Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Watch

On a very very rainy Saturday, with Tornadoes swirling around (same storm system that hit NC very hard), couple of my buddies and I headed over to First Watch cafe for breakfast. We were depleted from shopping that morning, and me from my Brazilian wax. The whole day my mind was in the clouds from that wax. We had some amazing food and I have proof of how amazing it was...just look at the before and after!

Service here was awesome, food arrived fast despite being a full house with a wait. Food is super fresh, cage free eggs, while wheat pancakes the size of your large plate, for example. They have amazing reviews too. Reminds me, I need to write a review on them...

My waffle melted in my mouth, the bacon was good, the eggs were just so delicious *salivating*.

We spent the rest of the day house rental shopping, shopping and eating at Five guys along with amazing boba. My girls fiance was snooping around my car in the back seat and found an old picture of an older couple dated 1978...the lady looked so mean and creepy and the guy looked like he had "checked out" of life...very creepy. We threw it away after showing my hubs...gave me chills. That photo has been in my car since I bought it 4 yrs ago, no one until now found it. I have a feeling its what has made my car crazy. Engine died at 39,000 miles, battery died 3 times, fuse box is in need of replacement now ($1k repair), and more. Anyways, let's forget about my previously haunted car...

Happy Tuesday!

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-Betty said...

I love first watch, Best. Pancakes. Ever!

ellinelle said...

..waffles ..pancakes ..we dont need much sometimes for the happiness :)

..yum yum ..

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

omg! Food porn! That looks soooooooooo good! oh and did you mention something about a haunted car?! Wow, i'd love to read about that. =)

Bombchell said...

oh wow so its like a healthy ihop

elledee said...

gorgeous food!


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