Wednesday, September 15, 2010

my nephew's 3rd birthday party!

hey guys, i'm here to show you all how much fun i had at my nephew's yo gabba gabba inspired birthday party. my mother in law made "arroz chaufa" basically combination fried rice (minus the shrimp) peruvian style and my sister in law's mom made guisado salvadoreno, i guess you can call it a beef stew, but you don't drink the's used at a liquid gravy for the salvadorean rice. it was all so frekkin good!
happy birthday junior!
the weather was perfection!
our montgomery county transit system (bus) along with our DC transit system (train)
my sis-in-law went through so much trouble to make these party favors for the kiddos perfect
my sweet mother (do we look alike?)
how come no one told me my scarf was all outta wack?!
what was i wearing?
h&m shirt - size 4 (should have bought in size 6)
h&m scarf
express cargo pants in beige - size 0 (cuffed twice)
nine west pumps - size 6 (quickly traded for sandals, can't run in the grass with pumps!
can you tell my mom took the last 3 shots? she took a whole bunch but i had to pick the best from the batch --- on another note, i look like an ELF in this pic, tehehe
the table set up was too cute
one of the kids was playing with his spiderman from a distance (he was "shooting" at spiderman from 20 ft away) and i decided to put a birthday hat on him, hehe
there were so many different kinds of plates, but i won't post all the pics, this one however was my favorite, it reminds me of my fox, rocky
this one my sis in law pointed out as looking like my bro, lol, b/c he's such a mono (monkey)!!
there's the happy bday boy!
he was having so much fun that day
he knew it was his birthday, he took full advantage of it
i could just eat him up!
here we are having fun (at least i was, lol)
see the perfect parking spot i got in the background? i never get a good spot, but that day was my lucky day
you don't have double vision, it's just my gut
here he is with his other auntie
my bro's in laws
Jr's bday party
the kiddos havin at it!
Jr's bday party1
she was jumping like a mexican jumping bean but had no punch
i was growing impatient, no one told me why i waited 2 minutes to get the stick, i was so ready to tear it up
i may be small, but i carry a strong punch!
right after this is where i killed it, my bro kept yelling "hey, that's my sister" over and over again, i thought he was drunk acting all proud. he came up to me afterwards saying he thought he was watching kill bill while i was up, ROFL
we tried to keep away from being a very typical hispanic family in the dc area and we didn't feature bachata or beer, hehe
one of my favorite shots of him, ever
made by the mom herself at my house the night before, she slaved over it until 3 am!
i couldn't get enough of his facial expressions!
here he actually started to blow, it's like he was holding his breath and preparing to blow
the best shot i could get of the family (bro, nephew, sis in law)
yummm, red velvet, vanilla, chocolate (all made by scratch)
what's a bday party w/out gifts?!
these are the slums of silver spring, which border langley park, do yourself a favor and never go there, eva eva eva (lp that is)! i grew up in ss most of my life, don't think i'd move back if i had a choice =/
i just noticed i lived in the apartments in the back on the right...that's where dona azucena's pupuseria started...her business thrived and continues to thrive (it's across from the apartment complex in the pic). sadly her and her son are no longer with us due to the rising corruption and crime in El Salvador. someone extorted them for over a million dollars (while they were vacationing in ES) and they didn't comply with the demand and were both murdered. rumors say it wasn't a fast death either.
enough sad news
here i am ready for two more birthday parties that day! i'll show you those pics soon ;-)

Happy Central American Independance Day! (that exact date it kinda tricky...go here to see why)

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siwing said...

nice pix. very cute =D

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

siwing - thank you!!!

VeronicaGlam said...

Feliz dia de la independencia a todos los mexicanos y centroamericanos! :)

this free bird said...

Janine - your nephew's birthday looks like it was so much fun. I wanna try this stew you speak sounds incredible!!


Beverly said...

he's so cute & yes i love guisados my grandama used to make the best ones!

Feliz dia de la independencia


Jen said...

How fun!
My son loves Yo Gabba Gabba and dances when he hears the music.
I am also in the middle of planning his 1st birthday party- so much work!

The Beauty In Me said...

You look great! Finally new post hun! The pants look great, just make sure you dont dry them in the dryer they will shrink a lot! (Happened to me)

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

Veronica Glam - Woop Woop!

this free bird - i will try to get the recipe and post it, it's so fattening but oh so good!! xoxo

Beverly - thank you! my aunts make some amazing food too, shame my mother wasn't a cook...hence i didn't become a cook, i'd rather eat out...everyday, lol

gracias, Bev!! xoxo

Jen - awww, how cute! he's so small and knows yo gabba gabba, i had no idea who they were until i found out my nephew was obsessed. my sis in law worked so hard on the party, these things need like 6 months of planning!

The Beauty In Me - thank you! i should have posted this earlier since i already threw it in the washer, soooo small now, idk what to do with it now, lol :( womp womp

Couture Carrie said...

So fun, darling!
Love your look!


bananas. said...

i absolutely love being salvadorean for the parties, get togethers and food.

but the country's history of unnecessary violence is not something to be proud of. so sad to hear about that mother and son.

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Oh no...sad news aside, I loved these happy familiy pics! Beautiful pics, and it looks like you got those skinny cargo pants in a second color!

Bobby said...

oh looks so cool, looks like she went to lots of effort, those party bags are awesome xxx said...

You're back! I want those pants soooo bad!!!!! You looked great as always.

Iva said...

happy 3rd bday to the birthday boy.

What an awful story though.

You look lovely!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Aww your nephew is adorable :) Really lovely pics from the birthday!

gleenn said...

so much fun! A happy bday to your nephew. :) I love your scarf.

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xoxo Elizabeth Gomez said...

Thanks for posting. I had been missing them:) I love Gabba Gabba. I might actually make my sons 4th on that theme. The cake looked so yummy. Y que lindo el bebe. awww. Looks like you had fun with family and that is super important. Sad story about that lady though. Things are bad in Mexico too girl. Scary. N-E way, thanks for commenting on my post too doll. Much love. LIZ

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, you and your family are so incredibly adorable. Happy, Happy Birthday to your nephew!! :)

Daniela said...

love these pictures :) I have a small passion for see saws, by the way.. said...

Very cute creative nice planning i really love the thee check my blog

Traveliztera said...

Awww children's parties and playing with kids make me smile!!! :D

Btw, you look fabulous! :D

Bleu said...

He is too adorable.


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