Monday, December 13, 2010

Gotta love football games

and beer! in combination (or sometimes alone) they truly brings out peoples true personalities. i won't go into detail the craziness that went on this day but oh my was i embarrassed! check out the shots of us all having much too much fun and excuse the pictures, they were taken with my new sony bloggie video's not meant to take pictures.

Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01591
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01589
my hubby <3
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01586
i cheer for the bills since that's my hubby's team...i truly don't cheer for anyone...sadly i don't care that much for the sport (or many sports in fact)
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01577
we were pretty much pretty drunk at this point (her more than i, i only had two beers)...still not sure why we took pics in the bathroom
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01575
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01573
the sky was so beautiful
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01572
the bff and i <3
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01567
my brother...obviously a redskins fan (boooo) and in case you were wondering, my hubs was not the only bills fan there!
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01566
the cousin-in-law and i
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01564
bff and i again <3
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01563
Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins Preseason Game 8/12/10 ---- DSC01562
i don't even want to discuss the ending score to this game, it was so sad
what's truly sad was the shooting and fatal accident that occurred right after due to a robbery...several guys tried to rob a guy at an apartment complex and they were attacked by the owner with his gun and they tried to leave so fast in their car that they crashed head on with another car in front of the do i know? i passed by the apartment to drop off my brother, 2 minutes later i drove out the complex and i couldn't leave due to the accident. oi vey...when will people learn
a couple more shots from the pole dancing class
here's a preview of my weekend trip to Ocean City, MD for my gf's bday!
is everyone all set for christmas? i haven't wrapped a single gift, just had the tree put up last week and no xmas decorations in the house...i guess deep down inside i don't want to put up xmas decorations. i grew up without xmas so having xmas decorations in my house just feels tacky (i can get into that another day). i love it in everyone else's home, but in mines...ehhhh. i think i'll gradually get into the decorating spirit, give me a few more years!
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Miss C i n d i a * said...

Lol I have never been to a pro. football game, actually no pro games at all "/ glad you had fun even if they lost/you got drunk.

Hollywood said...

My Janine !!!!
Never been to a football game but I would love to, You look so pretty on your picturessss especially the ones with the poll

wintergurl said...

u really looks pretty and love the way you share story . Have a nice day :)

Kate Gene said...

I loooove football! My husband and I have a fantasy football league. He gets to go to a lot more games than I do, which is a bummer. Whether you like the sport or not, the crowd's energy always pumps people up!

That's really sad about the shooting/accident. My heart goes out to the people who were affected!

On a happier note, I love the funny drunken pictures. I wish I looked that good when plastered. My make-up is usually running down my face, my hair looks like it hasn't seen a brush in years, etc. Ha ha! I rarely drink, but when I do, my friends and I love taking pictures. (I've hidden my tagged photos on FB for a reason. LOL!)


Erika said...

Haha! We are so alike in regards to sports - I don't follow them myself, so I basically cheer for whoever someone tells me to cheer for! :P

TKOmulatta said...

your so beautiful! looks like tons of fun, i hope i get to go to a game in that kinda arena someday, although like you i'm not really a fan of sports...haha.

bananas. said...

ooh are speaking my language now! and hey your pics are awesome. that sony vid cam ain't too shabby after all.

re: the bounce lighting trick I did...ok you're gonna laugh. I used a piece of foil and wrapped it around the camera's flash to reflect the light upwards instead of straight forward. told you it was ghetto but it worked!

Pop Champagne said...

the pole dancing class seems so much fun, I had my first quick tutorial on it over the weekend for fun and I loved it. and so cool that you went to a live football game, I've never been and always wanted to go to one :D

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

miss cindia - luckily i wasn't that drunk, but boy oh boy, was i babysitting! the local team won so most of the stadium was happy! i hope you get a chance to go to a game, i've been to quite a few and do enjoy them!

Hollywood - hey love! thank you! i hope you get to go to a football game ASAP! they can be tons of fun! i've been to a lot of different kinds of games, football is my favorite :)

wintergurl - awww, thank you!

Kate Gene - I wish I had a fantasy football league!! Exactly, the crowd energy is amazing!! i mean, sadly, maryland is known for crime quite a sad

i wasn't that plastered, lol, there were only 3 drunks and boy oh boy were they a handful! i won't let ppl take pics of me in case i'm plastered, no evidence please, just like you hun! yeah, i don't drink that often, but beer feels like a necessity at a football game. miss you, love

Erika - glad to hear i'm not alone!

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

TKOmulatta - i really hope you get to check out a game soon! i didn't grow up around sports (other than soccer) so i think for me i just need to learn the game and i'm all into it, haha - thanks!!

bananas. - i think you're right, no too shabby, i actually think it takes better pics than video!

i love how you jerry-rigged your flash! i shall be giving that a try! thanks, love!

Pop Champagne - i hope you get to take a full one hour class soon, it def a workout! never been to a live football game? i really hope you get to go to at least one! they can be so much fun!

Andee Layne said...

how fun! i have always wanted to take one of those pole classes!


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