Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Drift away

I want to drift away in my new pair of Aldo Caudle Wedges, er, kinda!

I originally walked into Aldo looking for the coveted "Kerbow" spotted on Lucy Lui in beige:

Surprise surprise, it was sold out in my size at the two Aldo stores I went to, so I tried on the size 37 at both stores and thought maybe I should order these in 36. With Aldo I am cautious with their shoe sizes since I have super wide feet and toes, sometimes the 36 works and sometimes I don't even try it, I'd rather not break any bones, ya feel me
Verdict? I did like them and I knew they'd fit in 36 if I ordered them, but I fell in love with another pair, it was like they were made for me (almost). Behold, the newest addition to my ever growing shoe collection
5/1/10 Aldo Caudle Leather Wedges
5/1/10 Aldo Caudle Leather Wedges
5/1/10 Aldo Caudle Leather Wedges
What do I think of them? Since the straps are leather they are very accommodating of my wide feet and they don't pinch me as hard as you'd expect from a shoe that doesn't make my feet look bigger, instead makes them look smaller (to me at least). Now, I've read reviews on women wearing these all frikkin day long, umm, I have stupid feet that don't appreciate heels all day long, umm, I don't have a limo driver or anything, I take the metro for goodness sakes and I run everywhere. So, no, these will not last me all day. After shopping around in these (yes, I changed into ma new babies in the dressing room of Bebe trying on dresses) for a couple hours and doing errands, I noticed an irritation on the bottom back portion of my right leg/ankle! Can it be, a cut from the shoes!?!?! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the shoes cut me (insert irritated face here). This isn't the first time to have this happen to me, I have a pair I use very rarely due to this glue or string issue (can't figure out what's cutting me), I have scars from the first pair and I now have one due to the new pair. This leaves me with three options, (1) return them and pray I get my money back, (2) get them repaired, but can they really repair this is the question or (3) just do nothing like I did with the last pair? I think I'll opt for option numero dos, repair. Here's a shot of the part that irritates me, it's the top right portion of where the zipper ends and it digs into me!!

photo courtesy of

So there you go my lovely readers! Anyone else ever have quality issues with Aldo shoes?

Oooo, I'll leave you with a pic (or two) of the new puppy we picked up on Friday!! He's 7 weeks today and he'll be a full sized pomeranian (8-12 lbs).

He didn't let us sleep a wink Friday night, okay okay, we did sleep, G slept...but me, yeah, I slept 1 hour.

Here you'll find my nephew showing Rocky some love!!

I'm still recovering from exhaustion due to being a nurse/chef/maid non stop, poor G had pink eye, a sinus infection and a "flu" then add watching the little booger, Rocky, making sure he doesn't do number 1 or 2 anywhere in the house! Plus my mother fell catching the bus for work on Saturday, sprained both ankles and scraped both knees, so mother's day was a bust, her being on bed rest and G being isolated from the world, we had to reschedule for next weekend, which is when Salvadoreans celebrate mothers day anyways, lol. Yay...okay, enough rambling, love and peace my brothers!!



WillWorkForMakeup said...

Definitely get them repaired because they're too cute!

Leah ♥ said...

I love wedges! Theyre was easier to walk in than heels.

OMG congrats on your new pom! Im a Pom mommy myself and Mochi (my dog) is my world!!! I love him soooo much! Youre puppy looks just like mine when he was a baby! Congrats again!!!

FACE IT by Jay Anne Cosmetics said...

OMG!! I am in love with these shoes!! Try to get them repaired, I think it is worth it.
Congrats on the new pup. Adorable:))

Hollywood said...

Since I am loving wedges at the moment I will tell you that your new shoes are SUPER HOT and that they are INCREDIBLY SEXY ! great choice =)

Fabnay said...

Your nephew and Rocky is too cute.
I looked to my right and saw Hautelook and Ruelala. But are you signed up for Gilt Fuse?

Young, Fabulous, and Pregnant said...

Cute! I usually don't wear wedges, but yours are cute!

Rubinha said...

i love ALDO shoes! but here in Spain we only have 3 aldo shops! :( and all three are far away from my home! :(:( and we can't order online :(:( it's a pity... nice wedges!! :D

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

@ WillWorkForMakeup - I think I will! Thank you :)

@ Leah ♥ - They are easier to walk in! That's why I love them :) I don't own many but it's time to stock up on those :)

How much does your Pom weigh? Thanks :)

@ FACE IT by Jay Anne Cosmetics - Thank you! I will try to repair them ASAP! I'm in love with Rocky, my new baby!

