Saturday, February 6, 2010

First Youtube video!! - UPDATE

But it's not beauty related, wah wah! Sorry guys, I just wanted to show you some of the snow. G went out this morning and was stuck in a parking lot for 3 hours! He had to dig himself out, he dug out an area of at least 30x40 feet so his truck could get some traction, the snow is just sooo high =/
btw - forgive the double chin and medusa hair, I had it in a braid and it was just not cooperating!

Also, here are some shots from yesterday's snow (just the beginning!!)
2/5/10 2010 DC Snow Blizzard
Here's what I wore to get through the snow! Love these boots! Got them for $39 at Marshalls last Fall.
2/5/10 What I wore to walk in the snow!
I typically reserve the weekends to make pancakes and they turned out so good! I added some All natural Maple syrup sweetened with Agave.
2/6/10 Pancake
I love making instant coffee, I know that sounds tacky, but I do! I was too lazy to pull out the espresso machine to make espresso and froth my milk (that sounded
Here's what I used to prep my coffee.
I blended the sugar, evaporated milk and coffee crystals before adding the hot water.
2/6/10 Prepping my Instant Folgers Coffee
This is how it turned out!
2/6/10 Folgers Instant Coffee
This is what I've been listening to all day :)
2/6/10 iTouch
I've had such a great time at home, all I've done is eat, eat, eat, watch tv, barely logged onto my mac, clean the kitchen, take a loooong bubble bath and record the 1 minute youtube video. I created one a few months ago but it was 11.5 minutes (max time is 10 minutes) and I don't know how to edit the video...even though I know I have the proper applications to do so...ugh, I really need to do some research so I can finally post that video, funny thing is I don't even remember what was on it, I may not want to post it anymore. Okay, now I'm just rambling (as you can tell by my video).

So, the question here is, should I start youtube videos? I'm scared of all the negativity. I've heard some people prefer a youtube channel v. a blog b/c it takes more time to update a blog, I can understand that, but I don't know if I wanna make the youtube jump just yet, and I def don't wanna let go of my blog. In the end, I have to just try to record some videos.
bahhh - I forgot to add the boba pictures, G & I picked this up before we honkered down at home, we couldn't go too long without one of these!
G got a Chocolate Smoothie with double Tapioca, I got the same but in Watermelon, sooooooooo yummy!!
2/5/10 Ran to grab some yummy boba!


Hollywood said...

Cute first video you are so pretty and I kinda like to see snow lol when it's not in my city =)

glitteryeyesxx said...

I HATE this weather!! :(

My wrists are hurting sooo bad from shoveling. I hope you're staying nice and warm, lol. I heard we're going to get more snow this upcoming Tuesday. I'm sooo ready for spring to come already!!!

I wonder if pizza can deliver tomorrow. I tried getting some today (hahahaahahha) and I couldn't even get further than the 1st page of Papa John's web site and it automatically stated "The restaurant you last ordered from is not taking orders at this time. Please select a new location". I hope they deliver tomorrow. Don't know how they'll be able to get into my neighborhood though! :p

J-Ezzy said...

@ Hollywood - Thanks, gorgeous!! I actually love the snow, I just wonder how much more it'll take for me to hate it =/ Looks like this was the 4th biggest storm to ever hit DC, the December storm was the 7th, so we've had a super strong winter this time around. With our luck, we'll have the most humid summer of all this year! Our summers are never ever pleasant, haha.

@ glitteryeyesxx - I"m lucky I don't have to snow, but I did for half of my life at my mom's house (I was the only one to do it...everyone else didn't care, haha) I hope you're wrists feel better (look up some stretch exercises on google). Awwww, I understand you! Like I said above, it doesn't bother me much, that doesn't mean I don't want Spring NOW.

I haven't left my house since I got home last night after getting boba (which I just noticed I forgot to post the pic, I just added it). Yeah, I'm pretty sure they'll deliver tomorrow. Even if it's a Nissan Sentra, I bet they'll try their best! I hope you get that pizza :)

J-Ezzy said...

errrr, I meant, I don't have to shovel, pahahaha. I need to go to bed and sleep more (I only got 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night)

Miss P said...

Great first video J! You're gorgeous! We finally get to put a voice with the face!! LOL. I've been getting a few video tutorial requests and I probably will post one up as soon as I figure out how to work my new webcam. I defintely think you should do a YouTube channel. I view those all the time to try to get some makeup tips. Love YouTube!

I love snow (as long as it's not accompanied by ice, sleet or hail!) Plain snow is just so beautiful! We got ice and snow last weekend and a lot of places where shut down. Blah!!

P.S. The pankcake looks yummy!! I want to make some now! Oink! Oink! (I'm such a pig)

J-Ezzy said...

@ Miss P - Aww, thank you hun! Pleaaaaase post some vids!!! I love how you do your makeup & hair!!! Thanks for the support :D

Yes, I totally agree, this snow was heavy and wet and it was a lot!! Not cool! last Saturday's snow started with ice and the roads were filled with ice and snow on top! It was so bad, people were sliding everywhere and even our SUV's were sliding, both of us in 4WD and with off road tires, haha. I laugh now, but it was so scary on the road! (we were on the road all day Saturday!)

Thanks, I could eat pancakes anytime, I really wanted to make crepes, but I ran out of the premade flour :( (you have no clue how much I ate today...I'm the piggy!)

Kate Gene said...

Hey, Miss Thang! I'm having trouble getting back on to GTalk! Are you still on? I'm gonna keep trying. If you're up, I'm home and just bumming around. Sean just left to go bowling, so I'm going to keep playing around with the camera!

