Monday, April 19, 2010

Queen of Random!

Due to the Project 365 that I'm doing, I'm doing my best to take meaningful shots every day (sometimes I don't find one! That's where I need to improve, lol). Here you'll find some shots I deem semi worthy of posting!


If it's Sunday I want to catch up with sleep but I also want to go to Service, so what do I do? I wake up with barely enough time to shower and leave for the 11 am service. Here's how you'll typically find me if you go to church with me, it's an uber simple look!
2010-03-21 OMW to Church
I was simply wearing liquid eyeliner and MAC e/s in Green-Smoke (Lustre)...funny story about this e/s, I never meant to buy this, my MAC MUA accidentally put it on my tab and put it in my bag =/ I'm positive somebody else was buying it and my rep took it, lol. I  didn't notice until I got home, I was like, hugh, where'd this come from, as it turns out it's not so bad, let's see if I'll keep it. Goes to show how often I read my receipts before signing at MAC...I look at all of my receipts everywhere I go, but at MAC I never do! Anyone else do that at a specific store?


G & I had his nephew's bday to attend @ the Germantown Indoor Swin Center, which is SICK, I need to go back since I missed the actual pool party and only made it to eat =/ (we were at the mother in law's house helping around, hence why we were late).

You can click on the photo for credit for the photos:
G & I took his X5 (which I prefer driving over my car!)
2010-03-21 EJ's Bday
Wearing Aldo sunglasses and a Banana Republic Shift dress with an exposed zipper in the back.
2010-03-21 EJ's Bday
When we got there we immediately gave EJ his gift, he was ecstatic!!
2010-03-21 EJ's Bday
He loved his cake, like most young kids, he wanted to eat it and not blow out candles! haha
2010-03-21 EJ's Bday
2010-03-21 EJ's Bday
2010-03-21 EJ's Bday
2010-03-21 EJ's Bday
2010-03-21 EJ's Bday


I had a makeover done a couple days after the Liberty of London release and here's what the MUA came up with!
2010-03-14 MAC Makeover on Sunday
She tried her best to convince me an eyebrow pencil would work best for me, I beg to differ, unless YOU all think the eyebrows look good. Maybe my issue is I'm not used to seeing them filled in so maybe everything looks bad to me =/
2010-03-14 MAC Makeover on Sunday
I don't remember where I was going, all I know is I put my Liberty of London new items to use!
2010-03-20 Saturday Random
2010-03-20 Saturday Random
I know, my eyebrows are a mess, I haven't had them done since this post with Miss P! Her post was done in a more timely fashion, you can check it here.

So there you go, enjoy lovelies!


PetiteAsianGirl said...

How funny about the e/s! I always check my receipts because I'm paranoid like that, but I guess this was a happy story in the end because it looks good!

My eyebrows are my weakest point... I used to fill em in with smashbox brow shadow until I ran out and stopped caring. If you feel the penciled look is too strong you could try shadow but I'm sure you already have!

TKOmulatta said...

Your nephew is so cute !

I think the MUA did a great job on your makeover, the eyebrows don't look bad at all to me, but I like your natural eyebrows too. The look you did is beautiful as well!

I love your shades!!!

Most of the time I always watch any sales person ring up each thing, no matter where I am.

Hollywood said...

Janine !!! you are so pretty even makeupless !!!!! Funny story about your eyeshadow lol I wish she would just had put it in your bag for free lol !!!!


Ebru said...

You seriously ARE so pretty! With or without make-up! I wish I could go out without make-up but I just can't! Some people just can't pull of the au natural look, like me! I also loveeeeeeeeee your hair, so pretty. I think the makeover was great, you look gorge! I think the color she used on your eyebrows was a bit reddish though, I think she should have used something brown/blacker, but that may be just me, if you like it then no problemo! :)

ellinelle said... are so beautiful naturally beautiful ..and that's so great ..I wish I could post my picture without any make-up ..he he ..I wish ..

kimber doll said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the purple Liberty of London look!!! Also that purple dress from Banana, such a great color!

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty in all of the these pictures and I love the shift dress color on you. It looks wonderful. You nephew is so cute with his little bowl cut. :) Keep up the randomness! lol

JoMakeMeBlush said...

such great photos! Looks like a lot of fun too. The makeup look the MA created on you is very pretty. Purples suit you well :) i like your brows the way you usually wear them. She was tripping trying to sell you that brow pencil. I don't think you need it honestly.

:) btw you have the most perfect teeth. So random haha

Take care girl!

bananas. said...

i love your banana republic dress...well what i can see of it anyway. haha.

that swim center place does look sick. holy moly! shoot, i want to celebrate my birthday there too!

Kate Gene said...

You look amazing, girlie! I love what the MAC artist did. Honestly, I like your brows either way.

Your dress is so classic. Most of my clothes are from BR! It was my favorite place to shop when I was workin' corporate!

Shoot... I'm like EJ... Blowing into candles cuts into my eating time! Ha ha! ;) I kid, I kid. I love blowing out birthday candles! That cake looks delicious!

Ugh... I am the worst Blogger friend EVER! I'm slackin' on my bloggin' pimpin'! Ha ha! Let's chat soon!


Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

@ PetiteAsianGirl - I guess I don't check @ Nordie's since their return policy is freakin awesome and I go there all the time, everywhere else, I COUNT the items I gave them and I look at the receipts "item count". You have no idea how many times I've saved my husband money at the register, "honey, that was half off!", cashier : "oh, you're right!", me: "tehehehe"

I was Ulta forever last night and tried Urban Decay's and Benefits "eyebrow" boxes and I loved both (for the first time in my life...) so I think I'll invest in one of those with an Ulta coupon (which I didn't have handy).

You should go try those out and you may be motivated to fill them in again :)

@ TKOmulatta - Awww, thank you!!!! You should read my comment above...I'm only non-OCD when I'm at Nordies, lol.

@ Hollywood - Honey, thank you!!!! I was hoping I wasn't charged for I checked my receipt and it was there, lol. oh well!

@ Ebru - oh my, thank you, ma!! Yes, I agree, I like the eyebrows, but don't love em, I think a browner color would have worked better. I think I'm buying a powder for my eyebrows soon :) I tested our Urban Decays and Benefits last night @ Ulta :)

@ ellinelle - awww, thank you, hun!!! I was lucky my rosacea wasn't acting up that day! I can't do that every day, some days I still go bare faced and people ask if I'm sick, haha.

@ kimberdoll - thanks!! I'm a big fan of purple, haha. I really do love the eyeshadows I picked up!!! The dress is very simple and I look a little fat in it...I wasn't comfortable taking a full body shot that day =/ It's very likely I'll wear it again and I'll try to take a body shot :D

@ Ivette - He's a very sweet little boy! Thank you!! I'll try to wear it again and do a body shot ;-)

@ JoMakeMeBlush - Thank you hun, that's why you'll see I normally do purples on my eyes, it feels like brown washes me out, I'm trying to improve my skills in applying neutrals, a la Jo' (say this in a Frenchie accent or it won't make any may still not make any

If you only knew the drama I've been through with my teeth! Luckily the one thing I didn't need were braces, that was a blessing in itself!! Thank you, mujer! Te cuidas ;-)

@ bananas. - thanks, nena!! as I explained above I was not feeling a body shot that day =/

I know, right!?! I must go back to that pool and actually get in, the pictures really do it no justice since the water fountains were turned off, water is going all over the place when it's on!!

@ Kate Gene - I was wondering if I'd need a new Pimp, lol!! Thank you, KG!! I like BR, but I prefer buying their classics on ebay since I never find anything I want on sale in the store! Of course what I'm buying is like 3 seasons old, haha.

I think in the end he just wanted to play with batman XD. That cake was soooo freakin good, my gut appreciated it too!

Yes, we need to chat soon!!! I've been so busy, I have a few gals to catch up with, I feel sooo guilty =/

To all you lovely readers, thank you!!! I've been beyond busy (and sick) so I haven't left the blogging world (in case you were wondering). Have a great week, ladies!!


naturalnchicmakeup said...

Beautiful looks. I especially love the first one b/c you look radiant and fresh with minimal makeup.

Kate Gene said...

You've been sick, too? Ugh... It's really starting to go around. The nurse practitioner I was coughing so much during my appointment, she actually had to leave the room. I am pretty sure I caught what she had!

HA HA HA! I'm always down to be your pimp. I split things 95/5. That might not seem like much, but I handle all the marketing and security. XD

My best friend's fiance had a Batman cake a couple of years ago. He seriously ripped the toy off right away like a little kid and kept it. LOL!

Get some rest! We'll talk when we're not sick!

Couture Carrie said...

Hi gorgeous!
Love your eye makeup and that pink BR dress!

And that cake is too awesome!


Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

@ naturalnchicmakeup - Thank you!!

@ Kate Gene - Oh yes, but not with a cold, it's something that just makes me weak and think I have a cold, but I don't really, jaja. I'm so sorry your cough is that bad!!! I haven't had pre-pneumonia in years, but I remember the coughs!

5%, not bad, your marketing and security is well worth it!!

ROFL XD @ your friends fiance!!!!!

Later gator! (umm, not literally!)

@ Couture Carrie - Thank you, the dress is also comfortable!


The Petite Blogger said...

love the aldo sunnies!!! and nice makeup!!!!!!!!!
xoxo jenna

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

@ The Petite Blogger - Thank you!!!


Cafe Fashionista said...

You always do your makeup so beautifully. And even with very little makeup on you are gorgeous - loving these pictures! And your nephew is ADORABLE!! :)

Nubiasnonsense said...

Your eye makeup looks great.. awesome pics.. cool blog

Chicstylista said...

your kid nephew is so so cute! I just want to pinch his cheeks! Your gorgeous by the way, your rushed up makeup is better than mine, because me I can barely apply liquid liner/eyeshadow if I'm in a hurry. I always want to figure it out how, I guess I put much effort doing my foundation than the rest. keep it up xoxo miki ♥
check out my blog

Madiha said...

You look gorgeousss in this! I have just started the blogging business myself, Would loove for you to check out my blog and follow if you like it :)


Marina e Camilla said...

You are very beautiful!!!!
Cami e Mari

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

@ Cafe Fashionista - You are too sweet, thank you! *blushing*

@ Nubiasnonsense - Thank you so much!

@ Chicstylista - Foundation is quite important, you don't wanna rush that! Thanks!!

@ Madiha - Thank you! I'll do that.

@ Marina e Camilla - Thank you!!

Hope you all had a great weekend & have a great week!!


htbui said...

cute =)


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