Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Erika! and a quick video of my baby

hello loves, i'm on my sofa as sick as a dog, have been for weeks, so, again, i've gone mia, mea culpa! so here you go guys!
my cousin-in-law, Erika,  turned 28 recently and G & I decided to take her out to Ultra Bar along with her cousin that turned 19 the same day and many others. check out the pics!
2010-08-06 Erika's Bday1
Erika had been out all day long celebrating, she needed a major touchup, i of course was glad to help
love my alice in wonderland urban decay palette <3
everyone being ever so patient for Erika and I to get ready!
i think people were more inclined to wait as long as we kept the champagne flowing, lol - ignore rocky, he's very nosey, hehe
K and I
um, yes, that's my brother, he um, has a unique sense of communication, lol
K, E, and I

i told my bro to shave...he refused! me*lil bro*cousin-in-law
G & I
my love and i <3
i was sooo happy to get to the top floor (Chroma V.I.P. was sweaty hot!)
the guy behind me was soooo drunk, he kept doozing off
what was i wearing?
express cargo pants - size 0, cuffed twice
aldo stalcup pumps - size 36
two target sleeveless tops - size small
saks fifth avenue owl necklace
ann taylor chunky rope bracelet
E & I
kissy kissy
Ultra Bar, Washington DC - Chroma V.I.P. Level
everyone rockin out on the Chroma level
Bar @ Chroma (name of the V.I.P lounge)
Chroma V.I.P. Level @ Ultra Bar in Washington D.C.
2010-08-06 Erika's Bday2
Grand Marnier...made no effect on him, lol
First floor view from the back at Ultra Bar in Washington D.C.
view of the crowd on level one from the back stairs, i quickly turned back around and walked to the other side through the basement level (which is always empty...)
2010-08-06 Erika's Bday
bloopers - the guys in the back were stopping my hubs from taking pics so they could be in the pic! they thought we worked for Ultra Bar, um, no
i had to do a little boggie and photo shoot
we walked by the woodies building and i remember going to woodies as a very little girl with my mom <3
Forever 21 Washington DC location
according to the dcist, forever 21 took over the 65,000 sq ft, 3 floor woodies building, i can't believe i still haven't ventured out to dc to take a look see! here's the article.
i just found out today forever 21 took my shot and published it on their tumblr page here!
driving back home through georgetown (washington dc) - if you haven't been, it's a must go, great bars, shopping and eating! <3

hope you enjoyed the shots! my summer is chock full of birthday after birthday, and many days i've been having multiple bdays in one day, oi vey! btw - i opened a tumblr page the other day, i'm still very confused with all the features, i'm sure i'll get the hang of it, check out my page :)

since i'm giving you all sorts of links today, here's a short video of me making a complete fool of myself talking to rocky in baby talk and i sound uber annoying, lol - also, ignore all the laundry in the background, i was too tired to put it all away! here's the vid, enjoy! (took the vid with my blackberry, i know the quality sucks =/)


Nelah said...

You look amazing and very pretty. Love all the pictures.

Jen said...

omg i'm soo jealous of your green pants! i wanted the ones from j brand that rihanna was wearing (of course i can't afford them) but yours look similar!

yvonne said...

you look simply amazing!
love the outfit is amazing too!!!
looks like you had an amazing time. :)

Miss♥Nikka said...

You're so gorgeous! I love your makeup and outfit! Those nude pumps..I want em! Lol

Beverly said...

i lol'd at the picture with ur brother mine seems to do the same thing all the time in pics

i love your outfit im in such a nude faze right now but i love the shoes so cute

Miss*Kimmy said...

Looking gorgeous!
Looks like a really nice bar, glad you had so much fun!

Katrina said...

you look gorgeous and like you had so much fun!!! :)

glam i am said...

your skin looks amazing!

Luciana De La Vega said...

You're so gougeous!
You look amazing!

bananas. said...

how did you hold up in those shoes? i have the same ones and they KILLLL me!

looks like a fun time.

bananas. said...

oh i forgot...i love your makeup!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Lol! Mr. Spoiled! He is adorable beyond words...I can't get enough of Rocky.

Lovin the cargo skinnies look on you with the stalcup hot hot. I think skinny pants are flattering on ALL petite body types!

Jonesy said...

your makeup looks great!

3ate4 said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Kimberly said...

awww you look so pretty, great pics!!!

