Thursday, February 25, 2010

Put your money up!

This will be a short post. Just wanted to show you the palette I was fooling around with on the mac website (btw - I do a lot of my shopping there, about 30% of my MAC purchases are on the website).
As you can see by the palette, I like conservative colors...I am still unsure if ordering this way is best, it comes out to $12.51/color (including tax and the palette) which is pretty good for Mac eye shadows. The palette totals $177.00. Since I just purchased the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland limited edition set today during lunch, I will hold off on buying a palette for some months now!

Has anyone else played around with the customizable palette's on the mac website?
By the way, I still love blogging! I know I haven't posted, but I swear I have been taking mad amounts of pictures and collecting reviews and event pics and more, lol. My life is going at a million miles per hour, so please bare with me and don't forget about me, pleaaaaase


Kate Gene said...

You got the UD Alice in Wonderland Book today? OMG! I am SO jealous! I'm surprised you were able to find it!

Yes, I have created many palettes in my day. I am dying to get my hands on a Shadowy Lady quad. has it, but no job = no pricey make-up! (It's actually marked down from what it used to be... Okay, I need to stop talking about it. I'm getting sad. LOL!)

Sorry I missed our chat today! I was laid out on the couch! I hate being sick!


Kate Gene said...

P. S. No one could ever forget J-ezzy!!!!

J-ezzy said...

Yeppers, it was the last one! :D I have a story about my customer service experience today...grrrr...I'll post it laterzzzz

I just looked up the quad, it's sooo pretty, I bet it'll be there later on :) How do I always forget this site exists?!?!

It's okay, I was SUPER busy today, walk about no time to do a #1, #2, #3 and beyond, lol. Just kidding, I don't think it goes beyond #3 :P

Ugh, I hate being sick too, I have a weakened immune system and I'm always getting sick :(

Shooo, new bloggers are pooping, oops, I mean, popping up every day!

Miss P said...

I'm into conservative colors just can't go wrong with them! All the colors you customized are great by the way! And I've never played around on the MAC website...that's probably a good thing. Playing around leads to purchasing! I'm so easily tempted when it comes to makeup.

And I agree with Kate Gene, how can anyone forget J-ezzy!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooooo, I didnt even know this existed, I will have to check i tout. Oh the things you learn on blogger! This maybe a dangerous discovery though. Blogger is really bad for consumers, it makes you want ot buy thing but its oh so good for the companies, I wonder if they realise this?

PetiteAsianGirl said...

I agree ^ didn't even know this existed! Thanks for sharing! The choices look amazing. I'm definitely with you on the conservative colors...those taupes and earthy tones look gorgeous. Those will probably be my starter colors. I don't own a SINGLE eyeshadow...don't laugh!

Beautygirl24 said...

Ha, you are just like me! Your palette looks very similar to the shadows I own. They are just wearable and easy! How do you like shadowy lady? I really want that one, as well as mystery and shale.

Hollywood said...

Omg that a GORGEOUS PALETTE... you got the Alice in wOnderland ? omg can't wait to see the swatches reviews videos pictures lol EVERYTHING =)

kimber doll said...

Ooooh, looks like fun!!! I will have to check that out myself =)

Jo' said...

I honestly am trying to stay away from MAC stores/counters/website and you are not helping jk


Sharlene Kay said...

Hi J-ezzy!
your so gorgeouss and what a beautiful palatte! i do this all the time totally determined on purchasing one of my creations but they always end in my shopping cart for months=/

i love the cranberry and knight divine colors

<33 Sharlene

J-ezzy said...

Added note & Tidbit about me - I didn't even know it was sold out anywhere, I saw it available online so I didn't worry when I saw it, but I was wondering why there was only one left, lol. I am quite the ditz and I try not to ask too many questions...I tend to embarass myself. I'm not allowed to talk when I'm drunk (seriously), lol. So this is why I just don't drink much.

@ Miss P - Isn't it so much easier to reach for conservative colors, especially for work, lol. Yes, playing around leads to purchasing, I decided to not customize a palette until I'm ready to commit! You too are too sweet, and I'm amazed I still have any followers at all. Thank you so much :D xoxo

@ Niki - Blogger really is! I am giving myself a ban, I think I'll do one month! Since I was locked up for soooooo long due to the snow I went mad crazy in the last 2 weeks! I wonder too, hmmm

@ PetiteAsianGirl - Your most welcome! To be honest, I never noticed you didn't wear e/s either, I always thought you looked perfect in pictures! I don't have that many e/s, the one e/s I had a lot of hope in were the ELF studio line e/s's, so far, big womp womp, I have tried every primer I own (Paint Pots, HIP paints, mary kay primer, and more), nothing has kept them from creasing into actual grease within a couple hours, I wanted to write a review on these for long time, but I wanted to wait and see if I found a primer that would make them worthwhile, so lets hope my new udpp (urban decay primer potion) does the trick.

@ Beautygirl24 - I didn't order it chica, I got the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland set instead, I'll hold off on this palette for a while :)

@ Hollywood - You will my dear, you surely will ;-)

@ kimber doll - Enjoy!!

@ Jo' - I'm quite the enabler, it's a serious problem ;-)

@ - Sharlene Kay - Awww, schucks, thank you hun!! You KNOW you are too, I love your page, creativity and posts!!

Thanks to all my loyal readers, you are appreciated!


Kate Gene said...

I read about your bad CS experience. How lame! Did you guys leave that server a tip? I act tough, but I always tip at least 20% - even for shoddy service. I'm a sucker! LOL!

Has been around for a long time? I have had that quad sitting in my basket for days now. LOL!

YOU HAD ME CRACKING UP WITH YOUR RESPONSE! #1, #2, AND #3?! POOPING INSTEAD OF POPPING?! LMBO!!!! I freakin' love typos like that! Yep, there are always new bloggers pooping. It's to be expected. BAHAHAHA! And shoot, you're not going to lose any followers. You're constantly gaining them! Your followers are always nominating you for awards! I have great readers, but a lot of them are around just for the giveaways. (The ones that have names like: IHAVEABLOGJUSTFORCONTESTS1982 are a dead giveaway! LOL!)


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