Saturday, July 30, 2016

Long time no see!

Yes, I've been MIA once again, two kids and a new state can do that to you! Seriously though, I wonder if I should keep this blog up any longer since I would like to continue blogging but it's going to be focused on my day to day which is quite feel free to unfollow haha.

Today I just wanted to post a few photos of great deals I find at Aldi! I've really fallen in love with them with several items, I'll be updating this post with new photos and favorites. For now just a few items.

First up are Peruvian Mayocoba beans (taste so amazing and they cook so fast!) - you really can't mess up these beans and it's a superb price, beats Walmart!

Next up is Goya's Mojo Criollo - this stuff is so yummy if you use it to marinate any form of chicken or steak for the grill, my favorite way to use is as a marinade to skirt steak, talk about yum!

Last item is rice, no latin cuisine is complete without white rice! I know it's not the healthiest person but I have adults here that won't eat the brown or basmati or jasmine! So I comply! Under $5 for 10 pounds, total steal, this is SAM's club and Costco pricing right here without a membership.

That's all for today!
Much love,

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