Saturday, February 6, 2010

Time was of the essence! MAC & F21, Oh My!

I left work very late a few days ago and I had one whole hour to return a jacket at F21 and I decided to get a couple accessories and drop by Nordies MAC counter. Here's what I picked up:
F21 makeup brushes & eyelashes
The brush laying down is the softer of the two.
I didn't really glue these on, I just laid them atop my lashes (super stiff and plasticky)
2/1/10 F21 Eyelashes
Then I started to have fun with the shots
2/1/10 2/1/10 2/1/10 2/1/10 2/1/10 2/1/10
MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
I was afraid it was too little powder for too much money, the MUA assured me it would last a long time, she claims she's had hers for over 2 years and still going!
Softest powder I've even encountered!
"A silky finishing powder that provides an invisible way to set makeup. Reduces shine while optically minimizing the look of pores, lines, imperfections. Available in one universal colour that suits all shades. Wear over makeup or on bare, moisturized skin."
I mainly picked this up to set my MAC moisturecover concealer (under-eye), which I attempted to set with every powder I own and the results were horrendous. Granted, it takes less than 40 seconds for it to crease on me, so I have to work fast to set it, but when I do set it with this powder, it's beautiful!!
This powder is very finely milled, softer than any other powder I have encountered!! Will I repurchase? Yes, hopefully in two years time!

So ladies, what do you use to set your under-eye concealer? Have you tried this powder, if so, has it become your HG powder?

btw- about 15 inches of snow is on the ground so far, we may be hitting 30 inches by tonight, the Dec 19th storm was the 7th largest snow storm, this may very well be #1. I just hope people don't lose power/water and that they all have something to eat. The lines at grocery stores for the past couple days have been super duper long and shovels have been sold out for days. I was luckily let out of work at noon and got a chance to go home before I got stuck at work without a car and without public transportation. All buses were told to stop running @ 9 pm Fri night and won't begin to run again until Sunday at earliest. I don't know why, but I'm really loving this storm, even though the wind is blowing like I've never seen and the snow is pilling up higher than I've ever seen, there's a certain peaceful feeling to it. If you are affected by this storm and you're told not to drive, please take their advice. Last Saturday it snowed about 8 inches and I must have seen at least 15-20 accidents. Please be safe everyone!



Lorien BeautyLove said...

o wow those makeup brushes look gorgeous!!

im planning a trip to the snow at the moment :) woop woop! cant wait to go snowboarding!!

Kate Gene said...

You are too cute! I love the pictures where you are posing with your pink brushes!

I'm glad to see you reviewed the powder you picked up. Did you see Natty's post about the Bare Escentuals stuff she uses under her eyes? I want to get that! She found it on eBay for ten bucks!

Oh, man... You stay safe on those roads! Stay in if you can! I will definitely be online tomorrow; I'm sure I'll catch you then. One of Sean's offices in Indianapolis closed down because of the weather. I told him about what was going on in your city, and he was shocked!

Now is the time to cozy up on the couch with G and a good movie!


J-Ezzy said...

@ Lorien BeautyLove - They're really quite fun to carry around and they were cheap, less than $5 each I believe. You know, this weekend I was supposed to be at a Ski Lodge with a group of friends and then this storm hit and we can't leave :( Oh well, we'll have to plan another trip soon. Have fun! I know snowboarding is harder than skiing.

@ Kate Gene - haha, thanks :D, I had fun in the process :)

Yes, I really want that powder!!!! I will do some Ebay searchin'

Oh, I'm not touching the roads, my butt is indoors! :) Yeah, the storm is wild =/ Never do we get let out of work, EVER, it takes a record breaking storm to get us out early.

Yes, today was a good day, spent lots of time with G and ate a lot, lol.


Kate Gene said...

Good! I'm glad that you guys got to spend some time together! Y'all needed that! Did you cook?

Sorry I kind of cut you off earlier... My phone kept ringing and then my sisters showed up. It was a bit crazy! I had a good day though.

I wonder how much that B. E. powder is normally? Don't their powder products typically run $18.00 - $25.00?


Miss P said...

Woman! I've been looking for those Forever21 brushes foreeeever!! They're online but I'm not willing to pay $7 for shipping on brushes that cost $4. And everytime I go to the store, they're never there! I'm glad you told me which one was the softer one! And the first pic of your silly face with the brushes is too cute!

I ABSOLUTELY love my MAC Prep + Prime works miracles. I think we have the same oily t-zone problems, so I know you'll like it. A little bit on your brush is all you need and that small jar will last a long time, so don't worry!

And I'm down to go to Tyson's Corner anytime!! That mall is damn big, they had to make 2! Haha! As soon as it gets warmer again, I'm going to plan a trip to the DMV area!

Hollywood said...

I think you look SO ADORABLE lol the one with the pink Brushes is so cute =)

J-Ezzy said...

@ Kate Gene - G cooked! Velvetta mac + cheese shells, and a nice big steak, yummm! Girl, no need! Family first :) Glad you spent time with the sisters!
I'm guessing that powder runs in that range. I'll look into it!

@ Miss P - I'm sorry, babe! I wasn't even looking for it, it was just sitting there while I waited to return a jacket, which then turned into an exchange, haha. I was scared for a minute, see, I ran to F21 with like 3 minutes before they closed and I saw a big WE'VE MOVED sign, WHAT?! I freaked out!
Then I ran upstairs and asked the cashier why they were in a smaller location, she said they were remodeling the other location to turn it into a 2 level store, I almost passed out!
This place is literally 7 minutes from me...I'm too excited. See, I always go to a F21 at another mall (which is further away) b/c they're bigger and more organized. We'll see how the remodel turns out!

I say NO to $7 shipping, hence why I've held off to ordering online recently. Thank you!!! I am plain silly, hun.

You sold me on it, I wanted to order ELF's HD powder, but I just wanted something that I knew would work NOW, I'll order their HD powder later down the line, but why mess with something that just WORKS?! Thanks again for recommending it!!

Add it to your calendar, I love Tysons!!

@ Hollywood - Thank you!!!! I had fun taking the pics :D

J-Ezzy said...

@ Kate Gene - The BE e/s is $18 plus taxes and shipping on the qvc website, but it's only for .03 oz. I think I found them for $17 for .06 oz on ebay :)

Anonymous said...

yeah i have this too, i bought when it came in the prep+prime collection and i still have A LOT! but i never use it as i don't see any difference but everyone raves about it! lol i just use msf natural to set my concealer & it works fine!

J-Ezzy said...

@ Crystal - Knowing MAC they wont' re-release that kit for another 10 years! Msf that that color you use or is there a color to it? I should ask the MUA about it next time I pass by Nordies!

Fre$h as $he Wannabee said...


Kate Gene said...

Mac and cheese and steak? OMG. Sounds like heaven to me!

My little sisters and I just chilled, watched TV, talked, and ate pizza. It was really nice of them to drive out; they live 45 minutes away (when there is no traffic). I <3 them!

Those lashes are the hotness! I wish mine looked that long! Sean's lashes are literally twice as long as mine, if not longer. They're also really thick. What the heck?!

P. S. LMBBO IS THE BEST VERSION OF LOL EVER. PERIOD. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

kimber doll said...

The make-up brushes are so cute! I'll have to check them out myself at Forever. Love your camera too, you can tell it takes really good pics.

J. said...

Oh, I love those brushes, so cute!

Tali said...

Those make-up brushes are too cute. Love the size of them they would be amazing for applying mac msf natural!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Your skin is ridiculous ... flawless and such a pretty olive color!! I envy latina complexions!


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