Thursday, August 5, 2010

how YOU doin?

well, thanks for askin! i'm pooped, work is insane, my puppy still isn't potty trained, it's been 2 months now...come on now, baby sitting my grown brothers, sis-in-law, and nephew, haven't done my eyebrows in 3 months, pedicure since cancun/playa mujeres, manicure in 6 months or longer, the list goes on. regardless of all that's going on, i still have some amazing co-workers that uplift my day. one of my dear co-workers gave me a couple Georgia Peaches and boy oh boy they are delish!!
Me & a Georgia Peach! Yumm
thank you, Moni!!! I love you!

then there's my puppy who drives me insane and also has me madly in love with him
walked him to panera bread 2 nights ago, 30 minute walk one way, it was a sauna outside so I carried my purse to carry his water bowl and doggy treats. many of my fellow pet owner neighbors have told me they've taken their dog to panera bread on several occasions to pick up food (with dog en tow), i asked them all if the dogs were allowed in, they all said, yes, as long as you carried the dog and did carry out only. i was very happy to hear that, so i decided to take this long stroll, walk into panera bread with Rocky in my arms, credit card in hand and ready to order and leave to eat outside, i had one person in front of me, very slow night, and some random guy (not the mgr) kicked me out, i explained to him the amount of people that order there with their dog daily, he refused to even listen to me and kicked me out. i should've been really pissed, i walked in a sauna for 30 minutes to order food and didn't get any. whatever, i decided not to get pissed, i frankly didn't have the energy. i started strolling out and noticed the chinese restaurant i order delivery from all the time so i gathered cajones and walked in with Rocky, they took my order inside, gave them my credit card and immediately strolled back outside to place Rocky down (he's getting heavy). they brought out my cc receipt, brought Rocky and myself water and everyone that walked in and out of the restaurant wanted to play with Rocky, it was pretty fun. i only had one other concern, my baby had been limping on his right front leg for 2 days and i thought it would go away, but it didn't and i thought i made it worse by walking him for over an hour! thankfully today he walks perfectly fine and see's his vet manana :)

it's still summer so that means, lots of parties and outings, which i personally enjoy to the fullest
 let's go over a few of those events, shall we
5/1/10 University of Maryland College Park
here i am walking (sitting, lol) out of a block show at the University of Maryland College Park Campus
5/1/10 University of Maryland College Park
so freakin hot that day and humid on top of the heat!
5/1/10 University of Maryland College Park
5/1/10 University of Maryland College Park
5/1/10 University of Maryland College Park
5/1/10 University of Maryland College Park
5/1/10 University of Maryland College Park
guys part of the show 
5/1/10 University of Maryland College Park 
5/1/10 University of Maryland College Park 
5/1/10 University of Maryland College Park
despite the heat, it was a beautiful day

it's not summer unless you attend some outdoor happy hours
4/30/10 Bethesda
4/30/10 Bethesda
4/30/10 Bethesda
stairs to the famous Metro train system, Bethesda station to be exact
4/30/10 Bethesda
sitting on top of the metro station, lol
4/30/10 Caddies 
hubby - lil bro - awesome co-worker
4/30/10 Caddies
lucky me another chick @ the bar (Caddie's in Bethesda, MD) was wearing my same dress and her whole entourage just grilled and pointed at me, how awkward. . .

then there are the beautiful saturday afternoons, sometimes i have to go to work, no biggie, i make it fun, comfy outfit and yummy drink and snack in hand
06/19/10 - OMW to work

then there are the putting ranges, which are a lot of fun (this place has batting cages and putt putt too)
this picture explains why my husband says i have a diaper ass, which means, everytime i wear jeans, i look like i'm wearing a diaper :(
05/02/10 Driving Range
05/02/10 Driving Range
yeah, i know, total fashion faux pas, shouldn't have worn skinnies with sneaks, frankly, i didn't give a crap that day, lol  --- also, my first time picking up a club!
05/02/10 Driving Range
here's G practicing

i doubt anyone enjoyed this post, lol, if you did, i'm giving you a big diva hug!



