Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Calling all bride-to-be's!! Bridal Event Announcement!!

Sisters, let me tell you, planning my two weddings on my own was no easy feat (they were two months apart). I didn't sleep and lost 20 lbs whilst eating like a pig. If you need a resource to get you through this tough time, please do yourself a favor attend my friends bridal event

Don't make the same mistake I did when I thought I could do everything on my own, I wanted all the control and credit. Trust me, no one is going to pat you on the back, weddings are supposed to be a time of complete & utter bliss, don't spoil it by doing it solo. Basically, don't be a hero!

So if you're in the DMV/Northern VA area, don't miss out! Click here for all the details. 
Taken from the website:

March 21, 2010: 11 o’clock
Long View Gallery
1234 Ninth Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

Join us March 21, 2010 at Long View Gallery

...for the definitive wedding event for the stylish, modern bride 
A distinctive collection of D.C’s best bridal resources, brought together for a day full of unique inspiration for the sophisticated, savvy bride-to-be.  A Chic Affair presents discerning brides-to-be with tools for timeless elegance presented with an eye for style and the unexpected.
Indulge in a cake and champagne tasting, hors d’oervres and lite bites, cocktails, a formal runway presentation from the world’s most sought after designers, the best resources in the city, our always highly anticipated runway show … all before leaving with a lavish gift bag and sleek take-home planning tool… not to mention the inspiration to help discerning brides and grooms-to-be, planners and event professionals create your own exceptional event. 
Explore these pages to learn about everything you can't miss at this year's event!


Miss P said...

J, how are you going to post an invite to an event 3 days away?! Lol...kidding! I'm in one of my friend's wedding in April and she would looooove to go to something like this. Too bad it's in DC (*sigh*)! She loves bridal shows and events. And yeah, I think she's doing most of the planning herself (with the help of her mom). She seems to be holding up ok though...

P.S., Since you have the experience of planning your own 2 weddings...I know who to call now when D and I start planning ours! Lol...and I'll have 2 weddings too...

J-Ezzy said...

Epic Fail!!! I just got notice today ;-)

There are so many events here...I refused to go to any b/c I thought someone was just gonna rip me off & convince me I don't know any better, hahaha.

I hope the best for her!!!

I am gonna be a huge resource for you (at least I hope I am!) when you're ready for me :) Just call me :)

BTW - Good luck with the April wedding!!!
I love being in weddings, most people say they don't =/
Sadly, no one wants me to be a bridesmaid :( I think I've been a bm twice, and for one of the weddings I didn't even know the bride until I was invited to be a bm by another bm, haha, and the bride that did know me had a fabulous wedding by the water, I'll never forget that wedding *sigh* (there's a long story behind her and why she won't talk to me anymore...) :(

Young, Fabulous, and Pregnant said...

2 weddings? You can come plan mine for me, lol.

Couture Carrie said...

Sounds like a fab event!

Thanks for the sidebar link, darling!


J-Ezzy said...

@ Young, Fabulous, and Pregnant - My email is on the sidebar, hit me up when the time comes!!! Oh yes, 2 weddings, can you imagine the stress?!

@ Couture Carrie - But of course, hun!!!

XOXO to all my lovely ladies :)

glitteryeyesxx said...

Ohhh, thanks so much for this post! My bff is getting married within a year, I'm sure this will come of great use to her.

How are you, babe? Isn't the weather in the DMV sooooo beautiful today??? I just came back from Tyson's after a HEFTY lunch (or is it brunch time now?? Lol) I'm chillin' inside on my laptop like a loser, but wanted to check up with you!

Oh yesssss, Cutesygirl CAN SUCK IT, as far as I'm concerned. You said you come from a Customer Service background? You know that even if you KNOW the customer is wrong (which clearly, in this case I was not) least you should *pretend* you even care about the customer's complaint. 11 days and that Jaclene girl finnnaaaallly wrote me back...(only 14 days to return anything with them) see how they're trying to PLAY AROUND with me?? But whatever, at least I did my part and tried to warn other beauty bloggers about what a scam this company is. :)

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!! =)

J-Ezzy said...

@ glitteryeyesxx - I'm glad to hear that!!!

This weekend was plain bliss!!! I have hardly been home, I've been out and about! It was definitely brunch time ;-) You aint no loser!

I'm still in shock as to what happened with CutesyGirl =/ so disappointed!

I hope the rest of your weekend was fabulous!! mines was :)


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