XO Kimmy

Jen said...

You look so cute and you are lucky your hubby is willing to take pictures for you!

Kate Gene said...

You guys look like you had a lot of fun! Happy Birthday to G!

Rocky is so precious! I saw your e-mail (which I will write back to soon!) re: him destroying your make-up. Grouch has knocked all kinds of things on the floor, including matte black eye shadow. O.o I tried to repair it, but it was so broken up, it looked like a pigment. I'm too lazy to press it! LOL! I completely feel your pain. Good thing our fur babies look cute! Otherwise, they'd be in big trouble. ;)

I love your Louis. I'm so sad... Mine is starting to fall apart. I've only had it for a few years; I don't know what's going on! Want to trade? Just kidding! XD

Your camera takes the most amazing pictures!



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Couture Carrie said...

Fantastic pics, darling!
What fun!


Tessa said...

Very nice blog :D
I'm a new follower now! Maybe you can check me out as well some time and become a follower too? Also join my giveaway!

xoxo Elizabeth Gomez said...

You look so cute. I love your pants. I have been meaning to get some cargos that same color. I need to asap now that fall is soon coming. You looked gorg:) And it looks like you guys had tons of fun which is the most important thing

this free bird said...

you basically have perfect skin. PERFECT!


April said...

Hey Gorgeous!! I wanted to check to see if you ended up recieving your gifts from Bella Sugar that you won way back on my blog. The other two winners didn't receive their packages, so Bella Sugar is re-sending them. Let me know, chica!!

Roxy Te said...

Your make-up is flawless in all your pictures- you look beautiful! p.s. Thanks for the congrats over at Mayra's! I can't wait to get my ring in the mail!

Innocence said...

Your blog is amazing. I love the photos. <3
I hope tour have great time this summer. And ... Rocky is so lovely : D

Greetings from Spain

[ ] said...

Where have you been? Come back lol... said...

Where have you been? Come back lol... said...

Where have you been? Come back lol...

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

Nelah - Thank you!

Jen - thank you!! the express version is very comparable and there are tons of cargo's out right now, i hope to hear you get a pair that you like!

yvonne - thank you, nena!

miss nikka - awww, thank you, they're a lot of fun to pair up!

beverly - brothers...smh, lol. nudes are my best friends, so easy to play with! thank you, mujer!

miss*kimmy - thank you, Kimmy!!

Katrina - thanks, gorgeous!

glam i am - why thank you!!

luciana de la vega - thank you, chica!

bananas - thank you, chica perica! i think it's all about wearing em in, i had to wear em a few times so i could bear them, since they're real leather, they stretch and stayed stretched (as long as you don't let them shrink again by not using them, lol). total fun times!

PetiteAsianGirl - awww, thank you! that's my baby, i'm so in love with him

you're too sweet, lady, thank you again! i agree on the skinny pants! sadly i can't wear em to work...haha

Jonesy - awww, thank you!

3ate4 - i did, thanks!

Kimberly - thank you, Kimmy, means a lot to me!

Jen - thank you! the hubs is more willing when he's had a few drinks and most pics were taken by my bro, he's really sweet. :)

Kate Gene - Thank you!!!!!

oh no, black eyeshadow, since we paint ourselves like whore's we NEED black e/s!!

i've used my louis for way too long (and on a daily basis) she needssss a break, so i bought a linea pelle dylan large tote in brown not long ago, it was shipped today, can't wait to use it! i haven't bought a real handbag in foreverrr

thank you again, love!

btw - rocky continues to be a trouble maker in the house! i have NO sandals!! i had to go to target and buy new one's, lol - he is however much better at potty training...he did however pee on my bed last night, grrr - but i still love him! i'm such an enabler, lol


CC - thanks!!! xoxo

Tessa - thank you!!

xoxo Elizabeth Gomez - thank you hun! cargos really are so cute, i can't believe they're just now back in style, lol

this free bird - wow, that is TOO kind! thank you!

April - hey babe!!! thanks for dropping by and letting me know! xoxo

Roxy Te - Wow, you're so sweet, thank you!!! But of course, any friend of Mayra's is a friend of mines! I can't wait to see the ring on you!!

thank all of you for coming by and leaving a comment! it means very much to me and it keeps me blogging!

FashionSlave said...

love your outfit! its so cute x


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