Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fajitas and Faja's, what's the difference?!

There's a huge difference and one similarity, fajas make you thinner (it's a body shaper in Spanish) and fajita's make you fatter which make you use fajas, lol. 

So I never posted my bff's bday brunch pics and I feel horrible for being such a bad blogger. Life is really crazy, I was in Boston last week on business and I've made some new friends at church, I have a new puppy that's driving me crazy (I'm sleeping 4 hours a night) and I'm leaving to cancun in a few weeks, and we've been shopping for more furniture to add to the office we're designing. Phew! That's a lot and I need to being my workouts again, my knees are killing me and I hope my Physical Therapist doesn't read this (she's mad cool peeps). Anywho, here are the shots, hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!!

Location Lauriol Plaza - 1835 18th Street NW, Washington, DC

Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Stairs to the 3rd level!
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Ceiling of the 2nd level (where we sat)
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza 3/7/10
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Love green peppers, in fact, I love green, red, and orange bell peppers!!
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza
Lauriol Plaza


PetiteAsianGirl said...

Exactly which Nikon camera do you use? You and your photos are gorgeous! And what a happy and sweet baby : )

Fabnay said...

Looks like you had loads of fun and that baby is beyond precious. Hopefully life slows down a bit for you so you can relax and really enjoy yourself.

Ebru said...

Beautiful pictures and yummy food. I'm drooooling! LOL at Fajas and Fajitas, true though! I can relate to you with the puppy issues as I have gone through the exact same time pretty recently, it'll pass really soon just hang on! :)

Jen said...

i'm drooling over the drink! it looks so tasty!!

i always love your photos! they really capture your personality

bananas. said...

i love bell peppers too! whenever they're in a meal i eat, i will pick them all out and eat them first. haha.

love the pictures but more than that drink!

Mila said...

What a great place!You look amazing as well <3

missKC027 said...

hey hun, Ive been readin your blog and ive been lovin it!! cute bg btw. Hope you could folow mine as well! im a follower of yours now! thanks!!


Cheryl♥ said...

Your pictures look amazing! You look so beautiful! I loveeee peppers, but my man hates them so I can never eat them in meals I make, I can only have them when I go out to eat or if I make separate dinners :( (which is too much work)

Jonesy said...

awww what a cute baby! looks like you had a nice time. Following your blog : ) please check out mine too when you get a chance, hope u follow too.

Anonymous said...

I live in Virginia, but am always in DC. I've passed that place before and never even thought to stop and eat there. After seeing these pics I will have to!

Anonymous said...

I love it!
I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to trying facial scrubs on my face, but my sister in law tried it and she loved it so I gave it a try! I love it!!

I'm going to be posting a few looks this week!!!

ting RN said...

love the pics as always!! that baby is toooooo cute!!!! and the food looks delish :)

Pop Champagne said...

great pics and you look really lovely! the baby is adorable btw :D

Miss*Kimmy said...

Awww, that might be the cutest little babe I've ever seen!
I love the pic of you holding the baby in your leopard jacket - your smile is so pretty! xx

Ducia Ciao said...

Cute pics! I am loving the Nikon D3000 camera. How do you like it? I will be following you!

stilettolover91 said...

You look beautiful, and the food looks soooo good!!

Teresa said...

That baby is adorable!! And fajitas are my favorite Mexican food. Definitely my guilty pleasure!


**"Liza"** said...

The baby is so cute and your family are beautiful...;)

lula said...

WOOW everything's looks wicked! especially those drinks there... haha

kiss kiss bang bang

Kate Gene said...

Ha ha! I loved the title of this post.

Mmm... I want/need one of those fruity looking drinks ASAP! I am SO sorry I have been MIA! My friends and family are starting to wonder if I fell off the face of the Earth. LOL! I had a bad reaction to a new med I started taking and was down for the count!

BTW, I am totally stealing your puppy when I get better. What is your address again? ;)

Krystle said...

heyyy is that place good/expensive? I live in the DC area and I would love to try it out!

Check out my blog if you get the chanec :)

Kati C. said...

This looks like such a fun place for a social gathering! And that drink you have doesn't look too bad either ;)

The Beautifier said...

Nice pictures! You look fantastic and the baby is soooo adorable! xoxo

Andee Layne said...

you look so pretty!! xo

kirstyb said...

looks like you've been having fun xxxxx

Dylana Suarez said...

Great pics. You are gorgeous!

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

PAG - D3000 madam :) Thank you!!! I wanted to STEAL that baby girl, no joke, she's soooo well behaved too!

Fabnay - Thank you!! It's slowly slowing down and I'm allowing myself to have a bit of fun too!

Ebru - Thank you :) It certainly was DELISH!! I can't wait for him to "mature" but I always want him to be hyper every once in a while...I ask for too much, lol

Jen - thank you!!! I love hearing your feedback girl, my hubby and gals think I'm crazy for taking so many pictures, but they always thank me in the end!

bananas - hahaha, I do the same, or if my hubby gets bell peppers on his plate, I'll rough em from him, lol - girllll that drink was da bomb! I need to go back for another, yummm

Mila - Thank you!!! Hope you enjoy following!

missKC027 - I'm so glad to hear that! Thanks!

Cheryl - Thank you babe, separate dinners does not work =/ hubs looooves tuna and i detest it (i think it smells like cat food...) and he never gets any b/c I won't even open a can of tuna to make for him, hahah. i lie, i did it once, maybe i'll do it again for our anniv!

Jonesy - thank you!!!! I will!

Ms FIERCE - you must do that!!! i'll def try the facial scrub (when i run out of all of mines, haha)

ting RN - thank you!!! if you ever come to dc, it's a place you must go to!

Pop Champagne - thank you so much!!! I wanna keep the baby girl, can you tell?!

Miss*Kimmy - thanks!!! she is such a doll to handle too, i want kids (esp a girl) but i feel i'm never ready =/

Ducia Ciao - thanks!! i love that camera! it's fast and does most of what i need, next i need a tripod!

stilettolover91 - thank you so much!!!

Teresa - thank you!! i'm such a weirdo, all i order are fajitas in mexican restaurants =/

**"Liza"** - thank you! we're all family in Christ ;-)

lula - thanks!! wicked is right!

Kate Gene - so glad you're back chica! I'm sooooo happy you're feeling better, i know what it's like to have a bad reaction...gimme antibiotics and I'm in bed for a few months, ughhh

you want the puppy? if you can potty train him, you deserve him!

Krystle - YES, both, not over the top expensive, but it's not cheap either, i think the menu is on their website. please check it out and if you get a chance let me know how it goes!

Kati C. - it really was a great environment, i have to think of an excuse to go back!

The Beautifier - thank you so much!

Andee Layne - thank you!!

kirstyb - yes, I have been!! love life!

Dylana Suarez - Thank you!!!


Marcy said...

I died laughing when I seen the title of this post! You are going to need a faja after your fajitas! Lol you won me over with this post! Im offically going to start following you on bloglovin.



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