Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve NOTD with Gel Nail Polish

i should call it the notw (week)! 
i must have been hiding under a rock, i just had my first gel manicure, no, not gel nails, gel nail polish, applied to natural nails. they're supposed to last about 3 weeks and are super glossy, the best part is as soon as the mani is done, you can go about as if your nails have been drying for an hour! it's most likely due to the fact you have to set the nail polish with a uv light. OPI and everyone says you're supposed to soak off the polish when you want to remove it (15 min process) but my girlfriends at work have been peeling theirs off for months with no issues (i can thank them for introducing me, you know who you are!). the gel manicure's won't break the bank too which is awesome! for a polish that'll last up to 3 times longer than a standard mani, i think the average price is worth it. my gel mani was $25 and a normal mani is $10 (at the standard nail salon here), i imagine the prices are higher at spa's. 

so, ladies, any experience with gel nail polish? i have read a lot of bad reviews and they typically come from people having their nails done at a salon that doesn't really know how to use the nail polish or they're trying to do it at home without reading up on it first!

new years plans? g and i have not made up our minds yet as to where to go! bleh

2010/12/24 NOTD

on my nails - opi axxium Lincoln Park after Dark <3


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ellinelle said...

hey sweetie ..I absolutely adore gel nail polish , it so much better for me , just look at the glaze ! it's so sparkly and hands look perfect for long time ..the colours of those polishes are so rich in colours must depend how professionaly it's done but that I guess is the same with all the things : )

..your nails look ultra glamorous ..
..hope you had a great Christmas and all the best in the New Year sweetie : )

Jen said...

I love the OPI axiom polish- I literally swear by it!

Arezu said...

I've never heard of gel manicures before, but it seems interesting.

I'm the type of person who HATES chipped polish (especially with dark colours). I've had a manicure once in my life, but I'd go back and try this one out.

I'd love if you did an update kind of post as to how long they lasted and pictures and stuff.

Kate Gene said...

Oooh! That color looks so pretty on you! I have never had gel nails done before... For years, I had acrylics, but it was so expensive to keep up! :( (I was all about looking phony back in the day... Fake tan, fake nails, and fake blonde-ish hair! LOL!)

I really like the length of your nails. I file my nails down as low as I can without hurting myself. LOL! Once I started working in health care, I had to... Some girls still rock longer nails, but short nails are easier to keep clean!

I hope you're doing well! It's been forever!!!! I have been sick for almost two months. Blargh... It's really cramping my holiday style! LOL!

I hope you, G, and Rocky have a wonderful NYE!


bananas. said...

is that similar to shellac? sounds like it. i did it for vegas and love LOVED it.

that OPI color is perdy too!

Alyssa said...

I ove gel mannies.
They're the bestest!
xxo said...

I love your nails. That color look great with your skin tone.

LaaLaa Monroe said...

Okay, your nails look FABULOUS! Jeez.

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Happy holidays my fave petite diva!! Wishing you and your man and baby pup the best in the new year.

I've never had a gel mani (like you said its 2.5 times the regular mani price!) because I like to change the color as soon as the new growth comes out. Keep us posted on how long it really lasts you and how you like it.

Anonymous said...

super cute I really love purples !!

follow me too =]

Happy new years !!!!! be safe

jennaaabreann said...

I was going thru your blog and came across your lipstick depot-ing into a new container and I just did that with my creme de nude! I was wondering if you can take the container to Mac as a back to mac product after there's no lipstick left in it!?

LaaLaa Monroe said...

Hey honey I awarded you the Versatile Award on my page xoxo

Thekla said...

love the nail color!!!<3 and i love the mac lipstick!!!mac is the best i love all their products<3 pls stop by sometime,hope yo like it:)xxxx

thank you:)

Ramsey said...

LOVE dark nail polish! This one is awesome...LOVE OPI!

Nikkay said...

lovely nail colour x

April said...

Gorgeous color! I have heard such awesome reviews with this new gel polish, but haven't tried it yet. I gotta get on that!

styleevictim said...

nice nail polish :)
take a look and maybe follow me

Anonymous said...

i looooves me some MAC lipglosses, even though the dazzlegloss is overglittery..i have been using it a lot and love it..idk if the BF likes lol. the nail color is a great alternative to black! =]

Toni Tralala said...

I got gel nails before Christmas and I took them off three weeks later. They're so sturdy that it left my nails brittle. :)) I'm giving my nails a breather at the moment.

r.alsharif said...

I LOVE your nails! :D

Nelah said...

You look absolutely gorgeous. Just found your blog and love it!

Kettelyn said...

you are sooo pretty!

I love your blog and I am your new follower!

Check me out and follow me if you like ; )


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