Thursday, July 15, 2010

Modeling DSK Jewelry

Steph was hosting her 2010 DSK Model Search through last night and I took shots to enter, here's what I came up with!

btw - I won the necklace just recently and I received so many compliments today!!

Choice #4 
Choice #3
Choice #2
Choice #1

DSK is a well known brand for beautiful handmade jewelry, I've always wanted to buy a piece and just as I was deciding on a piece I find out I won a necklace (and she threw in earrings too)! 

Please check out her site if you haven't already (which I highly doubt), trust me, you won't be disappointed with her work!

Can you believe I ate pizza after I put on my makeup, I thought I had really messed up my makeup, looks like I succeeded in not doing so, chicka chicka!

Steph - Thank you so much for hosting the giveaway and I think I'm quite fortunate to have a chance to try out two stunning pieces!!

If you want to vote for the next DSK Model, go here NOW!!!!


BTW - I did enter another awesome contest here and made it on time (by 15 minutes probably), check it out and vote for your favorites!! (I'm #11 *wink wink*)


Hollywood said...

Oh MY God Janine ! you look FABULOUS Your tan is Incredible Love it =)
I am so Voting for you ...But you already know....

Ebru said...

OMG how pretty and gorgeous are you ?!?! Love love loveee the pix, you must do a tutorial on this look, or is it the tan?? :) I'll go vote for your friend, too bad you missed it you would have totally won! :))

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

Hollywood - You're too sweet! Thank you, babe!! I didn't make it (just adjusted the post to reflect that) I was a day late - that's what I get for NOT reading, I have such a loopy mind, LOL. OMG, the makeup was *interesting*, my tan is like 2 or 3 shades darker than all my foundations, so I put on foundation, look like a ghost, then I put on bronzer, bronzer is my saviour!!

Ebru - Thank you, doll!!! It was fairly simply, I'm sure I could do a tut on it! Actually, you don't see the tan (except for my neck and chest, I'm wearing my
before tan" foundation and I put on bronzer) :)

You two are awesome!!!!


PetiteAsianGirl said...

You look BEYOND stunning! You have gotten so tan this summer...makes me want to crawl into my closet and hide my pasty face : (

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Lol! Did this post just update itself while I was reading it/ commenting? I just saw this link to the "other" contest and was hoping to find something exciting...but noo just a boring petite blog...LOL

liz said...

You are so beautiful i love your
skin and flawless makeup!!!

So gorgeous! xD

DSK Steph said...

You look gorgeous! Please join next years DSK Model Search! :) It's such a fun contest, there are over 40 beauties that have entered this year :)

Glad you like the necklace!



Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

PetiteAsianGirl - Tan is right! Trying my best to maintain it with bi-weekly visits to the pool...and bronzer to cover up my 3 shades too light foundation :)

Don't hide chica, millions of people would give to have lighter skin! I don't have a problem with my lighter skin in the winter, but if I wanna look thinner or hide some of my cellulite, then a fake tan is what I turn to :)

I think I updated the post as you were reading it, I had hit refresh on my page and noticed you posted the contest, haha, then decided to add it! :D

liz - you're very sweet, thank you!!

DSK Steph - Thank you!! Gahhhh, I know! I can't wait to enter next year :) Until then, I can just gaze at my necklace and earrings!

Raquel said...

LOVE your makeup. Very pretty. :)

April said...

Girly ... you are actually on DSK's Model Contest page. Did you end up making it on time? The deadline was today (the 15th)???

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

Raquel - Thank you!! I had my dog harassing me the whole time I was getting ready!

April - For real?!!? Dannnnng, yeah, the deadline was the 15th but then I read voting began the 15th, and that was after I took all the shots, as I was doing the survey I realized I was late and sent to Steph anyways b/c I thought it be cool if she got to know me better anyways. So I didn't send to her the entry until the 15th =/ I am so dag on stoked!!! You know you're the best for letting me know?! Thank you, doll ;-) xoxo

Miss*Kimmy said...

You look sooo gorgeous and tan in the beautiful necklace!!

April said...

Ha ha! Lots of luck girly ... I'll be voting for you!! xoxo

Young, Fabulous, and Pregnant said...

You look so pretty!

Eve Gore said...

You are so pretty! I love your blog!
I’m following you!
If you want, can you following me back!

I love your style! <3

veronicaa said...

Great blog and good luck!
Xoxo Veronica
my passion for fashion**

Fashion-rocks said...

Looking good, your so pretty

Danielle said...

Beautiful as always. I've been stalking DSK but have yet to buy anything. I need to stop waiting.

bananas. said...

necklace? what necklace?! i couldn't pass your beautiful face!

don't worry i'm not hitting on you. dave wouldn't like that...oh wait maybe he would. haha!

Craig said...

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Craig said...

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Couture Carrie said...

Congrats on your win, darling!
You look amazing!


Alicia said...

oh my gosh you're a doll! you look amazing! and i love the jewelry...i'm going to have to go check out their site for sure!

Kate Gene said...

You must, must, must win the contest! You look absolutely stunning! You already know you got my vote. :)

Seriously, that tan is killer! I'm so pale right now. (Well, pale for me. Sean always makes fun of me because my pale is a lot of people's tan. LOL!)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!!

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

Miss*Kimmy - Thank you, Kimmy!

April - Thank you! You too, I voted for you too :D xoxo!!!

Young, Fab & Pregnant - Thank you!

Eve Gore - Thank you!

veronicaa - thank you!

fashion-rocks - thank you :)

Danielle - Thank you!! You really should get a piece!! I stalk her website, hehe

bananas - i'm pretty sure dave wouldn't have a problem with that, haha, getting hit on by a chick is quite an honor, espesh from you!

craig - thank you!! glad to hear that :)

couture carrie - thank you, CC!!

Alicia - Please check it out!!! I love her jewelry :D Thank you!

Kate Gene - You're TOO sweet, if i do or don't, it don't matter, it was fun to do and a reason to wear's scorching hot and my own skin is melting off just thinking about the 100+ degree weather plus I'm like 2 shades darker so I look so weird with my normal make up on, LOL.

girl, you look like you have an all year long tan!! i'm so jeal, lol

love you!! thanks!!!!


Thank you all for voting, whether its for me or not, most importantly, check out DSK's jewelry!!!

melissa said...

you are so pretty!

Kate Gene said...

Oh, man... I wish I had a tan year round! Actually, it's funny, because one of the questions I get asked most is if I fake and bake. My natural skin tone is what you see in the first picture I ever posted on Blogger, as well as my thumbnail. In my eyes, unless I'm as dark as you are, I'm pale! XD

You deserve to win the DSK Model Search! If I could vote multiple times, I would! (Can I, Steph? Can I? ;)) I love that you got a Rocker Necklace. It is one of my favorite pieces that Steph makes.

Love ya, too!


ellinelle said...

..there is no other words - just S T U N N I N G look so good sweetie ..
..I am agree with Ebru - we need tutorial for that perfect glow ..


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