Tuesday, September 17, 2013

8 mo post partum update

Hello everyone! Just checking in and letting you know I'm still alive and same (at least I think so)! Wanted to report that my monthly menses has come back (9/9/13) :-(. I thought I'd get lucky since I've been back at work since April 26th and pumping at work, nursing at night/in the mornings and all weekend but no sign of Aunt Flo...until last week. Oy, hey, can't complain too much, I haven't had it since March 2012!! That seems so far away. So I've been doing some research because I detest pads and tamping just aren't healthy, so I think I'm moving to a menstrual cup, the rest month will be messy due to the leaning curve. But in the end it's so worth it. Helping the environment by reducing waste and reducing my chances of TSS (toxic shock syndrome) and infections (vaginal and yeast). Plus, with some you can still have sex, huge plus! I kind of had a feeling my cycle was returning since I was cramping last week and the week before. Plus I've been in a pissy mood for over a week. So pissy that I let my son cry it out for two nights. I was so exhausted and frustrated and cried like crazy. Didn't work the second one. He just wouldn't calm down and now every time he wakes in the crib he cries Bloody Mary. Great, I broke my son. I'm such a weakling and I can't do it again. Maybe further down the line, who knows. For now I'll continue to read the "no-cry sleep solution" and not cry too hard if it doesn't work. Blast hormones, making me do what I swore I'd never do.

If you want to know, Daniel is 8.5 months now. Pulling up on furniture, standing assisted and unassisted, opening cabinets and pulling everything out and is showing separation anxiety. Most of the time he won't be carried by anyone but myself and sometimes daddy.

He is still nursing and I'm still pumping. It's a piece of cake now, he's a nursing champ when not distracted which is almost always. He's on solids too, avocado was his first food and he still loves it. Pears are another favorite, along with peaches. I make a lot of his food for home eating. But when we go out I try to give him some of why I'm having and a pouch of organic purée's (by Plum or Earths Best or Ella's). I still don't give him water, soon I can give him water if he wakes in the middle of the night.

W still cosleep with him, he starts the evening in the crib (in our room) and when he wakes at 11pm-1 am, I bring him into bed and nurse him and we fall swiftly to sleep. He won't wake again until 5 or 6 or 7 am to nurse a little and play! He's not sleeping as much as he should. I'll be discussing it with his doctor to see if I should worry.

My other worry is vaccines...I really don't want to give them to him. They don't give you immunity! *Sigh*

He has 6 teeth now and I feel a molar so that makes 7! He doesn't get a break, he's always teething now. I feel like that combined with the separation anxiety are what determines its a bad time to let him cry it out.

Be sure to check my Instagram feed to see my little one!!

Here's one extra shot of him:


Hope you all are well!

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