Monday, June 28, 2010

Give me a little piece of Cuba & a Slice of Lime

Let me start off with a tidbit about me. I randomly go through nesting periods and when I do, nothing makes me happier than turning my house upside down and reorganizing it all over again. I decided to do this after a great BBQ/Pool party (mind you my commute to and coming back was 2.5 hours at least). While organizing, I try to hide the high chance I'm a class 2 hoarder (5 being the highest) by purging and purging. 

Anyways, getting back to my Saturday night. I get a call from my cousin-in-law at 11 pm to go out and didn't end up leaving my house until 12:30 am. Did I mention I continued to clean until almost midnight?! That means I got ready in 30 minutes and this shot is totally bleh b/c it was the one and only shot I took until after we left our first stop for the night. The lighting is all off and out of focus :(

can someone tell me why I stick my stomach out in every picture i'm in!!?? i remember why, b/c I like to think i have a butt, lol
btw - this is the only shot taken with my beloved Nikon, the rest were taken by a crappy Fuji point and shoot :(

We checked out Lima Lounge (below) and it was wackkk! Trance on level 1 and 3 and international on level 2. I love trance, but this trance was painful and the international level was so crowded. I do not appreciate walking through a crowd with dry arms and leaving with wet arms, and it's NOT from me, icky icky! We downed our Red Bull and Vodka's and left, but before leaving I wanted to remember my first time there with a picture!
2010-06-26 Lima Lounge
aren't I mad dark?! loooove my cancun tan!
2010-06-26 Lima Lounge

Then we headed off to Habana Village in Adams Morgan, Washington DC. If you've ever been in Adams Morgan, you'll know parking is nonexistent. Police are constantly closing 18th street (which is where the majority of all the bars/lounge's are) and that's precisely what happened to us last night, took 45 minutes to find parking. I've actually gone back home a few times when trying to go to Adams Morgan, yeah, it's that bad. I posted a few pics of Adams Morgan here

We arrived and missed the live salsa band, be sure I'll be back to catch them playing live. I can't say no to a live Cuban Salsa band! Took a few shots, enjoy lookin at my cheesy shots!
2010-06-26 Havana Village
2010-06-26 Havana Village
2010-06-26 Havana Village
2010-06-26 Havana Village
yup, that's me sippin on happy juice
2010-06-26 Havana Village
btw/fyi/p.s. I didn't realize how ill fitting this dress looks on me, I bought it a year ago and haven't used it until now =/ (stock photo).

If you care to know, here are my outfit deets:
F21 dress & necklace
Nine West heels
L.A.M.B. clutch



Anonymous said...

ohhh beautiful, love the dress on you & the shoes!

Leah ♥ said...

you are HOT! lovvvvvee the dress! :)

Kate Gene said...

What stomach? You don't have one! You look amazing! Your dress is amazing. I've been looking online at dresses (for my ten year), but I haven't had any luck yet. I need to find something that will hide all this weight I've gained! (I am happy to announce I've actually lost ten pounds recently. Whoo hoo!)

Your tan is the hotness. I am so jealous. We've had only one nice day all Summer! :( (Seriously... It's been in the 60s and 70s, but cloudy.) I am SO pale right now!

Ew... I hate when sweaty people rub up against me, leaving my arms wet! SICK! LOL! Every time we get general admission concert tickets, I always manage to get stuck next to some 900 pound sweaty guy with no shirt on. XD


April said...

GORGEOUS as always!!! Love your dress ... so hot!! You look amazing!!

ellinelle said...

..ooooh my girl ..the first picture is the hot hot hot look stunning your dress and heels ..who talking here about stomach ! look Perfect ..

Ellinelle xxx

Miss*Kimmy said...

WHOa you look SOOO good!
I love how dark you are!!
That dress is sooo pretty too.

stilettolover91 said...

You look HOT HOT HOT!!!! I love your dress & heels!

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous look, darling!
Love your dress and clutch!


Aleksis said...

You look gorgeous! I see nooo belly, but I do the same thing! lol That dress is really cute too

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Oooo sultry mama! You look hotness in these photos ... I'm impressed you can wear your hair down in the beachy heat! I recognized that dress has been sitting in my F21 online cart for so long. It looks awesome on you and I esp. love the bustier top. I couldn't even tell that you are sticking your tummy out - that just goes to show the power of slimming black, eh?

Sigh, boy am I jealous you're on vaca AGAIN! I need to plan one pale skin won't get tan sitting around on my couch.

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful in your pix! I love your tan!!! Glad you are back...AND I do the exact same thing with cleaning organizing like a loquita to let on that I am not a hoarder! lol

April said...

You look sooo pretttty! I doo loove your tan!

xoxo Elizabeth Gomez said...

I actually like how this dress looks. It doesnt look illfitting at all. Its very cute and I like the shoes you picked for it. Great job.

Naty1129 said...

You look fabulous girl, I am loving that dress on you. It is very flattering on your figure. I love the tan, I love being tan lol makes us look slimmer and more toned.

Anonymous said...

love her dress!! u look pretty !!!

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

Crystal ** Leah ** April ** Elinelle ** StilettoLover91 ** Couture Carrie ** April ** MW - thank you, ladies!!

Kate Gene - you're funny, b/c i see it!! if you find a good alternative to the ysl dress you posted, let me know!! you've lost and I've gained?! no fair!! but congrats, i know how hard it is to loose with so many temptations all around, soda, cookies, etc

I'm so sorry it's not warm up there!!! It's been in the 100's for the past few days, why don't you come visit and hang at my pool and take care of Rocky while I'm at work?

Sick is right, blehhh - ewwwww, sweaty guy at a concert, ewwwww, envisioning it now, ahhhh


Miss*Kimmy - Thank you!! My tan has faded already but I'm trying to keep up at the pool on the weekends!

Aleksis - what's wrong with us, can't we pose for a camera, lol - thank you so much!!

PetiteAsianGirl - thanks so much, boo!! Girl, my hair was all over the place! It's a comfy dress, no doubt and fits well on us petite girls! If I were 6 feet tall I'd look like something I'd rather not look like =/ Black does wonders, it really does!

I hope you plan one STAT!! I hope to hear of one SOON!!

Ivette - Thank you so much! I am too, I have so missed posting! The cleaning is weird, I tell my hubby to NOT talk to me cuz he'll ruin my mojo, lol, he steps away quietly and hides, hahaha

xoxo Elizabeth Gomez - Thank you!! I had fun wearing it!

Naty1129 - Thank you, mujer! No cellulite when you're tan, hahaha, I have some old pictures where I look soooo fat just b/c I'm pale as heck!


Erica said...

I don't think it's ill fitting. It's actually very cute.


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