse's around...AND it's kinda hard to make abrupt fast moves with abdominal pain (plus I was cramping...BAD place to get hit, Janine!), I decided hiding behind a rock was worthless, so I decided to just go home (but I didn't, haha!). 

I ended up going to the Leesburg Premium Outlets to check out the CCO & Movado store to find a disco watch for the hubby, I walked out of the outlets, EMPTY HANDED! Yes, either I was in a bad mood or there really wasn't anything that called my name at the CCO and the Movado outlet didn't have the watch my hubby wants :(.

Check out where I parked my car for paintball, next to cows!
2010-03-27 Paintball in Leesburg, VA
2010-03-27 Paintball in Leesburg, VA
2010-03-27 Paintball in Leesburg, VA
Now THIS is what cows are supposed to eat, GRASS, who wudda thunk it!!! It's genius!! Cows nowadays eat CORN, and we wonder why we're so fat in the US...I digress!
2010-03-27 Paintball in Leesburg, VA

I got home and went out to do errands with the hubby, he wanted to buy a new blazer & black button down shirt, we ended up at like 5 stores and found exactly what he wanted. I got home exhausted, sweaty, kinda jealous the hubs found stuff shopping and I didn't, haha. I was invited to Tom Tom's in Adams Morgan and Jojo's (Josephine's)/Park. I chose Jojo's and Park b/c I personally like them better than Adam's Morgan (in DC). If you wanna go to Adam's Morgan, take a cab, don't spend 45 min finding parking and walking 25 minutes to get to Adam's Morgan from where you parked! Well, I had 30 minutes to shower and leave the house to car pool with the gals, did you hear me, I said 30 minutes!! It was quite the struggle, I couldn't make abrupt moves to get ready, haha, I had to move like a snail. So forgive my lack of appearance, regardless, I had a blast & hope to go to a salsa night with a few gals from the group! I really can't wait, maybe this weekend we'll go to Tuscana on Friday night, we shall see!

Here are the shots from that night @ Josephine's!

1008 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, DC

Andrea serving some of us shots
Group shot
Group Shot
So wait, when did I grow a butt?!?!?!!?! It's not here anymore! I guess it's my "Cinderella booty", haha, gone at midnight, ROFL!
Group Shot
Group Shot
Umm and yes, I did photoshop this pic, I was looking so freakin pale, trust me, I AM sparing you!
Me & Louis
Nuff said!!! I was in the back seat hiding from the pic!
The guy on the right was so enthusiastic about his dancing, it was pretty cool, he was an entertainer! you see the guy in the background?!
Carrenina & I

Once again I had almost nothing to drink, I had two small shooters and never felt a thing, haha. 

oh yeah, remember I said we were going to Park? Well, we went there first and it was pretty empty, so we went to Jojo's and decided on coming back to Park. Well now, we went back to Park and the Cops were telling Park they could only let people in as they were leaving, they were at capacity, we were not willing to wait, so we left! Oh well, next time.

So ladies, who has played paintball, gone to the Leesburg Premium Outlets, gone to Josephine's, Park Nightclub??? Do tell ladies!

I've been listening to Toni Braxton all night whilst sitting in 90 degrees (no AC until May 1st) so you get to hear one of my favorite Toni jams!



Aleksis said...

I've always wanted to do paintball! I'd be such a baby about the pain though lol You look so pretty in the club pics and I hate that Toni Braxton, her body is perfect! lol

Anonymous said...

I love paintballing! But, regret it everytime when I see and feel the battle wounds. I hope you heal quickly! Ps....I love your sunglasses!

Suzanna said...

Is this in DC?? I will be up there Friday to continue work...need to check it out!

xxx suzanna

TKOmulatta said...

I have never been paintballing...I'm kinda afraid to actually and looking at your bruise doesn't help! haha... Those pictures of the highway remind me of driving here in NC... that's pretty much what it looks like everywhere unless you exactly in city limits or somewhere like Charlotte/Raleigh/Cary

You look beautiful in your pix! Loveeee your long hair!

Patricia said...

I have always wanted to go paint balling but never seem to have the time to actually go. I especially want to go when its raining, it sounds like a lot of fun, even if you do get bruised up.

ting RN said...

oh wow u went paint balling for a long time lol. ouch that bruise looks bad! i love your jacket though

lol @ cinderella boooty! i love your pics! so clear & nice

<3 tingy

♥ Miss Nikka said...

