Monday, April 26, 2010

Potential new loves

As I was strolling in my really sucky dollar tree, I found a huge section 98% empty, what was in that section? Face wash cloths to remove makeup for $1!! This is the first time I've seen them at my dollar tree and I am hoping they bring them back due to the obvious sell out (as long as they work and don't dry out my skin)!

Since Big Lots is a bit out of my way, I haven't been able to pick up more of the Epielle Makeup Remover Cloths (that I adore) in over a month and those cloths have seriously spoiled me, my night feels incomplete without them. Did I mention Epielle costs $1 @ Big Lots?! I had bought tons of them and gave most away.

Here are the one's I picked up
2010-04-25 Royal exfoliating facial wipes/makeup remover

Moving on to the next item I can't wait to try (but I haven't washed yet, so I can't use it) is Sonia Kashuk's Flat Top Multipurpose Synthetic Brush. I'm planning on using this brush for liquid foundation & blush! Did I mention I think the brush is HOT?! It's only $15 at Target!!

2010-04-25 Sonia Kashuk synthetic flat top multipurpose brush
2010-04-25 Sonia Kashuk synthetic flat top multipurpose brush
I love how dense this brush is and how perfectly soft it is (not overly soft).
2010-04-25 Sonia Kashuk synthetic flat top multipurpose brush
2010-04-25 Sonia Kashuk synthetic flat top multipurpose brush
2010-04-25 Sonia Kashuk synthetic flat top multipurpose brush
2010-04-25 Sonia Kashuk synthetic flat top multipurpose brush

Anyone else love Sonia Kashuk's makeup brushes or have some affordable makeup remover cloths to recommend?



TKOmulatta said...

I have tried a few different makeup removal wipes... and the only ones I actually really liked were the Neutrogena brand ones. Maybe I'll take a look around my Dollar Tree now though.

Great pictures! Sonia Kashuk's professional brushes are almost always outta stock at my Target, but the brush looks great, I've been wanting one of these to try with liquid foundation as well... my wish list is so long. sigh.

Aleksis said...

I love that sonia kashuk brush! LOVE it! I was using target's version of ponds wipes for a long time, but finally gave in to purchasing MAC's expensive a$$ wipes after finding them at the CCO and I truly do love them for my dry skin..think they were $13? I wish they would lower the price because they are just wipes...I have a big lots super close to me so I'll have to try the ones you like!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Lol! You said you were going to avoid the sucky dollar store, but I see you could not resist. And wow that is a great product for $1...30 wipes?? A month's worth of clean face for just $1, I am sold. I just used abrasive paper towel and warm water, sadly.

Cheryl♥ said...

$1?!?! Such great finds! I found facial wipes for $1 at my local dollar store and they dried out really quick in the package :( Hope these work for you!

Hollywood said...

Hum that brush looks really appealing lol and 30 wipes for a dollar? lol I need this even if I don't really =)

Tammy said...

I usually use the generic version of Neutrogena wipes..Target or Walmart brand.

Everytime I go to Target I play with this brush, but I always think it will be too's so pretty though.

Diane said...

I only have one Sonia Kashuk brush but I love it! It's a big fluffy blush brush and I use it everyday. I've been wanting a flat dense brush so I might go to Target to check out that one.

I like the Garnier Fructis makeup remover cloths and the Kirkland brand makeup remover clothes- for $12 you get four 30packs, and two 15pks, so total of 150 wipes. The bad part is they are only available at Costco.

bananas. said...

lately i'm been using baby wipes to remove makeup. it works alright. i'll have to check out big lots though cause a $1? hot damn that's cheap!

Kate Gene said...

I use Costco's Kirkland wipes to remove my make-up. I really like them! The Neutrogena ones were nice, but too pricey for this little lady!

I have heard the best things about Sonia Kashuk brushes, but have yet get any! It's surprising, because other than my Sigma brushes, I only own drugstore brands. I want this brush, pronto!

Ugh... I have three hours to clean the house, get ready, go to the store, pick up the hubby, and get to the doctor's. Mission Impossible. LOL!

Miss♥Nikka said...

I use Up & Up Target Brand makeup remover wipes. They smells like cucumber and gives my face a fresh feeling to it. I love it! I used up a pack that had 30 wipes for less than 4 bucks. But the dollar ones you got is way cheaper..i want to try them myself, only if i could find them at my dollar store.

So much great things ive heard about these sonia kashuk brushes. i cant believe why i dont own any yet. haha.

Ebru said...

You must try Sonia Kashuk's eyeliner brush, it's amazing! It's bent, so it makes application so much easier than regular brushes! Love that one. I always used Neutrogena make up remover cloths and recently bought Yes to Cucumber ones which I don't recommend, so stay away from those. Neutrogena does the job pretty good and is super affordable. However, I want to give MAC wipes a shot as well. I know they are expensive but they come in larger packs, so I think the cost is pretty much the same as other ones in drugstores (those usually come in packs of 30)

Daisy Dukes said...

I used to love Big Lots when I was back in the states!


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