Monday, April 18, 2011


My girl was back in town and despite the exhaustion, I stepped out to see her and have a good ol time. We met up with a group of about 10 gals which I know through her.

I was mixed up as another gal at least two times (in the first two pics w me)! I don't mind bc she's totally gorge and smart as heck! People say it was the hair, you be the judge.

had a great time despite the massive amounts of drunk college students, several that spilled beer and red drinks on me 3 times...and students that don't know how to use the word "excuse me". At least I had a great group and free cokes, guess the bartenders were disappointed I wasn't drinking, haha.

Location: Cornerstone Bar, College Park, MD

Update: My tendonitis is better but not 100%, still laying off from using my laptop since I'm already on the computer all day at work. Thanks to everyone who wished me a speedy recovery!

this is at the end of the night...where my hair fell flat and nasty---these cell phone flashes truly make me look like casper!
getting home
and my cutie patootie L.A.M.B. Clutch

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MissBrittanyBoo said...

You guys do look alike! Glad you had fun- Cornerstone is so hit or miss for me. I actually ate going there, lol, but all my friends love it. Im more of a lounge/club kinda girl- plus I like house music. I dont wanna go to the bar and listen to Hot 99.5 haha :)

Maybe I'll see you there sometime when my friends DRAG me to go lol

ellinelle said... look so beautiful , I love how the white blazer contrasts with the red clutch ..white blazer looks so super chic ( why I dont have one yet ? )

..I totally agree with you about unpolite people ..but that is great you had a wonderful night :)

PaulinaMo said...

your clutch is amazing, love Gwen Stefani!


Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

MissBrittanyBoo - Hit or miss is right, i've been one other time a few years ago and it was mad chill! my friends love it too, hahahaha - i loveeee house music!!! if i wanted to listed to hot 99.5 i'd party in my car, ROFL

ellinelle - you must get one!!! thank you so much, girl :) --- that's what i get for going to a college bar, shame on me for expecting more!

PaulinaMo - thank you :) it's as smooth as butter too!


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