Ouch, Im soo scared to go paintball my sis invites me all the time and im such a pussy to go..Im sure its fun but I dont wanna end up bruised!

You and your girls looks fab!

LCzinha said...

Paintball... I would love to do that but I think I rather jump out of a plain before doing paintball... lol... The pain is something I don't know I can take. lol!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Your night out looked like tons of fun! I have your bag in the 25 version.

And I cannot believe you did paintball you crazy girl. I'm glad you survived with just that welt or two...looks so painful!

J-Ezzy said...

@ Aleksis - Trust me, I was pretty scared! But I sucked it up and now I can say I've done it! They're all going again in two weekends...I declined that invitation and all future ones, haha. My bro and hubby however will go.

Thank you!!! Yes, Toni is too freakin hot!

@ Ivette - Yay, another gal that has played paintball!! Thank you hun :) (The sunglasses were like $5 at Ross...I easily scratch sunglasses and I lost a $400 pair at a bar once, or stolen, so I save my expensive one's for special occasions only)

@ Suzanna - This is most def the DC area!! Leesburg, VA is a really nice area, rural in many parts. Good luck with work!!

@ TKOmulatta - You're right, it does look like the roads in NC! I used to go A LOT with my family and church (we'd go there every few months to start churches) and we also went for the beaches :)

Thank you :) I haven't cut my hair in almost a year and before that a couple years...I do however need some extensions to build some body, not a lot, just a hint!

@ Patricia - We went right after a storm had passed so it was downright muddy all over the place!! Imagine diving into the mud and kneeling in it! Tons of fun :) You should make some time to go, there's no need to go as a private party, you can just join the general games! Let me know if you go!

@ ting RN - haha, yeah and the rest of the group played for two more hours! Thank you (F21, it's 50% off now!) Thanks, chica!!

@ Miss Nikka - You should go, at least once!! Thank you :D

@ LCzinha - Trust me, you can take it! It's a lot of fun, just be prepared for a workout!

@ PetiteAsianGirl - It was!! I wanna add a new LV to my collection, I just wonder which one out of all the one's I want! What I really want is a XL Caviar Chanel bag...I can only dream for now!

I did survive! The welt was no fun, never in my life had I bruised like that! Maybe as a kid, but that's expected, haha. I just hope I don't scar :(

Thanks for the comments ladies!!!

Have a beautiful day!!!

Hollywood said...

I love Paintball even if it's painful I love the "Lara Croft" feeling that I have when I roll on the floor with my weapon lol (not always necessary I just do that for the style). The Bruise doesn't look good sorry it must hurts !
You looked hot with your friend and I love your Speedy =)

J-ezzy said...

@ Hollywood - Lara Croft feeling, that's right!!! It was kinda exhilarating, it was super muddy from the storm that passed through the night before. Yes, hun, the bruise dis hurt, it hurts very little now and itches...I think a scar is developing!

Thank you, Chloe!!!


ellinelle said...

OMG ..paintball ! I am just so scared of it so I never even tried ..but I dont think I would like , it seems too painful but you never know maybe if I would try it would change my thoughts ..
You look soooo beautiful ..btw I really like the picture in your logo , the right one up , I'm very curious about jacket /? / or something else you wearing there ..looks fab ..I want it as well : )))

have a wonderful day ..

JoMakeMeBlush said...

Tienes guevos Janine! That looks effin' painful. I had to scroll down from that picture quickly. Hasta a mi me dolio. Haha

Anyhow you look fab as always. Loving the speedy!

Also lmao @ the backseat pic. They were knocked the f* out.

J-Ezzy said...

@ ellinelle - You should always try something once!! Thank you!!! That's my favorite coat!! It's a Marc New York Cashmere Blend button down coat (falls below my behind). I bought it at TJ Maxx a couple years ago :) I did my best to google it and nothing!! Sorry :(

@ JoMakeMeBlush - pahahahaha, huevo's!! Honey, I have 3 brothers, I know how to rough house, but as soon as it gets tough, I cry and blame the men for being insensitive, PAHAHAHA. Ay mujer, de verded, dolio!!!!!

Gracias!! I love that speedy, I take it everywhere!

OMGosh, they girls were knocked the eff out!!! It was a big night, I don't blame them!