LaaLaa Phoenix Monroe said...

3 months without having your eyebrows done and you still look fantastic. -what's the secret? lol.

The photos are lovely.

Hollywood said...

Last yime I did my brows was...12 months ago (lol) not enough hair =( I am glad to hear that you good Ma petite Diva Adorée =)
SUper cute pictures <3

Kamani said...

Cute pics. You're lucky you can even go outside in the summer. It's like 110 here and it sucks big time lol!

Ebru said...

You look gorgeous in the red dress/top (can't see exactly he he) lady!!! I LOVE Rocky, in fact I think I want a Rocky of my own! He is adorable! Has it been 2 months?? Don't worry honey, he WILL BE trained. It's just really time-consuming but it will happen! :) Just be very consistent and patient. My furbaby is almost a year old (1st birthday on August 16!! :)) and we're still training him! I heard from some other dog owners that until they are 2, they will be like teenagers lol I have found out from my own experience that training treats help a lot. When he does something, ANYTHING good or right, reward him! It will really encourage him to do it right again because he knows he'll get something in return! :) I know it sounds corny, but do make a big deal out of him peeing on the grass or whatever else he does right! Before getting our puppy we read zillions of articles and laughed many of them off because they were cheesy to the extreme! But man were they right! :) XOXO

PetiteAsianGirl said...

More vid/photos of your baby from the FRONT, please! Look at those cute little legs carrying him as fast as he can evil Panera where you guys were booted. Props to the little thing for running 30 minutes in the heat!

You look great in the bright red/orange dress by the way. Very curve-flattering. Bah to the entourage of chicks with nothign better to do but point at someone else who is wearing it better.

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

You got beautifull teeth, girl. What bout your soul? Is that beautifull, too? Or is that simply caught-up in the passing world? Repent and believe wholeheartedly, indelible one; meet me Upstairs in Heaven Above without all those dudes that cannot think of anything besides their bodies and effn you. You were warned by this sinfull mortal. Choose. Lookit my 5 blogs; decide for yourself whether you wanna live for the Ending Earth that's over when you croak OR you wanna live for Heaven that goes on and on and on... AD INFINITUM. Drop those dudes like plate glass thrown from the Sears Tower to fall and break into a billion pieces: if they don't allow you to worship as you choose, Catholicism, leave'm. You don't need'm on thy journey to Heaven. If they wanna be so bigNbad, instead of humbleNmeek, git rid of 'em. I wanna see you at my BIG-OL party-hardy in the Great Beyond where we'll celebrate our resurrection for years and years. Choose: this Finite Existence or Heaven. God bless.

Kate Gene said...

I love when you post lots of pictures like this!

OMG... G's comment about your diaper butt... LOL! You have a great butt! I wish I had one. It's Pancake City over here.

That girl that had on the same dress as you probably paled in comparison, hence the looks from her posse. Ha ha! Where did you get your dress? I love it!

Ugh... Why am I still awake? I think my business is going to make my hair turn completely grey. I have one grey hair that will not go away. I even plucked it and it grew back the same way! LOL! (I knew plucking wouldn't fix the problem, but I was hoping that the grey hair was just a fluke. Bahahaha!)

Okay, I'm off to try to get some sleep...


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Andee Layne said...

those aviators look hot on you! xo

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Miss Vendella said...
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Glamorous Glory said...

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bananas. said...

i don't think i could last three weeks without touching my brows. i'm pretty OCD about them.

looks like you've been busy this summer. despite the heat it looks really pretty where you are. in cali it's been way too gloomy for summer so i'm a little envious.

3ate4 said...

Looks like you're having a great summer!

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Miss C i n d i a * said...

Thanks for the diva hug : ) and Why is wearing sneaks w/ skinnies bad? Thanks for sharing the pics! said...

Orange looks great on you!!!

Becky said...

Great pics! I like your sunglasses

Haidée said...


Lala said...

Amazing pics.
Like your blog ;)

xoxo lala

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Doesnt get any cuter then me! said...

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