Saturday, November 20, 2010

pop it and lock it!

that's what i was learning recently at a private pole dancing event. strippers deserve some credit ladies, okay, they may not be saving for college but they work hard! the quiet girls did the best job and i'm so not a quiet chick, so i struggled (the fact i have hyper-mobile joint syndrome & I was sick didn't help haha)! take a look at how much fun we had!

everyone started out with heels on and took them off as soon the class started
we had tons of booze, champagne, mike's lemonade, etc (being tipsy and learning the moves was not easy, lol)
i was the only one to wear heels the whole time!
ewww, sweaty pits, lol
towards the end C put on her heels (it's actually easier with heels on)
also, the instructor was so awesome, she was holding herself up there for a good minute, we had user issues when someone tried to use my camera, we were so scared she'd fall on us (hence the awkward stance) LOL!

and for all the haters that have come across a beauty blogger i love (she knows who she is b/c she is sad i'm switching from a blackberry to the htc evo! no more bbm'ing for us, *sad*)


Gigi said...

Ohhh are those aldo shoes? :D I really wanted to buy those but in the end didn't because I wasn't sure about the sizing.

Looks like u guys had a blast :)

Ofra Cosmetics said...

Looks awesome!

Nikosmommy said...

This class looks like soo much fun! I of course would suck at it, but it would be great for a good night out with the girls!

Dhalia said...

WOW...I remember when i took some classes for fun....they were so fun and dont those trainers all have killer bodies...they are cut. Takes alot of arm power to get you up and down those poles.


PetiteAsianGirl said...

That instructor is not going to fall down on you guys...look at her guns...holy smokes!

This looks like so much fun! I've seen a few Groupons on pole dancing classes but I can't dance much less swivel sexily around a pole in heels. You look fab! Where will you be practicing the new moves learnt?

Expensive Pink said...

We have a place here called Flirty Girl Fitness it is a pole dancing class. I've been wanting to try. looks like u all had fun! Do u plan on gettin a pole in your house :) haha

xoxo Elizabeth Toledano de Gomez said...

Girl, OMG. I swear if we lived in the same city we would be I have been wanting to take a pole dancing class for the longest time. They just opened a place here but Im so hesitant to go... Im so motivated now. I have heard that it is a major workout! Im going to do it. You look so cute. And good job at wearing your heels the entire time. I bet your legs were killing you!!

Nathalie said...

This is amazing! Something I have always wanted to do...i can't believe i missed out another thing with my bestie :( glad you had fun chica! looks wild! xoxo


miss.xcarmenx said...

pole dancing omg! its such a grreat work out!.. i took a class a while ago prob. about 3 years ago. and yess i loved it that i had to have a pole in my house hehe! although i stopped once i get back into shape ill put it up again. looks like you girls had fun! that sounds neat some drinks and pole dancing class hmm.. i need to find me a class to take my girls too. =]

Ryan Kay said...

That looks so fun :)


truly enjoyed this post. and i had an iPhone & my husband surprised me with an EVO...i felt guilty at first but i quickly got over it! and you will too! lemme know when the love for your new cell sets in...LOL


oh & you may enjoy the dancing with the stars DVDs as a new fun exercise to add to your routine...i bought a few and fell in love

Miss*Kimmy said...


Jen said...

omg i took a stripper class in vegas this past summer. so much fun!! haha i was sore the next day! great workout too. looks like u girls had a great time!

martienn said...

I like UR blog ! :D
more more more ! :)
amazing !

follow me and write comment if you want ;***

EightSeventeen Jewelry said...

How fun! You got some great pictures! I did this once. I had a great time, despite my initial reservations. (I am SO not the type to take a stripper class! LOL!)

Ugh... I hate the trolls that are making people leave YT and Blogger!

Orla xx said...

that looks fun i'd love to try pole dancing:) xx

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

Gigi - Yes, they are Aldo Stalcups :) I love them after the wearing in period has passed! I have wide feet and I normally wear a size 6 and 36 was perfect for me!

Ofra Cosmetics - Thanks!

Nikosmommy - none of us were great at it, but it's tons of fun! hope to hear about you going!