@ Hollywood - Aww, thank you miss Hollywood!

@ Fabnay - Thank you! I love those two babies! I do have Gilt (and all the subsidiaries), thank you!

@ Young, Fabulous, and Pregnant - Thank you, boo!

@ Rubinha - I'm sorry! But I bet you have tons of other shoe stores in Spain! I can't wait to visit someday and come back with tons of shoes and clothing!! Thank you!!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Your new pup is SO adorable...he's like a little ball of fuzzy goodness!

Your poor mom! I hope she is okay and on her way to a quick recovery. I cant imagine two sprained ankles.

I definitely have a love hate relationship with Aldo. Their shoes are hot, but not always comfortable. Keep us posted on whether the cobbler can fix that!

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

@ PetiteAsianGirl - Aww, thank you!! He's quite the handful! Thank you again, mom dukes will be fine as long as she stays off her feet!!

Yeah, I own lots of Aldo shoes, they all look fab, but being comfy is a whole other topic. I'll let you all know if a cobbler can fix both pairs :)


Louis said...

i like your shoes...
kid and do are very nice

capperson said...

I love the shoes! I hope you can get them fixxed!

ellinelle said...

.. hello beautiful ..I love the first pair , NEXT have similar ones and they look just like MIU MIU , but not miu miu price of course : ) I never ever liked wedges but this year there is so meny beautiful ones around so I fall for them as well ; ) yours looks brilliant , sexy , expensive ..I love the natural leather colour , it will go with any outfit ..

..your puppy is adorable ; )

Ellinelle xxx

kimber doll said...

Awwww, what a CUTE puppy dog. I want one =)

Catita said...

hey nice blog! your new puppy is simply adorable! i am a sucker for doggies! Have fun!

bananas. said...

your puppy is sooooo cute!!! is he smiling in his sleep in the first pic?! AHHH ADORABLE!!!

sorry about the new shoes. i have the problem everytime i buy new shoes. when i don't get a cut it's a rarity. sucks. but your shoes are fab!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Okay, your feet do not look wide to me! Those shoes are great! I love the color right now, and kinda think I need a pair for myself...

Kayla said...

Adorable post! Fantastic shoes.

Jen said...

i thoroughly enjoyed this post!! i absolutely love the shoes! i haven't had an issue with Aldo shoes. they are quite comfy and stylish. i love how there are little cut out holes in the shoes. it gives it an edge!!

omg the puppy is so adorable!! i wanna squeeze it!

Ebru said...

I love the shoes honey! They are gorgeous!!! Don't return them! They look pretty comfy from here. I also had some cutting problems with Aldo shoes, not fun! I actually wore a pair of heels from Aldo on a night out to a club, lol BAAAD mistake, they cut the crap out of my feet (both of them, ouch!) I was sitting all night :/ So I found a solution for these types of shoes and that is buying those gel things to put on the shoe where they cut your ankle! It works like a charm :) BTW, I love your new baby! Too cute! X

Nikki San said...

I'm digging the shoes!!! Love love love it! :)

Ema Cuthbertson said...

Loving the shoes and i love rocky and your newphew is so cute
Love your blog
Ema x

Couture Carrie said...

Cute shoes!
Even cuter pup!


Mary & Aly said...

ohhh i loveeee your shoes <333

kisses aly


the wedges are looking GREAT! :D

Victoire said...

cutest little dawggy ever! I want to steal him :)

and i love those shoes!

*Anita* said...

those wedges look great! and your nephew is adorable!!

thanks for visiting my blog. hope you enjoy the Cellnique sample :) xx

dblchin said...

wow! I love those wedges! Too bad I have trouble walking in them! I tend to trip over badly!

N the dog is uber cute!!!

.sabo skirt. said...

Firstly, we are loving the wedges, secondly that puppy is ADORABLE, and thirdly you are GORGEOUS

stop by our fashion blog, we hope you love it!

xx .sabo skirt.

this free bird said...

Honey you gotta repair those babies because they look AMAZING AND FABULOUS and everything in between on you!!

Do you have a good shoe cobbler? Find one of those and make him make it work. Against your denim the shoes look SO GOOD!!

btw - first time here! woo hooo!

HelloGorgeous said...