I know I already said this, but I LOVE YOUR VIDEO! You're great in front of the camera! You didn't stutter or rush -- and you looked GREAT! I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say: WE WANT MORE! :D

I still can't believe how much shoveling G had to do. Poor guy! I'd just be screwed if I got caught in snow like that. I'd have to wait until it melted to get around. LOL!

Talk soon (I hope)!

Kate Gene said...

I'm gonna try to log in using my other account. You know my last name... It's part of my sn!

April said...

You are even cuter in (YouTube) person!! Love your boots! Glad you are safe and staying sane with all that crazy snow out there!!

Sarai said...

Love your blog! I nominated you for an award

Anonymous said...

num num bubble tea! lol you're so cute in your video! yikes that snow is dangerous! it's odd we have basically none in toronto...xoxo

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

there has been NO snow where i live this year. winter doesn't feel the same without snow! but then again, i hate the hassle that comes with snow so i shouldn't be complaining ;) your pancakes look delicious girl! perfect for a chilly day :D xx

The Beauty In Me said...

Great Video love!

Cant wait till more of your videos i subscribed!!!

i live in NYC and it didn't really snow a lot a we had maybe 1 inch or so of snow! But it was sooo cute!

Anyway, great post!!

J-Ezzy said...

@ Kate Gene - I'm sorry about the gtalk issues :( I've had that issue with my phone before, where it would keep saying wrong password, HAHA. It'll come back up soon, I promise! Like I said, I suck @ bowling, but I <3 it! Can't wait to see what you end up with!

You are TOOOOO sweet, I was never planning on actually doing it, I was grabbing my laptop to take to the living room and I said, hmmmm, I'll do a quick video, didn't practice or plan what I was gonna do, haha. I'm a rushed talker, so I'm surprised you said that! I'll try to do some more videos, maybe with outfits, I'm quite intimidated for tutorials, I'm not that great, I'd rather see a few other fellow bloggers do tuts, You, Miss P and K. Lo! I didn't see you online today :(

@ April - I love that, (YouTube) person, LOL. I swear I love talking, so I think blogging and now youtubing is what's keeping me from calling and harassing my friends pointlessly, haha. THANK YOU!!!!! Seriously, I didn't think they'd be warm, I thought that in general Coach boots were overpriced $15 boots, boy was I WRONG, they were def worth the $39, had I paid $125 like Marshalls is selling em at now, they'd STILL be worth it! Yes hun, I know how to hunker down and find stuff to do, I just had my second room emptied (I've had a long-stay guest) and all my stuff from storage was just dropped into my apartment and now I have A LOT to organize & clean!
@ Sarai - I'll check it out, ma!! Thank you!
@ Crystal - Yes, bubble tea, you have NO idea how addicted I am! I would have one everyday if I could! No snow, really? Ughh, we're supposed to get 10 inches again on Tuesday, we had 8 -15 inches 2 Sat's ago and this weekend's storm totaled 26 inches here...this is the craziest winter ever! THANK YOU, HUN!!
@ Anita - Is it normal to not have snow? The pancakes were num numm good!!!
@ The Beauty In Me - THANK YOU!!!! I subbed to you too, doll! An inch!!! So lucky! Like I said before, I really don't mind all this snow, as long as I have power, I'm okay :) I wanna go to NYC now...I just find the city so intimidating! I hate being confused in a big city, haha.

All of you are SOOO sweet, thanks for all the comments.


andrea said...

yummmy! pancakes and coffee sound so good right now! so does bubble tea!
btw, you're gorgeous! ;]

J-Ezzy said...

@ andrea - I want pancakes and pancakes NOW, haha, I won't sleep if I drink coffee now, hehe
thank you, GORGEOUS!

Kate Gene said...

Google has been giving me a lot of grief lately for some reason! Google Friend Connect especially. I actually probably won't be online for the next few days because we're moving! I wrote to the apartment management a couple days after we last talked and asked if we could move to a different unit because of all the issues we were having with our neighbors. They said yes! We move tomorrow, believe it or not! There is wifi and a room with two computers in our building, so I may log on there.

You seriously look awesome on camera! You sound well spoken and you don't rush! There is one girl I watch sometimes on YT and she talks SOOOO fast. She'll throw up a product and move it away before you can even tell what it is. LOL! You should do some tutorials! You did an awesome job on your friend! Miss P, K. Lo, Miss Natty, and Cheryl need to make videos, too. I need to get a MAC! Actually, we might have to get a new laptop soon because this one is on the fritz!

What are y'all up to this weekend? I hope you get to relax and spend some QT with G!

Lots of x's and o's! :)

J-Ezzy said...

@ Kate Gene - blogger is giving me grief, or maybe this is normal, I posted a post about an hour ago and still doesn't show up on google reader or blogger...but it is on BlogLovin, strange. I hope the google issues go away for you, sadly I don't think there's a support line that can help you personally, or is there?

I can't believe they let you move like that! I guess I need to complain more often ;-)

In real life, I rush everything and stumble over all my words and mix 3 words into 1, lol. I can't stand it when a youtuber shows the product for a millisecond, lol. Thanks though, dear :) Tuts, from me? Maybe, I doubt it, I'm such a noob! I agree with you WHOLE HEARTEDLY! Those chica's need youtube videos, I love them all. But it's hard work doing vids too, you know reviewing and adjusting them. I hope you get a new lappy soon!!!

I relaxed A LOT!!! V day weekend was awesome, I didn't take many pics b/c I just wanted to relax and nto really do much of anything, lol.



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