Monday, November 25, 2013

Titanium jewelry

I wanted to share a ring I have fallen in love with more and more everyday (other than my wedding rings)! When I least expect it I get a titanium diamond cut right hand ring (which can be used as a wedding band for anyone). What makes this ring so special is it's weight, it feels so substantial and expensive! It's smooth curves allows the ring to glide on and off with such ease and makes it very comfortable. Let's talk about the shine, this baby shines! I receive so many compliments on its brilliance due to the diamond cuts. When I say it's truly unisex, I meant it. I was in the kitchen at work and I notice my coworker (male) was wearing my same exact ring!! He said he adores it and never wants to remove it.

What's fabulous about this ring is you can pair it with hematite and sterling silver jewelry! It's super versatile!

If you're looking for an uber affordable and classic but stylish ring, pick this up!

See the brilliance below paired with my Stella & Dot Mercury necklace. Contact me for ordering info on the necklace!

You can find this ring and so many other titanium ring here for $90 (super affordable) c/o Modern Design

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Janine A said...

The ring is really very pretty and modern looking. Nice post :)
I have just started blogging, it'd make my day if you could check it out :)

Janine A said...

Beautiful ring, it looks simple yet sophisticated.


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