Tuesday, March 22, 2011

prowling the streets of dc #1

my gf had come back into town and i planned on hauling my nikon d3000 to a night as i pull out my camera to take pics of my amazing friends...the camera said i was missing a memory card!! wahhh, i can't believe taking a break from using my camera made me almost forget how to pack my camera, ugh. no worries, the photog of the night loved us and took several photos of us. per my girls request, i cut/pixelated her out of the pictures. you know who you are and i feel terrible not having you in the shot with us!!

2/18/11 - DSC_0071
old lady hands...why so many veins, wahhh
2/18/11 - DSC_0073 2/18/11 - DSC_0023 
wait, stop the presses, is that a butt i see!?!?! can it be?? i might have a butt! *jumping for joy*

2/18/11 - DSC_0205

2/18/11 - DSC_0206

by this time it was almost closing time and i was getting really sleepy =/
shame he didn't capture the jessica simpson dany's! wahh

The Reserve
1426 L Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20005

question for you guys: i have tons of pics of xmas, new years, and events, is it too late to post or do you not truly care? lol - after all, this is my blog and i can do whatever i want, i just want to get a feel on how you guys feel :)

wish me luck gang, hitting up a pilate's class tonight, i'd like to not pass out 15 min into the class :P


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Ebru said...

You look gorgeous hun, as always! Whaaat you thought you didn't have a butt all this time??? lol I'd still put up pix from the past holidays, why not! Do it do it, we wanna see! :) How's little Rocky?? Hope all is well doll! xoxo

Couture Carrie said...

You are so gorgeous!
Amazing pics!
Love that bib necklace too!


Natalie said...

Love the cuffs!

I'd enjoy seeing your outfits, I love outfits posts.

Good luck in your pilates class, sounds like fun.

I also love the cargos! They are great booty pants!

Lacy Bunny said...

You look beautiful! I've totally done the same thing with my camera... no effing memory card. I kicked myself all night! Post more often please! :o)


Leah ♥ said...

youre absolutely gorgeous!!! love the makeup!

Anonymous said...

you look cute as always!

stilettolover91 said...

You're sooooooo beautiful!!!!!! said...

You looked beautiful!

Boîte à Nana said...

Hi You look gorgeous on this post! kiss

Persa said...

U look so pretty <3

MaviDeniz said...

i say post em'. I love seeing how people dress and accessorize when they go out. Love your pics btw, your so pretty.

MaviDeniz said...

i say post em'. I love seeing how people dress and accessorize when they go out. Love your pics btw, your so pretty.


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