XOXO my lovely ladies :)

bananas. said...


i've never gone paint balling and i'm not sure i ever will! that looks painful!

but the other part of the post, you know the going out part...LOVE! you look fantastic! we half breeds do it right ;)

J-Ezzy said...

@ bananas. - I know you'll tell me if you ever do choose to go. Make sure to contact me before you go, so I can give you some pointers :)

Thank you, chica ;)


Iva said...

OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!!!! I've always wanted to try paintball!! BUT I've heard about it being so painful!! oiy pain = not fun!! lol

Hope you are having a nice week :)

Makeup Mama said...

Haha, and that confirms why I will never do paintballing. Bruises take FOREVER to heal on me. That I'm too lazy. lol.

Thanks for all the lovely comments...but Lady L is supposed to contact me? uh oh did I do something wrong?? lol.

Aninha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aninha said...

I played paintball once, and i was shot on my finger, and the guy was pretty close to me, it hurts like hell. I'll never do that again! haha is so painfull.
Loved the pics btw :)

J-Ezzy said...

@ Iva - haha, yeah, the pain comes with the adrenaline, it hurts more as the adrenaline level goes down!

Thanks hun, you too!!

@ Makeup Mama - haha, yeah, bruises suck!! Yeah, she should be contacting you!! You didn't do anything wrong :)

@ Aninha - The guy who shot me was shot in the hand TWICE, it hurts, but since it hits bone, it doesn't hurt like the addomen where there's no bone! I was also cramping...bad day to get shot! haha



inked said...

when I went paintballing .... I left with a bruise too.. haha. you look gorgeous girl!

Tiffany said...

what fun photos! Looks like you had a great time. And OUCH! that bruise looks killer!

J-Ezzy said...

@ inked - I'm sorry! Bruises come with the territory I suppose, lol. Thanks so much!!!

@ Tiffany - We did, the scar in the shape of the actual paintball still isn't gone!! It's been two weeks :( I hope it goes away, it'll be a WEIRD scar...

thanks for coming by and commenting ladies, XOXO

Tamara Nicole said...

Ok I have always wanted to apint ball, and I like to think I'm tough, but man that bruise looks painful! You go girl, and love the fun pics:-)

Isabella said...

Ouch! that looks quite paintful :(
Amazing blog!
please check out my blog!
i'm sure you will love it!
follow if u like ;).

J-Ezzy said...

@ Tamara Nicole - If I could do it cramping, anyone can do it! I didn't even take pain meds (prolly b/c I prefer less drugs in my system), regardless, it's tons of fun! Thanks!

@ Isabella - Thank you!! I will check out your blog!


Sandra. J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DarlingV said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to tell me about those wipes, I'M GOING TO BIG LOTS later on today lol. You look so beautiful, it looks like you and your friends had a great time ^_^! Girl I bruise so easily, sometimes I'll find a bruise on me and not even know how it got there I think it would be best for me to stay away from paint-balling, even though it seems like tons of fun lol.

J-Ezzy said...

@ Sandra J - Thank you! $5 sunglasses from Ross!!

@ DarlingV - of course!!! Go here for a pic of the one's I bought

Thank you, V! I think it's true what ppl say, women bruise easier. It's worthwhile to do at least once in your life (and it gets harder the older you get, haha)

Vanessa&Denise said...

that bruise looks painful!

come check out and follow my fashion blog!

DSK said...

dang girl! paint balling looks dangerous! lol

Thanks for the hair extension link :) I appreciate! I'm going to try and learn about Roth IRA's and share the knowledge :) I wish I had a job where I could invest in a 401k! It sounds snazzy ;)

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

@ Vanessa & Denise - Following, chica!

@ DSK - It can be dangerous, just make sure you use you goggles!!

No prob, chica, I can't wait to buy some myself (I have long but VERY fine hair) so I need body and I think clip in extensions are the way to I need to learn how to attach clips on my own!

haha, 401K's and IRA's are both snazzy! I invest very aggressively, I have quite a lot of time ahead of me, so I take those chances :D

ChYmEc!nDy** said...

I love your blog. I am now a follower.

Ms. Chyme said...

Photos so amazing!

TheSlimGirl said...

I like paintballing!

Harsha said...

I hope you'll be okay soon.

Couture Carrie said...

So fun, darling!
Love these pics!!



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