Hello love ...nice blog glad to be a follower :-)

lipstick cherry said...

hey hun!
i'm having a blogsale on my blog so please feel free to check it out!! =)

Samantha said...

Wow those are very cute shoes! I would soo rock them lol(: i love wedges better than heels because, you can walk sooo much better than heels!!

Following your blog, follow mine!


Makeupthoughts said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my MAC giveaway...I am now following you too :)))


Anonymous said...

ohh their so cute! don't let them go to waste!

PS check out my contest free sunglasses today's the last day!

True Queen

mosha said...

awwh u have such small feet! where i come from, all the big sizes are sold out (39,40,41) and all the small sizes are in stock .. i guess people here have really giant feet compared to the rest of the world lol .. if you weren't cautious with Aldo's shoe sizes i wouldv'e got them for you from here and fedex-ed them to you .. love ur blog xX

mosha said...

awwh u have such small feet! where i come from, all the big sizes are sold out (39,40,41) and all the small sizes are in stock .. i guess people here have really giant feet compared to the rest of the world lol .. if you weren't cautious with Aldo's shoe sizes i wouldv'e got them for you from here and fedex-ed them to you .. love ur blog xX

Kate Gene said...

Those shoes are SO cute! What did you end up doing with them? I can't wear shoes that aren't 100% comfortable anymore; my tolerance for heels has dropped. I don't know what happened; I used to wear them every day all day! Weird!

Seriously, Rocky is too flipping cute for words! Do you watch Lorraine Stanick's videos? She has a pom puppy, too. I was trying to convince Sean to get one, but he wants a bigger dog. (He grew up with whippets, so he likes those.) For now, Groucho keeps us busy enough! He misses our chats, BTW! LOL!

The new background is pretty! I hope you're doing well, girlie!


Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

Louis - thank you so much!!

capperson - i did! I rubbed em down with a nail file!

ellinelle - hi gorgeous! i know, there are tons of gorgeous wedges this year!! thank you so much, i'm quite enamored by them! my puppy is my new love <3

kimber doll - thanks! puppies are a big responsibility, one of which i didn't know, i always adopted full grown dogs, a puppy is sooo diff!

Catita - thanks!! me too, esp little ones that love to lick (mines can't stop licking, hahahaha_

bananas - thank you! he smiles all the time, i hope it's because we show him so much love.

girl, shoes must hate me, wtf!! that's why my ankles are so fugly!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged - awww, you're sweet!! please get a pair, I think I'm ordering them in black, not as great as the natural color, but they're so comfy, i need another pair!

Kayla - thanks!

Jen - awww, soooo glad to hear that! you must have normal feet, mines are wide (hence the problem with their shoes)!

thank you, I squeeze him all the time, i don't think he likes it, haha

Ebru - thanks!!! OUCH!!! i find myself sitting down at a club way too often, lol

i need to buy those gel thingys!

Nikki San - thanks!

Ema Cuthbertson - THANK YOU!!

Couture Carrie - thanks, babe!

Mary & Aly - thanks!!

SOPHIE WEARS - thanks so much :)

Victoire - thank you!! my coworker actually wants to kidnap him, for realz!

*Anita* - thank you!!!

dblchin - oh no, tripping is NO BUENO! i'm glad you control yourself and don't buy shoes you can't wear. Thanks!!

sabo skirt - thank you! I will

this free bird - thank you! i actually just rubbed a nail file on the plastic string that was killing me and i don't feel it anymore! thanks for stopping by!!! can't wait to see more of you!

hellogorgeous - thank YOU!!!

lipstick cherry - thank you!

samantha - it's def easier to walk in! thanks!!!

Makeupthoughts - thank you!!

Empress - i didn't, kept them and repaired with a nail file :D

mosha - you are toooo sweet, thank you!!! strange how you all sell out of the large first! the clearance sections in all the stores, you'll find racks and racks of large sizes and then you have a small petty sized section with sizes from 5-6.5, hahaha.

Kate Gene - I filed em down babe :D i never wore them everyday, but i did wear them a lot and now I can't so much anymore, need comfy or i need to stay seated and cute, lol

she has a pom?! i don't have youtube at work and i watch tv rather than yt at home, lol. G is not a small dog kinda guy, but he gave in after years of asking! Whippits, for the Whip it Good song? i kid! not entirely, i need to google those, haha

Groucho - HIIIIII

thanks babe!! things are calming down ever so slightly now :)



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