Dhalia - Yes, I know, they are definitely CUT! This trainer is an actual Personal Trainer, wished she was close to me to train me...

PetiteAsianGirl - I practice in my closet! I kid I kid, haha. Girl, it was not an easy class, I struggled! I should have known better than to think she would fall! She is so built! We got out group session off of Groupon I think!

Expensive Pink - There are so many around DC...the one we went to had opened two weeks before our class, Pretty Lady Pole Fit, highly recommended! I really should get a pole in my house! Great idea...I'll have to wait for a house and I'll get it professionally installedm sadly they're not cheap! $2,500 a piece!

xoxo Elizabeth - we would be mujer! you really should go, i would have never gone unless it was for charity and now i want to go back for the lap dance class, LOL. Girl, I wasn't in any pain until 3 days after, luckily it only lasted a day or two :D Let me know if you decide to go to a class!!

Nat - I know :( it was so much fun, i hope you get to go to one in NY!

Miss xCarmenx - find a class!! it's too much fun, it's a great workout! you have a pole? so jealous!

Ryan Kay - Thanks! You really should give it a try!

Kloset Freek - Need to check out that video STAT!! I haven't switched to the EVO yet, I think I am tonight...I'll let you know!

Miss*Kimmy - I highly recommend you take a class, it's too much fun! Thank you :D

Jen - I think it's a class that should be taken at least once a year, it's too much fun, i think i'll be setting up another one soon! sadly she's booked for months!

martienn - awww, thank you! i will!!

EightSeventeen Jewelry - I hope you're feeling better chica!!!!!!

these trolls are just making my girls life difficult :( no bueno!!

Orla xx - please give it a try and i hope to see pics!

bananas. said...

who was taking the photos? they did a great job!!

i took a pole dancing class once but we wore the real stripper know the clear 7 inch platforms? it. was. AWESOME!!!

Pop Champagne said...

i've been wanting to do pole dancing class forever! it looks sooo much fun, except they're quite expensive :S but yes it's such a practical skill i think lol

Kirsty . x . said...

Fab blog just stumbled across it! I love all the music you have playin

pls come and follow me too, I have a great christmas giveaway running at the moment, be sure to follow and enter

Miss C i n d i a * said...

Looks like so much fun!

sharonlei said...

Awww look like you ladies had a fun time. I would definitely want to give this a try. I bet it's great exercise. :D

xx Love & Aloha
***I'm hosting a Jeffrey Campbell Giveaway. Come Enter! :)

la petite fashionista said...

so much fun! I go to a fitness studio with pole classes & i had a new respect for them haha. it's SO difficult to look that good!

Anonymous said...

Looks fun .. and hard to do.. but fun! lol. :D


Marcy said...

Ahahaha I would have done good then cause im the quiet shy girl! lol. And I have been wanting to pole dance for a while to loose some weight! Btw I love your blog its real cute


Runway Rundown said...

I have always wanted to try pole seems like it would be a great workout:) I like your post..and esp the pretty girl rock at the end. People need to live their own life

I like your blog:)

Visit if you'd like to keep up with daily fashion on the runway and learn how you can get the alternative affordable look in your closet!

CaliforniaCandy said...

I've tried this before too, it was hard and my legs and arms were bruised, I decided to leave it to the professionals LOL... I gotta say, I really enjoyed reading your blog, I don't usually stop to read the entire thing :)

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

bananas - lots of photogs that night! i should wear 7 inch clear heels next time!!

pop champagne - practical skill indeed, lady!

kirsty x - i shall! and thanks, i am a big lover of music...haha

miss cindia - thanks!

mia - you got that right!

sharonlei - thanks! quite the workout :-)

la petite fashionista - it is very hard to look good while trying to learn!

marcy - awwwww thank you!!

Runway Rundown - you got that right, ppl need to live their own lives, and women need to stick together, and STOP hating, SMH

thank you!! i shall, i'll check it out stat

CaliforniaCandy - that's sweet of you to say!! thank you, i'll check out your blog!

Anonymous said...

wow that looks so funnnnn !

I love you heels !!


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